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super massive richjake headcanon post

ok so basically this is gonna be a huge headcanon post about richjake that @richardgoranski and i made over the past like month (anything in bold is a direct quote from connor)

  • so back when chloe and jake are dating chloe is like ‘i think we should break up’ and jakes like um why and chloe is like well clearly youre in love with rich and also i like brooke
  • and jake is like um what i have no idea what youre talking about and chloe turns jake around to look at rich whos on the other side of the hallway/room and his breath hitches and chloe is like smh u Gayass
  • and so chloe is like jake just ask him out!! but jake keeps denying it like haha what im not in love with rich idk where youre getting this from until chloe just stands there and gives him A Look and jake is just like…..ok fine but what if he says no and chloe is like wtf youll be fine
  • so jake goes up to rich and is uncharacteristically nervous and red and he confesses to rich and asks him out and rich is like omg….and accepts and BOOM theyre dating 

under the cut are just some (lmao i mean A LOT) random headcanons that dont go in any particular order

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so that whole miranda+window post is a heartbreak in a cup bUT when i read your tag about miranda and thomas gossiping about their affairs i just smiled so big please elaborate on that if you want to because that's the cutest idea omg

OH BOY DO I EVER WANT TO - but first things first, I cannot take credit for the idea! I believe I first accepted this image into my heart ‘n soul after reading this tremendously nsfw and most excellent fic by azarias. (basic plot is that Miranda tells Thomas all about her, ah, encounter with James in the carriage and they both get off it’s amazing would highly recommend)

just. this is my ideal dynamic for them. married best friends checkin’ out guys together. like just imagine: they’re at some Society Gathering, and Thomas pulls Miranda aside and points out some young noble with sharp brown eyes who looks very good in that blue coat and tells her like “Miranda he and I just had a wonderfully lively conversation about de Cervantes and he’s an avid fencer with arms to prove it you should definitely seduce him”. Or Miranda pulls him aside to whisper that she’s heard that lord so-and-so of such-and-such over there shares his inclinations so perhaps they ought to have a chat? 

picture Thomas waiting up for Miranda after some tryst, like he’s sitting there reading, then he looks up when he hears her come in, and he smiles and puts his book down and asks “so how was it?” and she grins and grins and runs over and plops down next to him and gushes about how romantic he was, Thomas, and oh, his hands, or she mentions how nervous he was, because wouldn’t her husband notice her absence? and they both laugh and laugh and Thomas kisses her forehead. similarly, imagine Thomas coming home late after some Very Innocent Meeting with lord so-and-so of such-and-such, and Miranda asks “So, was I right?” all eager, and Thomas just grins coyly, so she gasps and says “I was, wasn’t I? Tell me everything.” so he laughs and tells her all about how it took him so bloody long to get the hint (”I brought up The Symposium three times, Miranda”) but once he did –

and James. James. oh my god when James enters the picture. they would both be so excited. the second they’re alone after James leaves that first time Miranda would just be like “so, we’re keeping him, right?” “I certainly hope so.” and they’d Appreciate his hair and his uniform and his everything. (“Miranda I made him laugh today” “oh my god go on”) and listen. we know Thomas knew they slept together. there is no way she did not hook her best friend up with those details. (”When he kissed me, I expected he’d be shy, but then he used his teeth” “Oh my god” “I thought I would die - and he’s covered from head to toe in those freckles” “Oh my god” ) and oh god when Thomas began to properly fall in love with/pine for James, Miranda would Be There. like whatever the 1700s equivalent of arriving on the scene with ben & jerry’s in hand is. she’d have his back. and ahhhhhhhhh once Thomas and James got together, Thomas would be so happy and Miranda would be so happy for him because they’re best friends and this is what they do and neither of them would trade it for the world.

