omg that would be so hard

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Who would love to have a sexy girlfriend more than cute mtl?

omg this is a hard one bc they’re all so young and tbh i feel like most of them would prefer cute but i’ll do my best 

  1. daniel
  2. sungwoon
  3. seongwoo
  4. jisung
  5. minhyun
  6. jaehwan
  7. woojin
  8. guanlin
  9. jinyoung
  10. daehwi
  11. jihoon

just my opinion but ok tbh out of all of wanna one i reckon it would be daniel but i can imagine daniel wanting a really sexy girlfirend but also one thats just lowkey and natural and cute so ??? i guess the rest of the hyung line and everyones honestly  like babies to me im 98 liner lmao so like for the young ones i can only imagine with like their cute middle school crushes HAHAH sorry i hope this wasn’t done too badly :/ thanks for requesting <3 

the losers club road trip + baseball game

this is so long omg im sorry

the losers road trip + baseball game

- the losers had been saving up for MONTHS to get seven tickets to a baseball game in Boston. they all did odd jobs around town like mowing lawns, walking dogs, and some babysitting. Stan got a job at the local diner, Bev did the books at little league baseball games, and Bill and Mike split a paper route. everyone decided Ben should keep track of the money, so at the end of every week they would count it all up and Ben would take it home.

-after two months of hard work, the losers had finally saved enough money for tickets and the road trip to Boston!! eddie and mike, the best drivers, had been designated to drive, and richie had already called shotgun a month in advance

-the day before the game, they loaded mike’s truck with blankets, pillows, a cooler of drinks and snacks, thier overnight bags, richie’s transistor radio ( and lots of extra batteries ) and a deck of cards, then set out for Boston around four in the afternoon

-five minutes into the drive bill realized he left the ticket money at home and they had to turn around

-bev and richie have to pee once an hour and it pisses the others off

-they take turns with who gets to sit in the bed of the truck. bill and stan called first dibs, eddie, richie, and ben called seconds, and bev and mike called last. bill and stan laid down and watched clouds, stan naming the birds that passed overhead, bill telling him about the Boston Red Sox players and the baseball season so far, all the while their fingers tangled together. eddie fell asleep instantly when it was his, ben’s, and richie’s turn. richie and ben talked music, their favorite guests on American Bandstand and how cool Elvis Presley was. eddie woke up due to richie’s extremely loud rendition of “Jailhouse Rock” in his best Elvis voice. when it came to bev and mike’s turn they shared a pepsi and a payday bar.

-around 8 o’clock they were all begging eddie to pull over for supper, and finally stan spotted a roadside diner. eddie threw the steering wheel to the left, fed up with (mostly richie’s) everyone’s complaining, throwing all of the losers against poor ben and squishing him against the window.

-the loser’s club ate like kings and queens, full of french fries, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and banana splits.

-after dinner, they drove to a small motel that ben had circled on the map and went inside with all of their belongings. bev has a fake license that says she’s 18, so they got a room for the night. bev had one of the seniors at the high school make the fake license for her so she could get away from her father once in a while.

-bev gets her own bed, and the six boys play rock paper scissors for the bed left, the two winners sharing. stan and mike end up winning. bill, eddie, richie, and ben play rock paper scissors for the fold out couch, ben and bill winning, leaving richie and eddie to sleep on the floor. richie winked at eddie and eddie threw his pillow at richie.

-they played cards for HOURS and the staff had to visit their room twice because every time anyone but richie won, richie would complain LOUDLY

-beverly is the queen of kemps and destroys anyone who even tries

-eddie went to sleep first and everyone soon followed, but stan kept everyone up an extra twenty minutes because he kept dropping everything in the shower

-richie farts in his sleep and it wakes eddie up every time

-bill turns over literally every ten minutes and it drives ben crazy

-in the morning everyone is woken up because stan turned over and knocked richie’s radio off the bedside table and Buddy Holly started playing at max volume

-everyone loaded up in the truck and mike drove to the closest filling station. that morning, the losers had pepsi and hersheys for breakfast.

-after two more hours of driving, it was nine am and they had arrived at the glorious Fenway park. richie stuck his head out of the window and marveled at the massive structure. ben, just below richie, had his mouth hung open, admiring the towering stadium.

-richie immediately starts in on his baseball announcer voice

-bill now owes bev fifty cents because they had a bet about when richie would start with the baseball announcer voice. bill said he wouldn’t start until they got their spots in the park, bev said the second he saw the stadium.

