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My Kung Fu Academia

(you have no idea how happy I am when I get the green light to post this on my blog. These are incredible!!)

What I Read This Week


I probably the best reading week I’ve ever had, thanks to my incredibly wonderful friends who wrote fics for me for my birthday (they made a collection which you can find here! I am so, so thankful for them all 💙) as well as some other great updates!

Easy Now with My Heart by braveten, Teen, 12k (WIP)
“Fast, Yuuri. Pow pow.”
“Pow pow?”
He giggles—Victor Nikiforov, figure skating champion, Olympic athlete, Yuuri’s idol, who is currently sick and delusional, giggles—and puts his hand on Yuuri’s chest, pillowing his head there, too. “Pow pow,” he repeats as he feels his heartbeat. “Pow pow, pow pow. Fast, see?”

Batter Up! by Shadow_sensei, Teen, 2.9k
Victor and Yuuri are celebrating their birthdays together and decide to bake their own cakes, competing against each other to see which of their cakes will be the one to win over the party. Neither have baked a cake in years. SO cute!

Look How We’ve Grown by maydei, Teen, 7k
Victor’s been alive for thirty years, but every day with Yuuri brings new surprises. Life. Love. Fun. Family. Yuuri’s presence in his life has brought them all, and Victor wouldn’t trade it for the world. LOVE!

they say its your birthday by ebenroot, Teen, 3.6k
“Clowns are creepy. We’re not having a clown, Victor.”
“What if I dressed up as a clown?”
Yuuri is pensive for a moment, then he pushes his glasses further up his nose in a disapproving manner. “Then I’m afraid I won’t be able to have sex with you until that mental image of you in clown makeup is purged from my mind,” Yuuri says with a shrug. BABIES AND CAKE OMG 

Duckling by missmichellebelle, Teen, 3.6k
The ballet classes are, inevitably, Victor’s idea. THE MOMS IN THIS OMG I love the end, so adorable!

The Best Kind of Present by Reiya, Teen, 2.4k
Yuuri is having a crisis over what to get Viktor for his birthday. Thankfully, Viktor already has a pretty good idea of what he wants… This is SOO AMAZING!!!

(Only By You) My Heart Always Moves by lily_winterwood, Teen, 6k
This is their first birthday together, and he’s already screwing it up by not having a present for Yuuri. Yuuri, who had fought tooth and nail for them, who had traversed the seven seas to return to him, who had taken the words they had shared in the early months of their intimacy and turned them into something beautiful, something perfect. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

To Loving Tension by whalefairyfandom12, Mature, 
“Hey, Yuuri?” / “Yes?” / “Did you know people write fanfiction about us?”
Yuuri froze, any traces of sleepiness vanishing with his previous tranquility. / “What?” / “Mm. Phichit sent me a link. It’s tagged with endurance, hair pulling, blowjobs, possessive behavior, and they are in love.,” Viktor mused. “It sounds realistic so far.” OMFG… just… you have to read this omg!

A Hitman’s Guide to Emergency Gift-Giving by exile_wrath, Not Rated, 1.9k
1) In case of emergencies and not know what to give your husband for his birthday in twenty-four hours, the decapitated head of one of his lifelong enemies always works. REALLY awesome one-shot!!

let me be your lover by Tianetti, Teen, 2.7k
A terrible case of the sniffles. I LOVE SICKFICS SO MUCH HECK

Laundry Day by cryingoverspilledvodka, lucycamui, Explicit, 7.3k
The Katsuki-Nikiforov household takes a morning off to do laundry. Living together, it’s not just the bed that needs breaking in. THIS IS SO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by flowercrownyuri (elevensong), Teen, 2.5k
When Yakov gets bronchitis and can’t go with Yuri to Skate America, Victor fills in as a last minute backup coach. The problem? Skate America falls right before Yuuri’s birthday, and Victor won’t make it back in time to celebrate. Yuuri knows this, accepts it even, but he should know that nothing stands between Victor and what he wants. This is SO CUTE OMFG and Victor is so extra I love him <3

The Greatest Birthday of All by paxton1976, Mature, 3.2k
When Yuuri and Viktor decide to have a belated birthday celebration, their gifts change their future for the better. I LOVE this fic, thank you Pax!!

