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Hey! I love your art! Its really smooth and colorfull. If its not to much to ask may i request a peko in your artstyle? :)

It’s kinda sketchy but I hope you like it!

I wasn’t planning to do this request, but I really needed a break. haha

(Guys, I’m drowning in requests, please sthap-)

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here Another Prompt - the gang™ getting bobba ;) (you can pick the place!!)

the place is pekoe because i was just there last night womp womp

yuuri orders a split cup (because dECIsiONs) of WHITE WINTER + JUST DEW IT! white winter half has jasmine silver tips w milkcream, wintermelon, aloe vera, and agar pearls. just dew it! side has green jasmine green tea w milk cream, honeydew, and grass jelly. it is his happy motivational cup of joy

victor gets LET’S ELOPE. green jasmine dragon tea w cantaloupe and aloe vera. may or may not be a subtle hint whenever he tells yuuri to order this for him

chris orders MANLY MELONS. jasmine green tea w mango, lychee, strawberry and watermelon topped w white agar pearls and aloe vera. chris is the type to just jam his drink w All of the Fruit. also he just likes saying “manly melons”

yurio gets OG. ceylon black tea w milkcream and pearls. he really just puffs up in his weenie 15yr old body saying words like “OG”

JJ orders GOLD MINE. golden jasmine milk tea w golden brown sugar and golden brown agar nuggets. jj is a firm believer of “you are what you eat”

phichit likes THAI ME UP. thai tea w milk cream and honey black pearls. seunggil works behind the counter and phichit flirts w him shamelessly

a few days late because life Sucks, but happy late birthday steve rogers!!
,,,,,and america, i guess

mxrksgf’s first follow forever!

ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i donโ€™t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!iโ€™ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg itโ€™s not alphabetic either

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captain america icons

ok so i made a bunch of cap crew icons (inc. steve, bucky, sam, nat, peggy and sharon)

please like or reblog if youโ€™re gonna use/save any! ย (my icons)ย (requests)

theres 30, all 100x100 px

more under the cut!

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if we draw things for your bmc pokemon au can we mention you or is there a tag we can put it in??? like bmc pokemon au?

you can mention me/tag me if you’d like!! (i can’t promise i’ll see it right away since i get a lot of notifications but i go thru my tag once every few days or so :0c) you can also just tag ‘bmc pkmn au’ since thats what ive been taggin it as

10 songs and 10 friends

tagged by @languageekk and @languagemoon :D

- as if it’s your last • blackpink

- crazy bird • wild child

- destroyer • saint motel

- not your way • misterwives

- *sobs quietly* • mom jeans

- art school • sorority noise

- coca sans bulles • yelle

- sofia • alvaro soler

- yes i am • mamamoo

- the anchor • bastille

i suck at tagging people tbh but heres the songs 

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Which nct members do u ship with YOUR mutuals and why?

thats a lot of pressure man,,, like a lot omg yall gonna hate me but

@960227s with ten bc shes really soft n cute and dreams of him

All my johnny mutuals with johnny bc we all share johnny, porque like iss jus a fact

@taeyongshi with taeyong because her love?? For him?? *insert dragon ball meme* ITS OVER 9000

@beaujaehyun with jaehyun because i seen her tags, she freaky just like him, yall one day jaehyuns gonna wild out like sulli did, just give him a few years

@debuthansol with hansol because 1. Fashion king and queen 2. Selfie king and queen 3. Dragon ball and Naruto NERDS THEYRE SO CUTE and just the cutest noses ever

@yutagf with yuta OFC BECAUSE THEYD LITERALLY RULE THE WORLD,,, THEYRE REALLY SLY AND EVIL YET SI FUCKDJJD ADORABLE like??? a visual couple?? Beat me up ill pay them both???

And omg i cant think of anyone else to tag bc im pretty shy n,,, im scared of rejection and honestly i love all my mutuals so much theyre all chill and not wild, like the bad wild, theyre a good kind of wild

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My dude some kind of au with like a gent each taking care of a little kid lad like Ryan takes care of Michael a lot because he can handle the chaos, Geoff takes Gavin on because he's odd like him and Jack teaching Jeremy to have a kind heart and an iron will at the same time

omg thats so cute!!! i love this. and the gents just like all meeting each other just to hang out, bringing their kids. watching them play/create chaos together. and just yes. i support this idea completely

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hey! i done this thing on my blog where i have tagged almost every post with colours within the picture for the last couple months to create like a moodboard for each colour, i've never really had anyone let me know what they think and i'd really love it if you would, i really love your blog and half the things that go into my colour moodboards come from you but yeah lots of love to you and your day ๐Ÿ

okie omg thats so cute??? im no longer the kind of person who tries to categorize every stuff that i reblog but this concept inspired me to do it again?? aaa i checked on it and im impressed!!! ur one heck of a genius!!! :0 ily!!

