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  • “i can’t believe i’m finally in my own house!” you said excitedly to yourself as you unlocked the door to your new place
  • it was the first time you were completely on your own
  • you were ecstatic to say the least about not having to wait forever to use the bathroom or having your hard-earned snacks stolen by your roommates or etc.
  • the place you bought already had basic furnishings so you spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting up decorations, putting away groceries, setting up your internet you know, all the necessities in life
  • after a long day of putting everything away, you were happy to be able to get ready for bed
  • thrilled, you quickly throw on your new comforter, climb inside, and pull out your book to read to help you get drowsy-eyed before sleeping
  • as you opened your book, you finally could let out a relaxed sigh
  • that is, until you were interrupted by the ceiling above you suddenly giving out
  • the plaster and drywall crumbled around you, kicking up a thick cloud of dust that made it hard to see
  • as the dust settled, you saw a
  • ??? man ???

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OH MY GOD THE ASKBOX IS OPEN IM GOING TO CRY!!!!!! First of all, you guys are iNSANE BRUH your updates and everything and you're all so nice and lovely <3333333 I'm so glad i found this account because it's hella, and i've come across the best fics because of you! I'm so overwhelmed this is my first time requesting I don't even know what to request omg. Um, so like, tsundare/mean ksoo and shy/awk jognog?????? ALSO, thanks for all the hard work (and taking away my request virginity) ILYSM! <33333

I don’t particularly read this type so it was v interesting checking some of these fics out :P

Shy/Awk jongin:

More here and here and here and here (there’s even more in the tags- ppl love writing awk/shy jognog apparently)

Mean/Tsundere Soo:

you might possibly find more here

I hope these are ok! 

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