Frozenheart & Hiddenfire by Thehobbem, Not Rated, 9.7k
Being the youngest child in a family means you get to leave home and find Riches and Adventures your older siblings could only dream of - but Yuuri Katsuki wants nothing more than stay home and hide from Destiny. Which will be much harder to do once a certain ice wizard comes into town. SO good I love Victor in this!!

Perfect Collision, We Call it Art by LittleLostStar, Gen, 884 words
Here’s the thing about Yuuri Katsuki: everyone underestimates him.
It’s not really their fault, and in his healthier moments he’s able to acknowledge that it isn’t his fault either; it’s just how anxiety warps the world around him, like a miniature black hole or the world’s shittiest invisibility cloak. It coats him in a shimmering mirage of shyness and insecurity, and more often than not it’s basically impossible to remove. It’s hard to shine your brightest when you’re dragging all of that around. So the masquerade is kind of a no-brainer. I can’t wait for more!

Accidental Crush by Ashida, Mature, 4k (WIP)
A university AU in which Yuuri’s phone is plagued with spam text messages and the one time he decides to text back results in the best thing ever. Omgomgomg 

dear true love by cityboys, Teen, 63k (WIP)
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break.They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan. That update… my heart! </3

Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 13k (WIP)
AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances.

our doubts are traitors by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 20k (WIP)
the powered assassins AU in which betrayal comes first, forgiveness second, and love was always somewhere in the equation. WOW… that update!!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

When You Come Home (Epilogue)

Part OneTwo, Three12 Days

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: The real finale.

Warnings: Just have fun, honestly.

Word Count: 12,303


Wow, you guys. That’s seriously all we can say. Like man, it’s been an adventure of a lifetime, lemme just say that. I mean, we can’t believe we wrote this entire thing (and that alone was so much fun, holy moly), but the fact that you guys enjoyed it?

We’re seriously so emotional. You guys have no idea.

Thank you so much to all of you that joined us on this journey. It’s been such an honor to receive such incredible, touching compliments on a daily basis, and we can’t stress how much we truly love you. Our hearts are so full of love for each and every one of you, and we’re so grateful to have been able to share a part of our hearts (and insanity) with you.

I can’t tell you how much yelling has been going on behind the scenes– Well, I’m sure y’all could imagine, but take whatever you’re imagining and multiply it by ten thousand. All of this yelling has been because of all of you (this is supposed to be a sweet sentiment, just take it, we’re hoarse, omg).

Again, thank you so much for your support, kindness, and love. We love you all so much. Thank you for making us two very happy dorky nerds. You’re all so amazing.

And so it’s with great pleasure that we present to you the epilogue.

- Team GTNW -


As much as you wanted to jump right into the next chapter of your life with the absolute love of your life, you knew it was best to let time run its course. The two of you decided to spend some time apart to just let things rest for a while, to regroup and think about what comes next, to prepare for the journey that was to come.

You’d both come to the agreement that you’d spend the next two months living your own lives, submerging yourselves back in the mundanity of work, giving the universe a much needed break (or rather, maybe the universe needed to give you guys a break).

That was the plan. Except two weeks after your reunion on the fire escape, your phone dinged with a new text message.

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*runs after meme bus* Look i have something to contribute to the style meme but I’m 100 years late forgive me 

This was so much fun omg but also super hard, there are so many amazing artist in this fandom i might have to do another set but for now i present my attempt to draw in the styles of the very talented: @toriitorii @ferisae @twindoodle @baraschino @hchano @portentous-offerings @ceejles & @pepper-bottom

(drawn traditionally and edited on PS)

I Still Love You (Tom Holland x reader)

Originally posted by septodragon

It’s y/n’s birthday and Tom wants to make every gift he gives her to be perfect so he can impress her, since he has a crush on her, but then he makes a small mistake and beats himself up for it. But you comfort him about it.

Note: I heard that some people were making fun of Tom cause he is dyslexic, and being dyslexic myself, I got really mad about it, so I decided to write this. Warnings: I think a little cursing but that’s it.

Your birthday was coming up, and Tom really wanted to make everything perfect for you since he wanted to impress you. Saying Tom had a small crush on you was an understatement, the boy was completely in love with you, but you were oblivious to it. So Tom planned everything perfectly he got you a gold bracelet with your name in graved in it, and card.

When it finally was your birthday you, Harrison, Paddy, Harry, Sam and Tom went out to dinner at some fancy restaurant. Your birthday was going pretty well, and the night was drawing to an end. So you said your goodbyes to the boys, but Tom said he would walk you home, which you agreed to.