-bill and richie got out of the car to go buy the seven tickets while mike and the others found somewhere to park. The game itself wouldn’t start until that night, but they wanted to get to the area as soon as they could.

-bill told richie to let him do the talking, but of course, richie opened his mouth and they almost didnt get their tickets, but bill got them in the end

-mike, beverly, eddie, ben, and stan ran to the crowded ticket booth and spotted richie and bill. “THERE” eddie screamed and pointed and they all ran and almost killed big bill and richie. they all wanted to hold their own ticket, so bill gave them to everyone and said he’d kill anyone who lost theirs

-they didn’t want to blow the rest of their money while waiting for the game, so mike drove all the losers around through the city to spots their folks had told them about. once they got lost in Little Italy and eddie had to drive to get them out.

-when it was finally time, they parked their car and walked to the game and went to their seats on the third base line. they sat beverly, ben, eddie, richie, stan, bill, and mike on the end. the second they sat down, richie declared that he was hungry, so mike offered to go with him to get food and everyone piped up and told them what they wanted.

-as they walked to the concession stop, richie kept making annoyingly loud comments and imitations of the locals accents, despite mike’s efforts to shut him up. mike slapped richie’s shoulder to shut him up once and richie went toppling over, knocking over a trashcan in the process.

-richie ordered all of the hamburgers, french fries, ice creams, snow cones, and sodas, and they were able to balance and hold all of the food and make it back to their seats.

-bill and stan are the ones who dip their french fries in ice cream and it makes the others cringe

-the game starts and when they stand for the National Anthem, everyone starts singing and richie keeps messing up the words very LOUDLY

-the baseball game starts and all of the losers watch in amazement of the talent and power that was the Boston Red Sox.

-the concession seller came around with a box full of peanut bags on his shoulder and yelling “GETcha peaaaNUTS ‘ere for teeeEEEN CENTS!!!” and richie jumped out of his seat and slipped into an imitation of the man’s voice. stan and eddie literally had to pull him down and bill had to cover his mouth to keep him from getting into a fight.

-between the fourth and fifth inning the organist played a happy tune and richie joked that bev should dance on top of the dugout to “please the crowd.” so bev said she wouldn’t do it alone, then mike said he would go. the losers cheered and shoved them out of their seats, and then mike and beverly ran down the stairs and started dancing together on top of the opposing team’s dugout, the losers and other surrounding people cheering them on.

-they literally almost got kicked out of the whole baseball game

-richie ate six ice cream cones and threw up in a cup

-stan ate so many blue raspberry snowcones that his tongue and teeth turned blue

-bill brought his baseball glove to the game and every time a there was a pop up into the stands bill would shoot out of his seat and do everything he possibly could to get the ball. on the second pop up he finally caught it despite everyone around him trying to get it too. it made him sooo happy and he had the biggest grin on his face for the rest of the night

-in the last inning the score was tied, so everytime someone of the opposing team was on base richie would scream inappropriate comments at them. “HEY THERE NUMBER 32, YEAH, YOU, IS THAT YOUR WIFE WEARING A BIKINI IN LEFT FIELD??” stan and eddie have to pull him down and shut his mouth so the people sitting behind him don’t beat him up

-the whole building was on edge and quiet as the tie breaker came up to the plate. mike, bill, and stan were standing up and huddled close together. bill had his arms around mike and stan’s shoulders. richie, eddie, ben and beverly were also standing, richie had his hands crossed on the back of his head with his elbows in the air, and eddie had his hands clasped together under his chin. ben clung to eddie’s shoulder and beverly had both of her hands on ben’s arm. every one of the losers was silent until the ball hit the bat with a KEEERACK and was sent sailing over the field and everyone went INSANE

-after everyone finished jumping, hugging, and screaming people started to file out, but bill went down to the dugout and got as many players as he could to sign the ball he caught.

-richie insisted he got another ice cream cone despite throwing up, so they all got a vanilla ice cream cone, then walked back to the car.

-the seven of the the losers club piled into the bed of mike’s truck and licked their ice cream cones, looking up at the massive, wonderful Fenway Park until the last light on the field went out.


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That last anon made me wondering, what is your top ten favorite bnha characters? :O

Deciding one favorite character was hard but I wouldn’t have expected it’s even harder to decide TEN faves out the entire bnha cast omg everyone’s so lovable! Hmmm alright. If I really have to make a selection…..

