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for a long time, I’ve had this idea to draw a piece that really represents me and my craft and how i feel about things, so now i finally did it!!! i haven’t picked up a pencil and pen to do a Real Drawing in such a long time, but i love how it came out! This is me! This is my craft!! i may not be the best at everything i wanna do, but i know i’ll get there someday! 🕯🖼🕯

There’s a lot of demand for astronerd Danny so here ya go. 

Poor Danny still gets beat up in this AU but he doesn’t have any ghost powers to back him up. At least bullies don’t bother him when Sam, Tuck, or Jazz are around.

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here Another Prompt - the gang™ getting bobba ;) (you can pick the place!!)

the place is pekoe because i was just there last night womp womp

yuuri orders a split cup (because dECIsiONs) of WHITE WINTER + JUST DEW IT! white winter half has jasmine silver tips w milkcream, wintermelon, aloe vera, and agar pearls. just dew it! side has green jasmine green tea w milk cream, honeydew, and grass jelly. it is his happy motivational cup of joy

victor gets LET’S ELOPE. green jasmine dragon tea w cantaloupe and aloe vera. may or may not be a subtle hint whenever he tells yuuri to order this for him

chris orders MANLY MELONS. jasmine green tea w mango, lychee, strawberry and watermelon topped w white agar pearls and aloe vera. chris is the type to just jam his drink w All of the Fruit. also he just likes saying “manly melons”

yurio gets OG. ceylon black tea w milkcream and pearls. he really just puffs up in his weenie 15yr old body saying words like “OG”

JJ orders GOLD MINE. golden jasmine milk tea w golden brown sugar and golden brown agar nuggets. jj is a firm believer of “you are what you eat”

phichit likes THAI ME UP. thai tea w milk cream and honey black pearls. seunggil works behind the counter and phichit flirts w him shamelessly

My dad thinks it's not okay for girls to have short hair.

And this is bad for me because I want to cut my hair short.

Reblog if you think it’s okay for people who identify as girls to have short hair.

I will write down the url from everyone who reblogs this from today (March 29th) to April 4th and give it to him, as well as record me showing him a power point as to why I think I should cut it.

Thanks to everyone who reblogs and likes!

McCree and Cubone! I really like this duo for some reason :) [progress gif]

stop doing what youre doing


i was tagged for the selfie thing by @snowedjin Not recent-ish but here’s my face.

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Rintori Aged up + Bento! AU

AU! in which seven years later Rin comes back from Australia for his sister’s wedding. Everyone has left Iwatobi and they live in Osaka.

The gang meets up in Makoharu’s apartment for a “welcome back Rin party” and it’s the first time he has seen Aiichiro since he left. Obviously Aiichirou is all grown up, messy hair and looking sexy as hell. And let’s face it, Rin just never got over him.

As they greet each other and talk, he finds out that currently Aiichirou is working with Rei at the Marine Research Insitute or something scientific like that. This is his first major job and he is so excited with it. Except there’s the problem he has no time to properly take care of himself, and he lives like a college student; skipping meals and eating crappy stuff from the convinience store. Rin is absolutely appalled at this and decides to take matters into his own hands.

So that’s how he comes up with the idea of making ANONYMOUS bentos for Aiichirou. 

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I hope you're having fun at prom sweetie!!!

omg guys im not actually “at prom with tommy” thats just the tag i use for my queued stuff and its a carrie (ansel’s first movie, in which he played tommy ross and took carrie to prom) reference okay but im not at prom nor i go to a prom with some random guy named tommy every day (in case anyone’s curious im studying for my chemistry final)