Today’s Sanvers Smut and Fluff (because today is not a day to bring more angst into the world)

The Superfriends (poor Space Dad!) are concerned about Alex’s many sex injuries –

Kara overheard Maggie calling Alex “Ally” –

Comfortable, familiar, we’ve-been-together-so-long-and-know-each-other’s-bodies-so-well Sanvers sex –

Alex learns just how good Maggie can make her nipples feel –

Sanvers + Superfriends + laser tag + making out –

Maggie meeting/rescuing Jeremiah –

Maggie has something she needs to thank Kara for –

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so I just re-read your Tatooine slave culture tag and now I'm thinking a lot about Tatooine folk music. I want to know about music that's only sung during Marokkepu. Musical instructions on how to find Tatooine's underground railroad. Particularly enterprising families coding their tzai recipe into a song so it's easy to remember and repeat. Hymns to Ar-Amu that have seven parts and seven verses. Music is so important to culture, especially cultures that don't have many material posessions. :')

Oooh, this is all so great, omg. Also I saw your post about this and will answer it eventually but for now here are a few things:

During Marokkepu the people sing the Song of the Winds. It’s a seven-part song, each part sung by a different voice, each voice representing one of the seven winds from the seven corners of the desert. Each Wind sings of the people it knows, of their lives and struggles, and of how Ar-Amu calls them. There is a final eighth verse, sung in unison by all seven voices, that tells of how the people will come together once more, called from all seven corners and gathered together by the Great Mother. The parts are usually sung by the wise people of the Quarters, the Grandmothers, Grandparents (Tatooine slave culture has four genders), and Grandfathers, but at least one Wind is always sung by a child.

On the night of Bentu Depuraak, when the effigies of the Masters are burned, there’s a whole host of freedom songs that are sung. These are heavy on percussion (both from drums and from stomping feet), and although there are a lot of traditional words and themes, these songs aren’t set in stone. They’re improv performances, basically spoken word acts interspersed with the claps and chants of the community.

There are star-songs, too: songs about constellations, songs that tell stories and myths about the stars, that often sound simple and even a bit childish - and are in fact instructions for the Freedom Trail.

Akar Hinil went out walking one day,
walking one day, walking one day,
Akar Hinil went out walking one day,
down from Mos Entha.

And as he went walking he met a Jawa,
a clever Jawa, a desert Jawa,
he met a Jawa and asked her fair
if she could spare a cup of water.

“Here’s water,” said she,
“I’ll spare it free,
if you’ll but buy
a droid from me.”

(And here’s what it means: From Mos Entha walk three days, following the constellation of the Jawa by night. Stop at the tavern called “The Desert Cup” and ask the bartender if any of their droids are free to hire. The bartender will lead you to the next stop on the Trail.)

also– location: ‘african coast’

what the hell. no? that is not a location. are we in the mediterranean, along the coast of algeria? tunisia? we hanging out in the red sea, along the coast of egypt, sudan, or eritrea? no? that was a bigger looking ocean yeah–arabian sea maybe–that could be, what, the coast of somalia then? 

oh, atlantic you say? big ocean– clearly we’re on the atlantic coast of africa. that’s good, yeah. alright then: would that be the atlantic coast of morocco, western sahara, mauritania, senegal, the gambia, guinea-bissau, guinea, sierra leone, liberia, cote d’ivoire, ghana, togo, or benin? how about the atlantic coastlines of nigeria, cameroon, equatorial guinea, gabon, congo, democratic republic of the congo (it’s a small coast line, but it’s there!), angola, or south africa? how about namibia’s roughly 1572 km of atlantic coastline? we maybe somewhere in there?


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name: hannah

nicknames: han, hannah banana

zodiac sign: libra

height: around 5'4

orientation: bi

nationality: australia

fave fruit: grapes / strawberries

fave season: spring !

fave book: one of the lemony snicket books maybe? idk i have many faves

fave flower: dandelion (thats a flower right omg)

fave scent: i honestly like the smell of paint, also love the smell of freshly baked goods

fave color: purple

fave animals: dogs, cats, reptiles, a lot more

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: hot cocoa

average sleep hours: 5-9

cat or dog person?: mmm both

fave fictional character: bertolt!!! (and also 104th + survey corps lol)

number of blankets you sleep with: sometimes 2-3 lol

dream trip: a road trip around america

blog created: uhhh sometime last year

Number of Followers: 94!! thank you omg

tagging: @piningmarco, @from-armin-to-z, @ceyrle, @yeagers, @lamce, @bear-tholdt, @hooverbraun and @bertoltssweat! (you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna!)

thats a rly cute drawing of menchi omg

also there sure are a lot of hair colour changes between 99 and 2011. hisoka, menchi, and melody (which i’ve seen from googling her) are the ones i’ve seen so far. i wonder why.