1. Deku 8)

Originally posted by shotous

My precious chiiiiild<3 so cliched but so true.

2. Denki

Originally posted by kiznaive

Like said here ^///^

3. Kirishima

Originally posted by kiznaive

So lovableee! This guy is just everything.

4. Tokoyami

Originally posted by kagamiz

This cutie birb just does something to my heart everytime I see him~ I wanna hug him tiiight.

5. Todoroki

Originally posted by shuuthegourmet

Omg protect this sweetieee. I really like him more than I thought  I would at first sight *w* 

6. Iida & Uraraka

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

*cheats* Guy and girl crush, I just can’t pick ok.

7. All Might

Originally posted by sanuske-ramblings

PRECIOUS DAD<3 I treasure him to the end.

8. Aizawa-senseiiii

Originally posted by bun-zawa

I just love him so much and I was so worried during the season 1 battle u.u

9. Shinsou

Originally posted by sawumura

I need more Shinsou !!

10. Bakugou

Originally posted by aishitetsuro

I was not the biggest Bakugou fan after the series started but he’s just barely made it into the top 10 now XD. He still has to earn more points tho !!

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Captive Prince for fandom thingyyyy

omg ily that was quick lol

Send me a fandom, and I’ll tell you who I’d:

  • Want as my mentor: um i mean damen could teach me a lot but the Beefiness TM would make it kinda hard to concentrate so i’m gonna go with good ol’ nikandros.
  • Bake cupcakes for: Laurent!!! i just wanna bake for him and tuck him into bed!!!
  • Lend my books to: Laurent lmao. i love that hc that laurent enjoys trashy romance reads and honey i’ve got recs
  • Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: i’d put them on the r*gent’s chair and then i would pick it up (like laurent did) and smash it over his fugly head.
  • Have a crush on: damen!! those lips, those curls, the muscles,,, amazing
  • Pack up and leave if they moved next door: the r*gent ew
  • Follow as captain of a ship: laurent aye aye captain
  • Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: laurent cuz i wanna be friends w him and in a movie it might happen lol
  • Marry: i’ll take one for the team and marry nikandros, JK I LOVE THAT MAN
  • Want as my boss: like jord? someone who’s not gonna give me a lot of shit lmao
  • Sue: damen bc he can get out of any trial with The Power of Love, so he’s unbothered. Otherwise the fucking r*gent
  • Want as my best friend: laurent!!!!my king!!! my bestie!!! but also on a reread i’ve realized that lazar lives for the gossip and i so can fuck with that @ lazar spill the tea

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Like my friend loved Broadway since she was young right? She came out to me as trans and bi. So yeah, she is hard core too, so she is a gr8 friend. I'm thinking of giving her my old dresses if she ever wanted to try dresses, but IDC if it would 1/2

(Fit bc I’m like really tall and stuff, but it’s up to her ya know? If she wants to wear makeup, I’ll hook my girl up. 2/2)

THATS REALLY COOL OMG!!!!!! i love trans friends helping each other like that omg, ur friend sounds like a great Broadway Gay

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Victor waking up after lowkey surgery (idk appendix) and he's like that one dude in the video where the anesthesia gives him temp amnesia and is all "omg are we dating? you're so beautiful. are you an angle?" when he sees Yuuri.

yuuri’s like “i’m ur husband” to which victor’s like “YOU’RE MY HUSBAND???? WE’RE MARRIED??? HOLY SHIT”

little things to love about hansol
  • literally the biggest meme ever
  • also has a big heart 
  • loves his little sister to bits ;; 
  • always wants to be the best role model for his little sister /cRYING
  • very poetic 
  • writes a lot of the hip hop unit’s lyrics 
  • his lyrics always tell an amazing story 
  • he is the peacekeeper of the group
  • his smile!!! so bright!!! so big!!!
  • both of his parents are artist 
  • himself.. not so much LOL 
  • but it’s okay he does his best 
  • does a lot of exaggerated movements 
  • has a lot of dynamic expressions and reactions 
  • little leonardo dicaprio
  • made a little snowman in front of the pledis building oMFG SO FRICKIN CUTE
  • was in “kids explore life” 
  • same birthday as dk
  • always imitating seungkwan and his adlibs
  • “mOM I WON THIS!!!!” 
  • “ur not supposed to say “oh my god”” -Vernon to his sister
  • had one great concept of “do not put up a front”
  • OMG HIS LAUGH!!!!!
  • he loves to sing 
  • if he wasn’t in the hip hop unit, he said he would be in the vocal unit
  • *dabs*
  • *running man* 
  • *hotline bling dance* 
  • *hit them folks*
  • knows all the trends, such a trendy boy
  • it’s all about self love with this boy 
  • always vibing 
  • always lit in the mixtapes 
  • pls love this hard-working, inspiring, respectful individual. 
I should be writing a paper but (OTP PROMPTS)