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hey could you do a pros and cons of dating jaehwan? thanks, i loooove your writing!!! 💖💖💖💖

yep sure :) sorry for the wait~


  • actually one of my biggest bias ruiners these days ugh
  • now where do i start??
  • jaehwan is so precious and funny and lovely and needs to be protected at all costs minhyun agrees
  • main vocal main rapper main visual main cutie main sexy main everything and even main languages omg his english is so cute when he spoke in eng and chinese on their teambuilding v app 
  • tall you know he’s 2m39cm
  • jaehwan just wants you to be happy and he’ll do absolutely anything for that to happen 
  • he’d be super crazy and really funny to be around
  • his laughter omg you get second hand embarrassment but secretly you know its the most beautiful laugh ever 
  • and thats what makes him unique tbh
  • he’s never afraid to do new things, challenge himself or go out of his comfort zone
  • let me remind u this boy made it without an entertainment company ???
  • he’s a passionate guy 
  • gets embarrassed at first about skinship but he loves it so much 
  • he’d try to do everything to please u and make u happy 
  • and yes that includes trying to cook and clean 
  • it’ll be the cutest thing bc he’s trying so hard but always gets distracted or forgets to turn on the fire and he’s there trying to fry onions for half an hour and there is no change…?
  • you laugh at him but appreciate his sincere efforts 
  • actual music genius tbh i can imagine him doing musicals and stuff in the future 
  • like he seems like a funny dork on the outside but once he starts singing and playing his guitar D E D 
  • his voice is so powerful yet pure at the same time and full of emotions 
  • always singing 
  • he’d sing for you when you do well on your test, he’d sing for you when you’re upset and he’d sing for you over the phone when you can’t fall asleep 
  • what is most attractive about jaehwan is how he knows when to work hard and when to play hard like you totally admire it and want to learn from him in that aspect 
  • if you’re more on the shy side he’s someone thats super supportive and would help  u to get out of ur comfort zone in a respectful way 
  • like he’d love teasing u and goofing around 


  • i dunno
  • tbh at the end of the day these cons are just depending on ur personality like u could find jaehwans jokes too much and find it annoying or you could love it in my case i love it 

I’VE FINALLY DONE ALL THE WANNA ONE MEMBERS!! if you enjoyed it please request for some other p101 trainees if you want :) i know all the top 20 and most of top 35 :) 

other wanna one members: minhyun (x), sungwoon (x), jihoon (x), daniel (x), jisung (x), guanlin (x), woojin (x), daehwi (x), seongwoo (x)

other p101 trainees: kenta (x)

You thought i wouldn’t post exo being gay cute part 3??  well


am i 


to stop

posting pics and gifs 

of exo being SO gay… ehh cute!! CUTE

look at Tao and his mommy

tao’s mommy with naughty chenchen


Jong bros are so… 

that’s nothing gay, no, no.

how to be subtle by kim jongdae

baek riding yeol ¬u¬



nope, totally not sexual, no.


bts couple kaisoo

how can he talk normally when jongin is staring into his soul?

cute xingxing touching yeol’s… ear.



Yeol omg XDDD jongin’s scared face hahaha

just kaibaek holding hands like always

man they are so cute

manly lu hugging the bacon

man WHAT THE… oh gosh Sehun what’s wrong with you?? you can not grab your hyung’s butt like that in front of camera!

massage :3

is that the perfect threesome?? YAS THATS XIUHANHUN!! 

i told you kyungsoo likes sitting in tall men’s lap

TAOBABY KISSED AND LOVED BY HYUNGS that’s the cutest thing ever

b y e

zitao has a serious problem, he really likes to be about to kiss the members remember the xiutao gif of part 1? the sutao gif also


how to be subtle by kim jongdae part 2 again with joonmyeon his fav sempai

just jong bros being cute

im telling you jongdae is the most affectionate member, also the more subtle…

i know this gif is related to other in exo being gay cute part 2 but LOOK AT THE NOONA PUSHING MINSEOK TO JONGDAE!! JUST  L O O K!!

is cute how sehun was protecting luhan while he was too busy laughing and taking photos :’)

KaiSoo is like… ninja or something

idek who is with sehun -i thik is Yixing- but omg!! HE WAS ABOUT TO KISS HIM????

these two :’)))))))))

zitao’s problem again

the two real namjas doing nothing homo. srly

cute hyung caring the maknae 

LOL at tao’s face haha what did chanyeol do to you?? 

no matter how many times you look at this, it’s still sooooo gayyyy cute


just Tao’s hand in the midle of sehun’s legs (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

NO this is not cute, no, im not dying NO.

