omg that jumper

traffic lights

  • nick: aw who's gonna buy me these saint laurent jumpers?
  • harry, after a week: I bought you saint laurent
  • nick: omg thank you!!! which jumper is it-
  • harry: oh no I meant the whole company
  • nick:
  • harry:
  • nick:
  • harry: I love you

my highschool had wool jumpers and like omg whenever i feel my jumper i get viscerally thrown back into year 10 being all itchy and like….. omfg idk i just….wool is gross

The TV Choice Awards Twitter chat got me thinking about what Patrick & Shelagh’s reactions would be to computers and the internet…

Inspired by this picture.

Bad Boy Portraits (Jack Gilinsky Fluff)

Summary ~ Art class is a great place to meet bad boys

Words ~ 1401

Request ~ Yes

If there is one person that can get under my skin it is Jack Gilinsky. Everyone thinks he is this bad boy with his tattoos and attitude. Everyone knows to stay away from him and ‘fear’ him, that might be why he hates me. I don’t care about him, he may think he is this bad ass but he is just an angry teenager. The student body knows to leave us alone when we get into a fight which mostly likely ends with us screaming at each other. See the thing is I am nothing like Jack I may have a little attitude problem, but other then that we are nothing a like and if you ever want to see that attitude at full capacity just put me and Jack in a room.
It was finally Friday, I was sitting in my last class which was luckily art waiting for the bell to ring. As soon as it did I grabbed my bag trying to run out of the class room but Mrs. Tra called me back before I could leave.
“Ms. Y/L/N, you need to hand in your young male portrait on Monday or you fail this class” She said looking at her journal.
“I don’t really have any males that can pose for me”
“Really, No brothers”
“Not near me”
“Yeah that’s funny”
“Okay I will settle for an older gentleman, maybe your dad”
“If you can find him I will kill him and then draw his corpse” I said crossing my arms.
“Oh okay well…….em….. I have to talk to another student he has to draw a female, so if he doesn’t have anyone you can draw each other”
“Okay” I shrugged.
“Okay take a seat over there and I will call him in”
“Jack you can come in now” She shouted slightly, my head snapped up to see the walking ego, stroll in. As soon as are eyes met he stopped.
“Why is she here?” He said sitting down in his seat.
“Mr. Gilinsky have you finished your female portrait?”
“No I can’t find any girls that want to be drawn”
“Okay well you will be drawing Y/N and she will be drawing you”
“What? No!” We both said at the same time.
“You can work out the details of what time and where, I have to get home” She smiled and went to leave.
“I am not working with her”
“I am not working with him”
“Okay then you both fail my class and stay back a year together” She smiled walking out of the classroom. He didn’t say just got up and left once Mrs. Tra was out of sight. I quickly got up and followed him.
“Hey Gilinsky” I shouted down the fall, we were definitely the last students in the school.
“What?” He said turning around.
“I get it you don’t like me, I don’t like you either, but I need to draw you. I can’t stay back here for another year, I’m so close to getting the hell out of here”
“Why this is probably as good as it gets for you” He laughed.
“Whatever man, I’ll just google Tumblr guys and draw one of them” I said walking away. I hurried out of the school plugging my headphones in. I felt a tap on the shoulder and I turned to see Jack.
“What? Have you thought of a better insult?” I said taking my headphones out.
“No, I came to ask if what time I should come to your house”
“My house…em…..can we just go to yours?”
“Sure, give me your phone” I gave him my phone and he typed his number in. “I’ll text you my address, you can go change out of your little perfect school uniform and meet me there”
“Whatever” I walked home and got into some comfortable clothes and looked at Ashton’s text. I grabbed my art stuff and skated over to his house. I knocked on the door waiting for him to answer.
“Well hello there” He smirked.
“So I was thinking about my drawing and I definitely want to do a nude portrait” He laughed.
“Keep dreaming, do you want to draw me first or…” I asked.
“Yeah sure sit down”
“Do you want to draw me a type of way other then naked”
“What do you mean?” He said confused.
“Well do you want me to look right at you? Or off to the side? Will I sit cross legged or straight legged? What way do you wanna draw me?” I explained.
“Oh okay, em like this” He started directing me into position until he was happy.
“Why is your house so warm?” I asked pulling off my jumper.
“Omg Y/N, are they tattoos?” Jack asked shocked.
“What the fuck! You all of all people have tattoos”
“Yea, I guess we are more alike then you think. Are you going to start drawing or what”
“Yeah I guess” He started to work on his portrait looking from the page to me. I stayed still looking up at him. I started looking at his died blue hair which he thought made him look tough I thought made him look cute and his black eyebrow bar looked absolutely amazing against his tanned skin. I liked the way his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, his hazel brown were gorgeous. Half way through him drawing my phone started ringing and he laughed at my ringtone, showing off his gorgeous white teeth.
“Can I answer it?” I asked not moving position.
“Can I answer it and put it on loud speaker” He asked I nodded and he got my phone out of my bag.
Hey Y/N
Hey mum
When are you coming home?
I don’t know we aren’t done the first portrait yet.
We? Who are you with?
My art partner
Is he a friend?
Not really
Yeah it figures I knew you had no friends
Yeah mum. What did you want any way
I need to borrow some cash
I don’t have any money mum
Yeah but you have that lovely guitar, I know that might go for some money
You better stay the fuck away from that guitar
That is no way to speak to your mother
I don’t care If you fucking touch that guitar I swear to God.
Whatever its not worth the hassle, its just some old piece of wood
She hung up, and I let out a deep breath.
“Sorry you had to hear that” I sighed.
“It’s okay” Jack said walking back to the portrait.
“Do get along with your mum?” I asked.
“Yeah I am really close with my family, what about your dad, where is he?”
“Your guess is as good as mine” I sighed. “But he was smart not to stay, my mum is nut job and as soon as I get a chance I will follow in his foot steps and get the fuck out of here”
“Okay I’m done” He smiled getting up I got up too.
“Can I see it” I asked.
“Yeah of coarse” I walked around to see the picture. It was absolutely beautiful.

“Wow” I gasped. “You make me look so pretty”
“You are pretty” He whispered, I looked up at him smiling slightly at his comment. “Your beautiful” He said leaning down and closing the gap between us. Are lips met and it was perfect. His lips were soft and they fit with mine like a jigsaw piece. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he ran his hands up my sides. We pulled away breathless.
“I like you Y/N”
“But we always fight, and shout at each other, you always pick on me”
“I don’t know if you have noticed but not a lot of girls want to talk to me, you are the only girl that actual wasn’t afraid of me, so I annoyed you because the more annoyed you were the more attention I got”
“Well that is stupid, but it is also kind of romantic” I laughed. “I think I like you too” I sighed placing my lips back on his. He pulled away smiling.
“So are you sure you don’t want that naked portrait?”

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Calum Hood appreciation post

okay so i have gathered you here to talk to you about the one and only calum thomas hood

first of all id like to discuss cuddly calum

his jumper omg

literally looks like the best hugger ever 



can i lie next to you please

another jumper!!!

warning: fetus


now moving on to his damn aRMS

umm how

calum hood or the rock the world may never know

literally hOW


also his tongue always seems to make an appearance


like seriously put it away

calum fgs



last but not least stage calum







thank you for listening to my presentation on Calum Hood i hope you enjoyed

(((none of the pictures are mine i found them on twitter bye i love calum hood)))