- “Okay so I was dared to go into this haunted house, and not only is it not haunted, a nice old lady and her really pretty granddaughter live here and they invited me over for dinner next week”

-”So I dated your friend and we broke up because she assumed that I had a crush on you after meeting you. She wasn’t wrong.”

-”So I was driving to my parents house in the middle of a blizzard when my car broke down. You noticed I was here and offered me a ride, do you maybe want to get some cocoa later?”

- “So you came over to my house mad that I dumped your friend, so you keyed my car and kicked me in the balls. The next day you came over to apologize after finding out that I dumped her cause she cheated on me, oddly I still think your cute.”

-”You transferred to my school this year and I have been showing you around for the past few weeks. You get along really well with my friends and they think you and I are dating. I am not against the idea.”

- “Someone was grabbing my butt and you decked them so hard he lost a tooth. Do you want to get coffee sometime?”

- “We both got really drunk at a party and ended up getting matching tattoos. Laser surgery is expensive and going out on a date would be cheaper.”

“ You have been my best friend for years, how dare you get really hot and… Omg is that a six pack?”

A ring on it
  • My mom: So, JJ and everyone promised they would get married after the competitions...
  • Me: Well, after they win gold. Maybe they said that because they knew they wouldn't win, hahaha. After all, the younger skater won and he isn't getting married.
  • My mom: But he *will* get married to the motorcycle guy.
  • Me *screaming internally*: omg she ships it

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Hi! I want to recommend a historical fic titled Blackbird by sixpence on AO3. It's a WW2 story that is thoroughly researched. I want to ask if you have any recommendation on any other well-researched historical fanfiction? Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for these requests (and the rec)! I have a few historical fics up my sleeve, hopefully these fit what you’re asking! 

(I’ve made royalty AU, so this will be everything but royalty! ☺️ You can find my royalty AU list here!)

Originally posted by ryokho

Historical AU

Blackbird by sixpences, Mature, 24k (WIP)
Captain Victor Nikiforov, an intelligence operative for the NKVD, has been trapped in Berlin by the German invasion of the USSR. Posing as a Nazi industrialist, his days are spent charming information out of Axis diplomats to try and keep the Red Army fighting another day. Yuuri Katsuki, a foreign-educated bureaucrat in the Japanese Embassy, has secrets of his own concealed beneath his unremarkable demeanour. When he uncovers Victor’s real identity, it will alter the course of both of their lives forever. WWII AU! This fic is so amazing!!!!

Masks off by emulikule, Teen, 27k
And so the story goes that a playboy comes to a town, makes it fall in love with him and then proceeds to get himself enticed by the most mysterious person there. Late-19th century AU! One of my favourites, thumbs up!

For The Sake of You by anglmukhii, Explicit, 4.9k
He was a dancer. And Victor was the Emperor. There would always be a thick boundary that separated them. And no matter how hard Victor tried to erase it, it would always be there. Victor, however, doesn’t see it that way. Byzantine Empire time period AU! SO good!

the death of a bachelor by exile_wrath, Teen, 9.1k (WIP)
In which Yuuri is a bartender with a thing for the hot patron which could probably kill him but also wants to have sex with him. To be fair, Yuuri is pretty down to sleep with him too. 1920s mafia AU! OMG!

Healthy Impropriety by mtothedestiel, Explicit, 29k
Victor is the wealthy master of the Nikiforov estate. At a society party he’s swept off his feet by the mysterious, suave, and very drunk Katsuki Yuuri. Victor aims to declare his love and secure Mr. Katsuki’s hand in marriage, but first he has to find him! THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVE FICS EVER

what remains of the dance by dyules, Gen, 1.6k
Viktor Nikiforov, head butler of Feltsman Court, falls in love with the visiting young viscount’s new dancing master. Victorian AU!