When you reached your house you asked Tom if he wanted to have a drink which he answered yes.

“Thanks Tom for such an amazing night.” You said

“No-o problem, y/n.” Tom answered. “Ummm I actually have-e aa present, well actually presents for you.”

“Omg Tom you didn’t need to get me anything.” Tom blushed and replied “It’s okay I wanted to.” He pulled out the jewelry box and the card and handed them to you. You first opened the card. Inside the card said:

Happy Birthday Y/n! Thanks four being such an amazing friend. I hope you have an amazing birthday.

You laughed a little when you noticed he spelt the for wrong, you thought it was cute. When Tom noticed that he spelt it wrong he instantly felt so embarrassed and stupid. How could he spell that wrong? Your probably going to think he’s stupid. He thought to himself. He immediately ran to your bedroom to get away from you.

“Omg Tom this is really swe-.” You turned around to see Tom nowhere in sight. “Tom, Tom.” You called out, then while you approached your bedroom you could hear tiny sobs. You knocked on the door.

“Yes-s” you heard Tom stutter between sobs.

“Can I come in”“ you asked. You were pretty sure you heard a tiny sure, so you opened the door slightly and looked in the room to see Tom laying on your bed, back facing you crying. “Are you ok?” Tom didn’t answer. You walked up to the bed and sat next to where Tom is laying. “Why are you crying?”

“Cause I’m a bloody stupid idiot who can’t fucking spell.” Tom grumbled.

“You’re not stupid Tom. You just make a mistake it’s fine everyone makes mistakes. It’s really not that big of deal.”

“Yes it is, I was trying to impress you and that failed. To be honest you probably wouldn’t want to be with a stupid dyslexic like me anyways.” Wait did Tom really just say he wanted to be with you, why would he want you when he could have any pretty supermodel he wanted.

“Wait you like me?”

“Yes but it doesn’t matter know you shouldn’t be with someone like me.”

“Why would it effect me liking you.”

“Because y/n you are perfect and you deserve someone better to love you than me.”

“Tom I don’t care that you’re dyslexic. I still love you it doesn’t change anything.”

Tom turned around so his back was no longer facing you and he sat up so you were face to face. “You-u love me-e?” Tom asked.

Instead of answering you leaned into Tom and smashed your lips into his. This kiss was something you have never felt before it was passionate and it felt like fireworks. After a couple of second you pulled back and smiled “Yes.”

As he pulled you into another passionate kiss he mumbled against your lips, “God y/n y/l/n I love you so much.”

“I love you to Tom Holland” you mumbled back.

I get why people are salty. I’m a little salty too.

But here’s the way I see it, A&E are never gonna stop writing plastic angst, but at least where Killian is concerned, it always leads to good things. It’s been the pattern since season 2. We find out that Killian did a bad thing, or has the potential to keep a big secret, he comes clean either a few scenes later or at most a couple episodes and we get awesome Killian character development, and then we get cute, romantic and awesome captain swan moments

Season 2

1) Zomg, Hook stole Aurora’s heart, so evil, he’ll never be redeemed.

2) Even at the beginning of his arc, when he was still technically a villain, Killian chose to do the right thing and saved Aurora’s heart

3) We got some cute CS sword fighting banter

Season 3A

1) OMG Neal is alive and now Hook is the only one who knows. He’s so selfish, and he’s gonna keep the secret so he can try and trick Emma into loving him He’s irredeemable.

2) Literally, the next scene, Killian tells everyone that Neal is alive, and helps the nevengers to find and save his boring ass. We get the the amazing bridge confession.

3) We get the cute when I win your heart scene. 

Season 3B

1) Killian screwed over Ariel and Eric, in the very recent past, OMG he’s so selfish and he’s never gonna be fully redeemed. It comes back to haunt him in present day.

2) Killian tries to help fake!Ariel find Eric, apologizes to fake!Ariel and we get amazing character development.

3) Killian gets cursed literally because of his love for Emma Swan.

Season 4

1) Oh my god, Killian screwed over Ursula, and now he’s keeping a secret from Emma. He’s so horrible and they’re gonna break up.

2) Reunites Ursula with her father and helps get her voice back.We get the amazing character moments when he confesses that he’s afraid of losing his happy ending. And the brotp scene with Ariel, further showing how far he has come.