Yixing favorite place was…  :’(((((


This is the last part, because i think you’ll get tired of these posts XD

PART 1 PART 2 / kyungsoo ver. chanbaek ver.  suchen ver.

mxrksgf’s first follow forever!

ljfhrjfhrhgj ya the banner isnt that good i just made it rlly quick but hEY

hello there!!!this is jai and i just recently 1k followers so i decided to make a follow forever!!WHOOP WHOOP!!

on a more serious note,,,honestly i don’t know how to thank every one of u for being there for me and for loving me.if i deserve all of this love,idek but all i know is that im v thankful for it and i know that i love u all v much!!i rlly thank God for letting me meet such wonderful people and i just lhgruhjrhg im so emotional rn

but yes!!!thank u all v much and i love u all!!!i’ll put the rest under a read more~ also this is in no following order!! kfjhrhg it’s not alphabetic either

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Namjoon is adorable and I'm straight but that's the truth. His eyes get so wide when he sees all the cute plushies and the other members just hand them over when they're done with them. And his dimple stickers just end up everywhere, they just disappear and reappear on his his shirt or pants.


ahhh thank you so much for sharing sgdojgldo ahhh he is so soft jnldkfgg I want to scream his stickers omg;; thank you so much seriously this made me so happy to read


i am so blessed omg ♥♥♥

1) ichi was sitting by himself and totty came to keep him company!
2) oso came over to a standing kara and they sat down like this together!
3) todo was by himself and jyushi scooted right up to him on his belly!

from “Signs” by sassafrasx

because this is one of the cutest fics i’ve ever read ♥

oh merlin and his menagerie of ridiculous animals

claryisabelle  asked:

#okay but this is definitely Magnus in the morning taking photos with his kid #before he has his makeup on and hair done -- okay thats the cutest thing ive ever read in my life omg what a good dad

Magnus usually doesn’t like posting photos without makeup on but he never denies taking photos with his kids no matter how he looks.

GOT7 reaction to their child looking like their wife.

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

How would got7 react if their child looked like their wife (I baby sit a little boy that looks a lot like his mom and its the cutest thing ever)

Omg how adorable!! thats the sweetest thing ever!
Thanks for the request :) i hope you like it 
~ahgase Omma


is simply smitten over the both of you, he stares and stares hoping that she doesn’t change.


loves it so much, he would walk around with her all the time thinking of his wife


only makes him even more excited to have more kids!


he’s not even mad that they don’t have he’s eye wrinkles.


stares at her as she sleeps, whilst she eating, just constantly staying by her side


loves to make her laugh because she laughs just like you do.


would insist that the child actually takes after him

Gifs are not my own

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Dan and Phil's friends Mimei and Duncan apparently met through the comments on an amazingphil video and now they're married and are one of the cutest couples on youtube like if you don't think that's the most adorable thing ever I don't know what is omg phil is truly amazing

phil’s actually done so many magical things for the youtube community he’s such a sweet baby angel //quietly sobs in the corner

danisthirsty  asked:

i cant believe you just called me a chipmunk thats probably the cutest thing thats ever happened and omg ive been very bored lately bc i quit my job but im also happy about it lol idk!! im so so glad youre back ahhhh

Ahh same I’ve been so bored! Entertain me! And for the record your much cuter than a chipmunk. I think that’s gonna be my pet name for you now you chipmunk!