Casablanca on Ice by richardnixon, Teen, 6.4k (WIP)
It’s the middle of WWII in Casablanca, Morocco. An American expatriate, Victor, makes a generous living for himself as a nightclub owner, and everything changes one night when his ex-flame Yuri walks into his club. LOVE!

The crane and the swan by mintyrosetea, Mature, 29k (WIP)
March 1959: FIGURE SKATING WORLD CHAMPION Viktor NIKIFOROV from U.S.S.R. completed his short program yesterday with a very good score of 92.2. After the program, the Soviet skater was assisted in taking on his skate covers by the Japanese skater Yuuri KATSUKI before the latter stepped onto the ice for his program. WOW THIS IS AMAZING!

Welcome Aboard Eros, Commander by IdunAurora, Teen, 5.7k
Commander Nikiforov is frustrated. For years, he has been chasing Eros, the most elusive pirate ship to ever sail the Seven Seas, and its even more elusive captain, whom it appears no one has ever been able to lay their eyes on. Awesome pirate AU!

Love in Exile by MartyMuses, Not Rated, 21k (WIP)
Once a well know ballet dancer in St. Petersburg, Victor Nikiforov finds himself exiled to Sakhalin Island as a political convict in 1881. Strange circumstances lead his path to cross that of a young Japanese man, one of the very few still living on the island.

A Many-Splendored Thing by FilletteRevolutionnaire, Teen, 1.3k (WIP)
Star dancer Victor Nikiforov of the Paris Opera Ballet, on top of the world and looking for a new challenge, is looking for a protege. He makes a bet with a colleague that he could turn anyone into a sensation – even someone as meek and unremarkable as that quiet young man with the Japanese performers. Late 19th century AU! Love it!

Blame Phichit by whydoyouask, Mature, 1k
Victor and Yuuri, both well known athletes, meet in a symposium a night before the olympics. Things happen that neither of them regret -even though Chris was present. What will happen when they compete against each other the next day? Ancient Greece AU! LOL THIS IS GREAT AHHAHAH

Death of a Bachelor by HQ_Wingster, Teen, 10k (WIP)
What if Yuuri and Viktor had met before in a past life? When they meet in the present, the past feelings fall upon their hearts. WWII to present day fic!

modern!johnny cade headcannons

(there’s so mucb jally and lgbt!johnny it’s not even funny omg)

- johnny would probably listen to bands like imagine dragons, artic monkeys, some of twenty one pilot’s older music, and the hardrock dally likes

- he also managed to talk ponyboy into reading to him, which wasn’t hard because pony loves to read to him anyway

- this boy always has a pair of earbuds on him even if he isn’t listening to them

- it helps him whenever he has to block out his parents

- which is a lot

- but he’s careful not to listen to his music too loud. he doesn’t want to go deaf and especially not before he’s 20

- mostly because ponyboy and darry always nag him about it

- and johnny’s never really understood why it wasn’t socially acceptable for men to wear makeup or wear dresses or skirts?? he just doesn’t get it

- johnny also keeps a hair tie on his wrist for when he gets too anxious and needs something to fiddle with

- two-bit once had to take it away from him because he was scared johnny’d cut off his circulation to his hand

- and his hands are always shaking

- so johnny’s always fidgeting with something to try and hide it

- but it doesn’t matter who you are

- his hands are shaking


- and, okay, one night he’s with dally and they’re driving. they weren’t talking. they were letting dally’s radio fill the silence.

- johnny was cool with it

- and dally was Focused™ on driving

- and johnny’s just watching dally drive and dally runs his hand through his hair and, internally, johnny just kinda goes,“oh. oh shit.”

- mkay he realizes that he may have a small crush on dallas winston

- which he hadn’t really considered before

- and he quickly decides that it shouldn’t matter who you love if it doesn’t harm you or the other person in a negative way

- so johnny realizes that he could fall in love with anyone

- at first, it kinda scares him but he ends up researching all night about this

- turns out, he’s pansexual

- the first person he comes out to is ponyboy, who actually knew what the term meant (probably because this boy never gets off tumblr smh)

- pony accepts

- he comes out to two-bit next. then soda, steve, and darry. he had to explain what it meant, but they accepted.

- he comes out to dally last. not because he didn’t want him to know, but because johnny was scared he’d ask who made him realize that. johnny wasn’t ready to tell him that.

- so one night they’re driving again and the sun is setting and dally looks like he’s made out of gold

- johnny loves it

- dally ofc doesn’t notice or let on to johnny staring

- johnny looks back to the road in front of them

- “i’m pansexual.”