3) We get the “Killian’s happy ending is Emma Swan” scene and one of the cutest cs kisses ever.

Season 5A

1) Killian is about to go full Dark One and destroy the town and all his loved ones. 

2) Resists the ultimate darkness, and his ultimate personal weakness for vengeance, and is “being the man he wants to be” and then sacrifices himself to save everyone and goes to literal hell.

3) We get the one of the most beautiful, epic and heartbreaking captain swan scenes of all time, and then Emma goes to literal hell to save him. 

Season 6A

1) Killian holds onto the shears, Omg, he’s taking away Emma’s choice, he is so selfish.

2) Has his adventure with Henry, and he and Henry decide together that they will find another way, he drops the shears and Killian confesses to Emma about keeping the shears.

3) Emma forgives hims, says she would have done that same, and we get a cute reassuring hug. 

Season 6B

1) Zomg, Killian killed David’s father (he obviously didn’t know it was David’s father at the time, it was just some random guy), he’s gonna keep this a secret so that he can marry Emma. He’s so selfish.

2) LBR, Killian is gonna tell Archie, then tell Emma, and then probably go on a quest with the princess squad and Liam II to find a way to break Snowing’s curse, and tell David the truth and apologize and the curse will be broken.

3) He is going to propose to Emma, she will say yes, and everyone will be a big happy family together.

So yeah, I get why people are annoyed by the plastic angst, and it feels like a poor writing choice. I’m not saying it’s a good writing choice, but it has been in the writing of Killian’s character arc since the beginning, and the ride always leads to awesome things for Killian and Captain Swan.

So do I like it? Not really. But am I gonna enjoy the ride by seeing more of Killian continuing to demonstrate how much of a hero he is, and captain charming, and the epic captain swan proposal that we will get at the end of this ride. HELL YES.

So sure, be salty if you want, you do you. But know that it’s gonna be okay, and it will be resolved. It’s all in the spoilers.

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Omg, i feel like Draco malfoy would actually make an amazing boyfriend... I think that if you get to know him enough, he would be super sweet and protective and aaaaah😂

•He would spoil the fuck out of you
•in the very possible way
•all the love
•all the presents
•all the sex

•you are his, no one else’s
•seriously, i dare someone to try something with you
•lowkey possessive
•but so sweet and romantic about it
•literally boyfriend goals
•that’s all

My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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ReUnited Love After 100 Years [Rough Draft] (for my followers!! I have reached over 100 followers!)


by me, Nathalie Michelle L. (AKA Michie) @xxhinaangelxx


…I think my brain broke 😲. I have reached passed 100 followers!!?? 😲😲😲 When did this happen?! I think you guys broke me… (😂😂😂)

Goodness gracious, you guys are amazing!! 😆💖💖💖 Thank you, thank you, thank you so much everyone!! *gives everyone a big hug* You guys are such sweethearts 😭💗💕💕💕!

As thanks I have given you all a small little comic! I wanted to give you guys something new. I think while I was thinking of you guys for your “Thank You Present”, this little comic came to me and it was easy to sketch it out! I’ll be sure to redraw this since this is merely a rough draft of it 😊🌺. Thank you again to many of you amazing people! I could feel the love guys 😭😂💗💗💗! Hope you all enjoy and anticipate for my finished version!

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He’s beauty, he’s grace…

Until Obi-Wan stomps on his face lololol
omg i only meant for this to be a silly doodle and it somehow turned into another ATLA/SW mashup LOLOLOL *flees*


replied to your



that pretty mouth game wasn’t just strong, it was…

omg who is this?????????

if you are ready to dive deep, this is the guy who’s gonna homicide it

I present to you

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Damon Albarn, the 90′s edition

*for blessed “daddy edition”, please subscribe and boost your standards for men even more

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I've got that idea that we might get losts of flashbacks along the series to Even's pov as he'd sit at the present moment to talk about them with his therapist. It's that or Isak's bday, Wednesday at 21:21, or pride or all (pls all?). Anyways, I'm still excited. So so so excited. I miss my sunshine so much 😍❤

Omg those are amazing theories ahhhh there are so many possibilities with an Even clip

I can’t choose what my favourite is!

i actually…..would really like a quiet clip?

does that make sense?

