omg that presentation was so amazing


*runs after meme bus* Look i have something to contribute to the style meme but I’m 100 years late forgive me 

This was so much fun omg but also super hard, there are so many amazing artist in this fandom i might have to do another set but for now i present my attempt to draw in the styles of the very talented: @toriitorii @ferisae @twindoodle @baraschino @hchano @portentous-offerings @ceejles & @pepper-bottom

(drawn traditionally and edited on PS)

hey guys, i can’t believe i reached my goal right before christmas!! what a nice present. this is just a thank you to everyone i follow because you make my tumblr experience so amazing by just existing, i love you all ♥  ♥ 

my loves:

my lovely wife marissa, i know we joke all the time about being married but honestly i love you with all my heart and i dont know what i would do if we didn’t talk everyday or i couldn’t tag you in anything. honestly you are the most amazing person and im so lucky you love me as much as i love you ♥ ♥
katie omg i literally love you so much like i can’t put it into words. everytime you reply to my gifsets or seflies with ridiculous shit like you did the other way i literally die, you’re so funny and beautiful and you make me so happy, i love you!! ♥ ♥
@lyidastiles: carly my love, you are my honestly such a bae and so hilarious, like your tags on everything give me life. you’re so much more together at 15 than i was lmao, like just keeping do you because you’re amazing ♥ ♥
@obrodens: mariaaaaa my darling, sincerely from the bottom of my heart you are one of nicest i have EVER come across, like honestly you’re such a ray of light and so beautiful, i love you so much!! ♥ ♥
@hollvndroden: dasha i know we only just started talking but honestly i love your blog and your gifs and you so much, i feel so honoured everytime you tag me in your gifs and i look forward to all the conversations we’re going to have in to future!! love you ♥ ♥
@martinskki: cassie you are a ray of light!! honestly i love reading your posts and tags and just hearing what you have to say, keeping doing you i love it ♥ ♥
@merrykristoff: jj my darling, i just realised the other day that we never shared any fandoms except for t100 yet we always found random shit to talk about lmao, honestly though you’re beautiful and lovely and i love having you on my dash ♥ ♥
lyss my love, i know you’re on a little hiatus but i miss your lil face and imparting my wisdom on you, please come back soon and i love you ♥ ♥

favourites are italicised


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so sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone, here is my blogroll just in case. have a nice holidays and love you all ♥  ♥

From David McCallum’s official Facebook page:

The Man from Uncle! His name is Robert Kagan and we exchanged presents! After fifty plus years I have my original badge and I can once again “Open Channel D” with the communicator! Robert purchased them at an MGM auction!

I am so happy he has his original badge again! That is so awesome :3 (and may I add he looks amazingly handsome as usual *__*)


So I just received the best birthday present ever!!! My very own version of TABINOF by the bestest of best friends one could wish for @kayemagistro <3

So this was the package I got today…that alone was pretty awesome. So I obviously was already very curious…

AAAAAAAnnnnnd inside was: *drumm roll*


There are 26 pages full of fangirling glory and photos of me and my friends in there!!!!!  

I’m so lucky to call such an amazingly talented person my best friend!


let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

[ a surprise present for lovely rina, renders by the kind & talented jaymee ] / ©

anonymous asked:

Because you and your writing are amazing. I aspire to have the guts to write Supernatural as you do some day soon. You are so sweet and kind to your followers. We love you! I feel like I can honestly talk to you about anything. You're very popular, imo, on here and you don't let it get to your head. Your writing is my absolute FAVORITE thing ever. You're not afraid to go for it and we're presented a fic that will hit the deepest of our kinks and I fucking love you!!

My jaw fucking dropped, omg. You wonderful cinnamon roll! I want to hug you! Thank you so much! This is honestly insane in the best way possible! 

And if you are writing, and you feel comfortable with it, tag me! I would love to read it! 

Thank you. A million times over. Thank you.

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Without failing us, Jelly Beans keep on coming the teaser pictures for their upcoming comeback and this time it’s the leader Ari that enchants us. The main vocalist had been present on some of her fellow company colleagues’ projects, such as Hyesu’s album and featuring along Rubi on Utopia’s Hans “Friday Night”.

Now with her group comeback, she shows her versatility with blonde and pink hair. Once more the space themed vibe is present, leaving no doubt the comeback will be quite appealing to the eyes and surely, to the ears. 


[+99, -6]  the hair im fhsjdhfusdfg MY BABY LOOKS SO GOOD IM SWEATING
[+52, -5] shes been so busy lately …. will 2k give her a break soon ??
[+73, -9] im so excited for this comeback omg its going to be so cute and amazing and yeS

Late birthday present from Em is literally the best thing ever, I’m so in love with it omg✨ I’m v v v lucky to have a best friend as fab as Em, if people have best friend soul mates then she’s 110% mine👭 thank you v much bae💁🏻✨ #shemilyforlife👽💅🏻

cutiepieswithacherryontop  asked:

OMG THOSE SNEAKERS ARE AMAZING!! I bought a present for a friend of mine, a choker and svt photocards :) It's an amazing webshop btw, kinda wanted to buy E V E R Y T H I N G so thanks for the code :)

Ohh, I’m glad the code helped you a little bit!! I wanted to get photocards too  (╥﹏╥) But I kind of bought to many stuff on the internet recently so I was like NO…anyway, I said that people who used the code get texts, scenario and imagine as a gift it’s really a gift considering how busy I am so if you want them you can message me ^^