- “you’re what?”

- “i could fall in love with anyone, dal.”

- “even a guy?”

- “even a guy.”

- johnny can feel dally staring at him

- he’s terrified to look up at dally but he does

- dally’s face is totally blank

- “whatever makes you happy, kid.”

- johnny can’t figure out how dally feels about it

- a small part of johnny is scared that dally’s angry

- but dally offers him a cigarette and johnny knows he’s at least not angry

- they don’t talk. just smoke in peace. the radio fills the silence

- which allows johnny’s mind to wander

- his parents would disown him

- so he never comes out to them

- he cries when lgbt+ get equal marriage rights. first, it’s out of elation because he is so happy. but then he goes home and hears his parents bashing the lgbt+ community

- he doesn’t even get through the door when he hears them

- and he goes back to the curtises

- he’s a mess

- he’s trying really hard not to cry but he can’t

- he can’t do it

- he was apart of that community and they were people, too

- ponyboy gets him to calm down after an hour

- he stays with the curtises for a week after that night

- johnny was a lot quieter after that, if that was even possible

- it worried dallas the most, though

- “c'mon, johnny, man, you haven’t said five words all day!”

- “i’m fine, dal.”

- it went on like that for a month, driving dally insane

- so, when dally runs out of ideas, he turns to the oldest curtis brother for help

- dally and darry have always been close,, okay

- and darry honestly saw this coming. he was just waiting for dallas to figure this out himself

- so darry isn’t surprised when dallas comes to him and all he’s talking about is johnny

- darry can tell dally’s been drinking by the way he slurrs his words and how he can hardly stand up

- “dar, what’s wrong with johnny? why won’t he talk to me?”

- darry, being the genius he is, starts to play a little mind game with dallas

- “why does it matter, dal?”

- “‘cause he’s my friend, dar.“

- “you’re friends with sodapop and you don’t care if you go a few days without talking to him.”

- “well johnny’s different, man!”

- “why’s johnny different? why do you care if you don’t talk for a few days?”

- “‘cause i want him happy! and ‘cause he doesn’t act like i’m an asshole!”

- “why does it matter what johnny thinks of you?“

- “i don’t know, man! he just..he makes me want to be less of an ass.”

- “so johnny makes you better?”

- darry watched as a drunk, crooked smile found its way across the younger boy‘s face. it made darry smile, too.

- “yeah, man. i love the little dude.”

- “yeah, just like a brother to you, right?” darry knew this wasn’t how dallas loved johnny, but he needed dally to say it himself.

- darry knew he gotten through to dallas when his eyebrows scrunched up.

- “no, man. i love him the way i loved sylvia. i wanna—” dallas then went on to describe all of the very raunchy ways he wanted to see johnny cade, and it made darry want to rip his ear drums out (he did not need those visuals of his friends), but he had gotten through to dallas.

- “dal—” darry cut dallas off mid-sentence,“why don’t you go find johnny and tell him yourself?”

- dallas’ drunk smile faltered.“no, man. what if he doesn’t feel the same, man?”

- “you’ll never know unless you try.”

- “dammit, darry. he’d be in the lot, right?”

- “yeah.”

- and like that, dally was gone. darry quickly sent johnny a text to give him a heads up about what was about to happen and to be in the lot.

i felt like this was a good place to stop. should i write more outsiders headcannons??

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Jumin + MC who happens to share the same name as his pet (not necessarily be Elizabeth)? Other RFA members may join in for reactions.

Hello~!! I’m not sure if this is quite what you were asking for, but I went for the humorous side of things :3

– R.I.


Yoosung: Ehh? Are you sure she’s trustworthy?

Seven: Yes yes, I’m already doing a background check on her and so far she seems wait what the- PFFT GYAHAHAHAHA

Seven: be back later omg lolololol what is this…?

Yoosung: what is what?!? Is there a funny photo of her or something? I want to see, I want to see!

Zen: OI!

Zen: Don’t invade her privacy like that! Anyways, what’s your name, mi’lady? I’m sure you have a wonderful name! Must be just as beautiful as yo-

You: Elizabeth the 3rd

Jumin: Oh, how did you know my cat’s name?

MC: What? No… that’s my name…

Yoosung: …


Jumin: …

Jumin: I see. What a wonderful name.

Yoosung: OMG!! So THAT’S what Seven’s laughing about!!