I would love a clip where it’s just Even sitting in silence with his mind running on a million thoughts as he tries to focus on a minute by minute. I want to see him look in the mirror and I wanna see how he sees himself. I want to see his daily routine and what helps him work through the thoughts that plague his mind. I want to see him show us how he doesn’t let those thoughts consume him, but he lives with them, takes it step by step and sees the bright things in the world as well as he can

I wanna see what those bright things are in his world. I want feel every little bit of what he feels as his day goes by, i want to see what his world looks like while he analyses every single second that he spends in it. I would just like to spend a couple minutes at the start of his clip alone in his mind.

i know that might sound a little boring to some but oh my gosh the thought of this gives me goosebumps and makes me so damn excited i can’t sleep.

I would just love to feel everything he feels for a moment. Just a second. I love him so much.

First Thoughts on the Anastasia Broadway Cast Album

So I grew up watching Don Bluth’s Anastasia, like a lot of people, and it’s now definitely one of my favourite movies of all time. I’m also a huge theatre geek, so when I first heard whispers about an Anastasia broadway musical, I was VERY excited. Sadly, I haven’t watched the show because I live in Manchester, England (I read the plot online and I am VERY disappointed that Rasputin isn’t the antagonist), but I pre-ordered the cast recording asap (I don’t think it has every single song on it, though) and they’ve recently released it onto soundcloud here  and I have opinions that I want to share lmao. Also, these are just my FIRST thoughts, after hearing the album ONCE - in my experience, I tend to grow more attached to songs the more I listen to them, so these definitely aren’t my final opinions on this soundtrack.

Prologue / Once Upon A December - This very first song actually made me cry because of the nostalgia XD and also Mary Beth Peil has an AMAZING voice.

A Rumor In St. Petersburg - I also really like this song, including the additions they made to it. Not much else to say really.

In My Dreams - I got chills listening to this song; it’s so beautiful, I can’t wait to learn it.

Learn To Do It - Admittedly, I personally prefer the faster pace and more upbeat original version of this song, however this new version saved itself with the part where Anya flips her shit and has a go at the boys. Amazing.

The Neva Flows - So this is the antagonist’s (Gleb) first song, and uh…it’s pretty good, I guess, especially during the crescendo. They’re definitely trying to create a more humane “villain”, showing how he’s been affected by what he witnessed as a child. Still would’ve preferred In the Dark of the Night, though…

My Petersburg - I like the energy of the song, very upbeat, I love the ending buildup. And I’ve always loved how adaptations of films delve deeper into the characters’ backstories a bit (like Shrek the Musical)

Once Upon A December - Beautiful. I’ll probably always prefer the original, due to nostalgia, but Christy Altomare did a really good job capturing Anya’s emotions in this more vulnerable moment. They were right to not mess with this song too much.

Stay, I Pray You - I have no idea who tf Count Ipolitov is but this is a very emotional choral song, and has a beautifully melancholic melody. I love how Anastasia ends it.

We’ll Go From There - Awh, this song is so cute! I’m glad they gave Vlad (ha that rhymes) a song about Sophie- sorry, I mean Lily. Nevermind all three of the gang are singing it….I like it! It’s a good, quick way to show their feelings (which are mainly anxiety) at this point.

Still - Um why the fuck is Gleb in love with Anya. I HATE that. Haven’t they met, like, twice at this point? I’ve only read the wikipedia page for the plot so maybe I’m wrong. But still….fuck this subplot. So yeah this song is ok I guess, I think I’m just too stubborn about my dislike for the changed story lmao. I also quite like the whole….idea? of this song, how it ends with “but still…” like, it doesn’t need t explain what comes after the “still”, it just needs to show his hesitation/inner conflict.

Journey To The Past - I’m not bothered by the fact that they moved this song to this point in the story, it still fits well actually, and like with OUAD, they smartly didn’t change it much. And like with OUAD, I’ll always prefer the original, but this version is also amazing.

Paris Holds The Key (To Your Heart) - It’s a great chorus number, and definitely a good one to start off act 2 with. Again, I prefer the original, although I like how Anastasia has a solo in this one too.

Crossing A Bridge - I love this song, tbh I’ve realised I think I just love any added Anya moment now lmao. I’d love to see this live, to see the image of her on the bridge singing this.

