omg that took like an hour t t

favourite pictures of your bias tag

I was tagged a long time ago by @daengerous-af Thank you for the tag I’m sorry it took so long!

I’ll tag @layseungri @ygbias @craftywhispersinternet @ishar @xxjebbiechanxx @praisethepopeseungri @todaetbh @daniellefuller  You don’t have to if you don’t want to or if you’ve already done it

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(In a scenario, Khadgar sends you up on a ship and u have to fight this giant demon and I COULDN'T. it took an hour of me throwing myself at the thing before I knocked down it's health enough to 'win' and constant dying was involved, and I literally started begging the game to have Khadgar explode the ship with me on it/ otherwise begging for some npc to help me kill it cause I couldn't. especially since I'm a minor I feel like that image would devastate khadgar and I wanted to share it lol.)


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It took me a long time to write this for the honest hour, but I don't know why. Your blog is one of the prettiest I've found about The Beatles. It makes me smile every time when I see a publication of you, it also makes me laugh if it's some funny text. Also, your love for John Lennon is very sweet! Xx.

omg……… i’m honestly gonna cry. this is the best thing i could get. thank you so much!!!! you don’t know how happy i am now! it makes me want to be active all the time just because i know you see me. omg i’ll never be over this. thank you so much 😭😭❤️😩 omg…

This took me roughly about 3 hours to make. Your pride shirts for your CS characters inspired me so much to make my own, I wanted to credit you in some way so I added you to the photo.

I was gonna add Rachelle too but I don’t know what she is in the LGBTQ+ community. I did have to use a picture off of your art account to draw your face. Sorry if it looks terrible.

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IT DOESN’T LOOK TERRIBLE AT ALL, IT’S SUPER CUTE… I actually really like how you drew me?? Hair and face are on POINT. I’m so glad I could inspire you and YOU EVEN INCLUDED ME YOU’RE SO SWEET??? Thank you for sharing, SHOW OFF THAT PRIDE MY MAN