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here Another Prompt - the gang™ getting bobba ;) (you can pick the place!!)

the place is pekoe because i was just there last night womp womp

yuuri orders a split cup (because dECIsiONs) of WHITE WINTER + JUST DEW IT! white winter half has jasmine silver tips w milkcream, wintermelon, aloe vera, and agar pearls. just dew it! side has green jasmine green tea w milk cream, honeydew, and grass jelly. it is his happy motivational cup of joy

victor gets LET’S ELOPE. green jasmine dragon tea w cantaloupe and aloe vera. may or may not be a subtle hint whenever he tells yuuri to order this for him

chris orders MANLY MELONS. jasmine green tea w mango, lychee, strawberry and watermelon topped w white agar pearls and aloe vera. chris is the type to just jam his drink w All of the Fruit. also he just likes saying “manly melons”

yurio gets OG. ceylon black tea w milkcream and pearls. he really just puffs up in his weenie 15yr old body saying words like “OG”

JJ orders GOLD MINE. golden jasmine milk tea w golden brown sugar and golden brown agar nuggets. jj is a firm believer of “you are what you eat”

phichit likes THAI ME UP. thai tea w milk cream and honey black pearls. seunggil works behind the counter and phichit flirts w him shamelessly

I kinda don’t get how people are happily (happily. Hah) part of so many fandoms at one time… like, I can’t watch any other shows without feeling guilty about my main fandom, as if I’m being disloyal or something and immediately have to rectify the situation by rewatching that show even as I’m trying to watch a new show… and gah I don’t even have time for all this like how do you guys manage it?!

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Omg, i'd actually really like to hear some more stories about stupid people lmao

LMAO WELL OK I HAVE ANOTHER ONE from the top of my head…… but this one is a lot more tamer heck i dont think it’d even count as a dumb event story bc it was more just a misunderstanding and the person who commented is p cool but it’s still pretty heckin funny to me hehe 

though at the time i was like ?!?!?!!??!!?is this bro lecturing me on my own rules?!?!?!?!? mainly because of the way the comment was worded and im like sensitive asf apparently when it comes to the syntax of sentences hehe

but PRETTY MUCH for a model edit of mine, i had re-released them after a long while bc of issues in terms of ppl editing them and honestly u can pretty much guess who it is from that statement alone, but an issue that was very reocurring for that model was that they were getting recoloured into OCs pretty dang often (like someone made them purple and was like this is my OC _____ (dw i talked to that person and they’re ok too))

and well, the comment was pretty much straight copy-paste:

“because of people who kept re-coloring for some reason like Why”

“refrain from editing unless the model remains as XXXX

I personally recolored the old model because I like it but it remained XXXX so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

probably if u read that for the first time on ur own model edit quoting ur own rules it’s like…. wait………… 

1. that question was more of a wail rhetoric………… 
2. are u trying to explain my own rule to my face
3. did u just admit to recolouring wat

obviously it was just a misunderstanding and i was p much like 'yeah but have u ever recoloured the model green or smth and called it a diff name’ and then they were like ‘lol no wat dat sucks’ and it was all good in the hood HAHAHA

i remember even tweeting about it man but stuff like this happens quite a few times (which is what catalysed me into altering my rules to have more clarity) so it’s never like really affected me as much as i make it seem like it does  

but sometimes ppl just word stuff funny and im like hehe

stop doing what youre doing


i was tagged for the selfie thing by @snowedjin Not recent-ish but here’s my face.

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I hope you're having fun at prom sweetie!!!

omg guys im not actually “at prom with tommy” thats just the tag i use for my queued stuff and its a carrie (ansel’s first movie, in which he played tommy ross and took carrie to prom) reference okay but im not at prom nor i go to a prom with some random guy named tommy every day (in case anyone’s curious im studying for my chemistry final)