Closing/Close The Door - (the wikipedia says “Closing” and the soundcloud name says “Close”). Like the Anya moments, I will lap up ANY added Dowager Empress moments, too! Her tired, hopeless emotions were shown a little bit in the original film, but I love how this explores them further. So low-spirited and heart-wrenching.

Land of Yesterday - Another thing this musical explores more in-depth is Russia in general, the state of it, its people, and this song is really cool. Lily’s voice is amazing!!!! (Caroline O’Connor)

The Countess and the Common Man - Awh Vlad and Lily have a love duet!! Fuck yeah! This is what I signed up for!! It’s funny, flirty, and all-round lovely.

In a Crowd of Thousands - I don’t mind that the story of how Dmitry and Anya’s pasts were linked has changed, because the new one they made up is presented so beautifully in this song. I absolutely LOVE Altomare’s voice in this, possibly more than in the other songs, and omg when she realises!! When she realises!! You’re like oh shit ! It’s her and they both know it now!! It’s also a nice development to Anya and Dmitry’s relationship.

Meant to Be - This was also in the original film, and I think it’s done wonderfully here. ‘Nuff said.

Quartet at the Ballet - The Swan Lake music gives me huge Barbie nostalgia! And then it blends so seamlessly in and out of the OUAD tune…ahh I love it. I like how it shows all these inner thoughts of these different characters, like We’ll Go From There. The ending with the overlapping solos is beautiful omg.

Everything to Win - This is a good song, but not one of my favourites or anything, it’s nice to see Dmitry’s conflict. The ending is sweet (or I guess bittersweet).

Once Upon A December (Reprise) - I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!!!!

The Press Conference - Yet another good chorus number; I love the typewriter sound effects. And Vlad & Lily’s parts are quite funny (it’s funny when he spells out his name, for some reason. And her high notes at the end..DAMN GIRL). I’m slightly feeling like they’re being kind of lazy with the use of the OUAD tune, however.

Everything to Win (Reprise) - Nice!! Good! I like it!

Still / The Neva Flows (Reprise) - Can Gleb just shut the fuck up already. Yes, I’m still salty. (although admittedly this is a good song - I especially love Anya’s fierceness in it).

Finale - I’m not surprised they decided to end on Once Upon A December, and this is exactly what you’d expect from a musical finale, tbh.

In conclusion - I love the musical’s soundtrack, yet I’m still iffy on the whole villain thing. Feel free to reply or reblog with your own thoughts, it’ll be fun to discuss!

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hhh does yoongi ever play around with legson somehow?? like does legson draw mustaches on yoongi so that when legmon comes back he has to wipe it off for a long period of time since legson likes sharpies so much i'm so soft i love sugamon with legson let me die in fluffy sugamon hell ple a se

THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!! I’m all for this omg. Then even though he’s stoic and quiet, he’s actually an amazing storyteller but only for Legson because it’s Legson. Then Hoseok’s there always beaming them warmth ‘cause he’s an ever present being so he also gets to hear them be cute and stuff OOOO my heart!!!!

Also yesss, yoongi usually hangs out when legson’s being babysat by Kook! But it’s more to babysit Kook because he gets carried away with playing w Legson

Hope for Jiminie

Lolol, sorry guys for the lack of fanfic tbh. Anw, please bear with me about the weird title and summary. It’s a quick rush thinking so ye. 

Also, I would thank @ask-chimchim (kat) for making this amazing comic that actually makes me to write. Tbh, I’m in a writer’s block so ye. THANK YOU KAT FOR LETTING ME MAKE THIS FANFIC OMG I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ARTS SO MUCH!! BIG THANK YOU FOR YOU!!!

Anw, this fanfic uses Present tense which is a tense that I’m not used to. I usually use past tense but I’m practicing to write in present tense so yeah. Please forgive my bad writing right now TvT

For those who’s actually surprised I’m actually entering the BTS fandom, lol sorry, I didn’t mean to drown into this hell TvT. Anw enjoy. (Also, Jimin and Suga in this fanfic is genderbent so yea)


Hoseok is Jimin’s hope. He literally gives her hope everytime she’s down. At that moment, she only hopes one thing, Hoseok’s smile

Words: 656

Rating: G

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Today I found this in my mailbox!!! OMG @cherelladevil / @cherelleholmes this is AMAZING, I LOVE IT! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ *O* I’m still jumping on the chair and fangirling and screaming and smiling and… doing a mess everytime I look at it! I want to show this to Gosho and make him understand THIS MUST BE CANON! Thank you so much for this lovely and wonderful postcard! :* I finished your present today, next week I’ll send it to you. Hope you’ll find it amazing as I found your postcard (but I doubt since I’m not talented like you XD)! 