I Miserabili: Feuilly

okay I heard a lot about l Miserabili before setting in to watch it but no one told me about Feuilly   And he’s an amazing Feuilly! Political, outspoken, enthusiastic and incredibly present , and 100 percent as much of the Politicaal Organizing scenes as Enjolras, Combeferre and Courfyerac. 

this frigging nerd

(he’s talking about the rights in the charter)

(he’s so happy that it irritated the kings) 

(at this point he’s got like 300 times more dialogue than Hugo gave him and it’s all Excellent and also he’s doing a dialog with Combeferre )

(you can’t tell but he has just EXPLODED out of his chair and Enjolras is nodding and omg this Feuilly is 100 percent Enthusiasm )

(Feuilly is SO starry-eyed about fighting for the rights of citizens!  also everyone is kind of in love with Enjolras, AS VICTOR HUGO INTENDED.)

(.5 seconds after this , Feuilly goes full I WANT TO BE IN THE FRONT RANKS revolutionary squee again but I am not good enough at screen capping to get that! )

Not pictured: Feuilly denouncing a bourgeois moderate as a CITIZEN SPY, HDU,  Feuilly vibrating in place and BOUNCING WITH EXCITEMENT while revolution talk happens, Feuilly recounting the mistreatment of political prisoners from his PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (!!!) because of his die-hard Fighting For the Rights of the Citizen,  and just generally more and more excellent Feuilly-ing than I have ever seen in ANY adaptation, or ever expected to see. I haven’t even seen the whole thing yet!    Anyway good Feuilly, I Mis, 10/10 Valiant Artisan of the People. 

(with English subtitles here!)
Wrapped myself up. (So you can slowly unwrap me again) - erenbaeger - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Wrapped Myself Up. (So you can slowly unwrap me again.)
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  Levi hadn’t had a moment to himself for quite sometime, let alone any with his husband. Luckily Eren knows exactly what he’s doing.
Warnings: D/s themes, sub!levi, dom!eren, Edgeplay and Orgasm Denial, Dry Orgasms
Notes: A very belated birthday present to the amazing @sciencefictioness. I’m so sorry it’s late and I hope it’s worth the wait.

midnightswans  asked:

OMMMMMMG IT'S YOUR B-DAY!!! I WISH I COULD HAVE A TALENT SO I CAN GIVE YOU A PRESENT BUT YOU KNOW I AM NOT VERY GOOD AT WRITE LOL BUT OMG YOU LITTLE PEANUT!! HAPPY B-DAY I'M SO HAPPY YOU ARE PART OF MY LIFE NOW AND IN SOMEWAY I CAN SHARE YOU B-DAY. You Jules are one of the most kindest person I've know and have an amazing talent that a lot of people dream to have. I really hope you have a beautiful day just like you are love! ILY A LOTS LOTS AND LOTS <3


Don’t worry you’re still on time ;*

I’m really glad to meet you too you sweet little cupcake ♥ *HUGS*

tandembicycles  asked:

Aaahh Gabi!!! I'm so sorry I haven't talked to you in a while (this is aokijisbike👀). I hope you have a super wonderful and amazing day! You're so sweet and skilled and you're gonna do such cool things. You already do lmao you're nice and funny and just all around fantastic (duh). I hope you have a really great day where you are treated right and all your birthday wishes come true!!! Get lots of presents and eat lots of sweets!!!

JR!!! omg <3 it’s so good to see you!! haha no worries about that ;D

omg thank you dear ;w; I wish I was as active as before, I still spend a lot of time on tumblr at work but I’ve been struggling so much with creating new content, it’s embarrasing honestly lol

afgjah you always flatter me too much!! thanks dear ♥ I had a great day! ilu


Excuse my face I look terrible ik but I said I’d post a picture so here you go. It was amazing they were so nice everything is kind of a blur. I hugged Phil first and I was so nervous I can’t really remember what I said, I remember saying, “OMG HI!” And “I’m shaking and I feel sick I’ve never been more nervous in my life!” Then I handed him the booklet and their book while I hugged Dan (they smell really nice is that weird?) I tried to explain the booklet really quickly and they really liked it and said it was beautifully presented then they signed their book. Dan then took four pictures really quickly which I wasn’t expecting because we were only supposed to have one. As I was leaving Dan said “I hope you enjoy watching the show,” or something like that and I said, “you too,” and wanted to punch myself in the face. The show was amazing and really emotional and I kept crying especially at the end. They put so much effort and hard work into it and I’m so proud of them

ok but why do i see no posts raving hard about minseok on crime scene 2?? he was so aMAZING and so incredibly hot like, he just strolls in with his quiet demeanor and cute face, casually solves the crime and slays all the viewers asses. Did you see when he almost immediately noticed and identified with the hand sanitizer and lipstick stained pillow?? lol he was bound to solve this, as a neat freak this was perfect for him. His logical thinking and the way he presented his arguments is so SO ATTRACTIVE, and the way he wasn’t swayed easily from his conclusions. His stare is so hot like he still gives off this aura of authority, even though he’s obviously younger than the ones that were trying to convince him otherwise. Then to top it all off, he didn’t get mad or anything when jang dongmin said certain words to him, he just brushed it off then calmly told him to apologize later lol. Minseok stans are you ok?? istg idk how this man just keeps slaying me the more i see of him. All these types of minseok is becoming too much, but CS2 minseok, intelligent, searching for something on the floor while flaunting my tight ass in dress pants minseok needs to be stopped.