Zen: God. I hope he’s not dead from laughing

Seven: still here let me st o ppp laughinasdfkljsdfj

Yoosung: Seven’s laughing so hard he’s having trouble typing!!

You: …

Zen: Oh! No, we’re not making fun of you, I swear! It’s just… your name is really uhm, unique.

Jumin: ?

Jumin: Why would we ever make fun of her for such an elegant name?

Zen: You, shut up.



  • I’m so shocked!!
  • Her name is the same as Jumin’s cat??
  • Such a coincidence…
  • Should I laugh? But no, I don’t want to be mean, I just met her…
  • But… pfft… oh no, I can’t stop laughing
  • -silently prays to God to forgive him for being a bad kid-


  • This wonderful lady shares the same name as that Trust Fund Kid’s cat?!?
  • This must be a joke or something
  • -exits the chatroom-
  • -re-enters the chatroom-
  • I-I mean… she has a wonderful name but… Trust Fund Kid’s cat…
  • GRRR. It’s all the Trust Fund Kid’s fault for his stupid naming sense!!


  • She shares a name with the most beautiful lady in the world…
  • I wonder if she looks like Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • Hm. I must meet her at once.
  • Would she like to eat lobster…? It’s seafood, after all. Then again, it’s not fish…
  • Wait no, this is a human. Right.


  • -still dying of laughter-
  • Error 707: Reaction Unavailable
  • The Defender of Justice is currently laughing too hard. Please try again later.
How To Cuddle BTS to Sleep

Jin: Jin is probably the most stable and peaceful sleeper in BTS. I feel like he would like to wrap an arm around you and pull you to rest your head on his chest. He would like to have patterns drawn on his chest or arms to lull him to sleep as he talks about his day. Once asleep, it would be quiet and cozy. (That gif does things to me, ISTG)

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Yoongi: Suga Boy can sleep ANYWHERE. He doesn’t expects to be cuddled all the time especially when people would sleep he would probably be working but he’ll definitely be wanting cuddles when he is stressed or just feels like it. He probably likes to be the little spoon if he’s feeling down but if it’s just exhaustion he would like to be the big spoon. (I would kill to be looked at like that by him)

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Hobi: Ok, so Hobi’s parents put him to sleep by stroking his arms and chest and he still does it to himself to fall asleep. It doesn’t take a genius to know that he would want his cuddler to rub his chest and arms till he falls asleep. Mostly if he’s tired and ready to sleep if he blinks he’ll just sleep while you keep stroking him. He might wrap an arm around you in his sleep. (Don’t you just love his laugh?)

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Namjoon: Ok, so he snores, so what? I still love him. He is an extremely considerate person though so he would probably be the one cuddling you to sleep before he falls asleep by tucking his head into your neck and trying to muffle his mouth into your warm skin so he wouldn’t wake you up. (He’s a sweetheart ok? I love him and I would cuddle him to death)

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Jimin: I think Jimin is a peaceful sleeper too. He’s so small and fits literally ANYWHERE. (Remember him escaping that prison cell?) He’s a profound cuddler. He would just snuggle up to any warmth he could find. He’d be into having his back rubbed, probably, and I think he’d also like to have feet tangled in sheets. (This husband of mine is going to kill me, I love him so much)

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Tae: He is a restless sleeper. He grinds his teeth, makes weird noises, sometimes sleep talk AND sleepwalks to get cold noodles. (Someone protect him!) I think he would like to be firmly restrained, tucked into blankets, arms wrapped around him, limbs entwined. He would rest his head against your chest or nuzzle into your neck while you play with his hair. (This cutie, OMG, this gif)

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Jungkookie: He’s a die hard sleeper. You could blow a trumpet in his ear and he won’t wake. (Ok, don’t do that. He’s not a morning person.) He’s an easy sleeper too. He works so hard, he falls asleep quickly. He probably enjoys having his hair played with, patterns drawn on his chest, sweet stuff like that. Stuff he can enjoy but won’t distract him from his much needed rest is best. (This little bunny, can you believe it?)

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A/N: These are some of my favourite gifs. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Now that I’m finally out of my month(s)-long art slump, here’s a very belated piece of my favorite character from Sun/Moon, Lillie! Talk about a character that grows on you! She kind of irritated me when I first started playing the game, as I don’t really care for the whole *helpless damsel* trope, but ugh she’s so well-developed and wonderful I can’t even


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