it's a game, really | newt scamander

prompt: Imagine Newt Scamander with a princess-like reader. Based on this prompt “Your eyes are amazing… do you know that?”

theme: I have posted too much fluff but here’s some more

warnings: none

author note: guys I’m so close to my next thousand guys omg

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In the wizarding world, she was about as royal as it got. From her perfect bloodline to the way she presented herself. In dresses sent in from Italy and France, her hair always made to look its best, and her makeup never wavered to be following the status quo. Everyone assumed that she, [y/f/n] [y/l/n], one of the most well known and admired witches would be sitting herself in a grande bedroom with a gold vanity and frilly drapery over the door to her balcony. The only reason everyone believed that was because that’s what her family had told everyone. That she was coming of age to be wed and it was only a matter of time–too bad she had ran off with a boy she went to Hogwarts with.

It was strange for her parents, their perfect daughter becoming wild with love. Love for adventure. Love for freedom. Love for magical creatures. Love for him. When she came into the parlor and in a pair of miner’s denim and a man’s button down shirt they knew something wasn’t right. Her luggage in her hands and a stoic face.

They begged her to stay but Newt was already there, waiting, and she shook her head and left with him. The Princess and he commoner love. Her parents knew she could never come back to them–they wouldn’t allow that. So, everyone once and awhile they would send her money and claim it was anonymous, but they both knew. Much more money than the two needed.

“You know, with all this extra money we can go get something, maybe buy you a new coat.” She laughed to herself as he scoffed at the idea, “get it with real gold trimming and everything.”

Newt looked up at her and pressed his lips together firmky, “I like my coat.”

She shook her head, her hair bouncing a bit as it did. The girl had never grown out of her royal past, she still did her hair and makeup and though her cloths weren’t shipped from foreign countries, she always dressed nice. And always dressed Newt nice as well. At times, he thought she was embarrassed of him. A beauty like her could have been with any man, all with much more money to offer than he. He discovered the reality of it months after she first started buying him the overly priced clothes.

They didn’t respect him–the Ministry. Tragic, really, the people that hired him had not one bit of respect for the man. They thought him odd, despite who his family was. After all, who in their right mind would travel the world to study deadly creatures?

So, she dressed him nice so when he went to his mandated meetings they would have to at least think he was sane. Wearing a nice pressed shirt and slacks–a grey blazer and tie to complete the look.

The only one who was crazy was her though, with her vibrant eyes and pearly smile. She had men swooning everywhere they went and yet she stayed with him. Crazy. Only love makes you that crazy.

“I’m serious Newt! I can’t keep stitching up the holes in your coat. Soon it’ll be nothing but my awful handiwork.” She stared up at him, determination, one of her many attributes.

He needed to get his way, it was a gift from his mother and he would wear it till it was so mangled that he had to throw it out. None of this other coats were really work appropriate either. All far too nice to get destroyed because one of his creatures was having a bad day.

Now, he wasn’t much of a flirt. If anything, he was far too awkward to fill it off with any other girl than her. The nervous shrill in his voice and compliments that would get caught on his tongue always made her blush–and he needed to change the subject.

He smiled, a bit crooked and glanced to her, “your eyes are amazing… do you know that?”

The words were stuck in his throats for a moment and most definitely didn’t come off as flirtatious at all. Maybe somewhat creepy but nonetheless it had done the trick. It had her turned away, a blush creeping up his neck, and heading towards one of the habitats.

Newt three vs [y/n] seven.

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Ren omg I'm honestly crying rn. It's my birthday today and pretty much everyone, even my family, has forgotten. So I've been moping all day even tho it's not that big of a deal. So to cheer myself up, I decided to go re-read the academy au. And LO AND BEHOLD you finished it today!! And it's so soft and cute and my heart is so happy. And i know it's not actually for me, but I'm claiming it as my bday present! Lol so thanks for making my bday amazing! 💜

When I turned that thing into a series I wasn’t exactly making it for myself anymore, it only got that long because it made a lot of people happy and I thought why the hell not make this longer. You can claim it as your birthday gift if you want. Happy birthday 💚💚💚