omg thats hot

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Sherlock rubbed the corner of the condom wrapper with an intent look in his eyes before they flicked to Molly and he beseached her in a gravelly tone, "It goes on easier if my cock is somewhat wet . . . would you mind licking it a bit first?"

ARGH FUCK my mouth- I MEAN, Molly’s mouth would be in the same position as your icon’s after that, Mae



OH MY GOSH! the members called out Siwon’s name (who was totally caught off guard) to do another solo strip show and….fUCK! WTF ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)  >> rockstar @ 8:24

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maya i think it was u? who said that u can always see yoongis balls thru his pants and MaYa...... after that... i just notice it all the time why doesn't he wear sjwjsjsjehhe underwear fjriwiehfow

LMAOOO YES THIS WAS ME :’)))) im sorry for corrupting you but SERIOUSLY I CAN ALWAYS SEE THEM…….he must really hate underwear but hey im not complaining