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Imagine you're Gray and Zach's older sister and went to visit the park, but then you started to work with Owen... - Part 1

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: Anon

Part 2 here

It had been years since the last time you and your brothers saw your aunt Claire. Gray don’t even remembered how she looked like in person. So, your parents had an idea: spend the summer vacation on the island where your aunt worked. Only the three of you.
*beep, beep* You heard it and looked at the window. Your little brother was at the driver’s seat honking to rush you. You went downstairs with your bags. You aproached the car, and look at Zach and his girlfriend. That girl didn’t want to let him go. You rolled your eyes.
“Hey c'mon tiger, we need to go!” You said openning the car’s door.
“Zach, please!” Gray shouted. He was really excited.  
“Coming…” Zach said and finally get in the car. Your parents drove you to the aeroport.
“Take this sweetie. You’re the most responsible here!” Your mom handed you your tickets. After that you said goodbye to your parents and you walked into the plane. You pulled up Zach’s hood and took his headphones out.
“Zach please stay close to me. I don’t want to be your babysitter. You’re 16 for god sake!” You gave him a threatening look. But he ignored you.
You said that because a couple years ago your brother ran-away and you spent hours trying to find him. Unlike Zach, Gray was mature for his age and never gave you problems.
Your younger brother were a dinosaur enthusiastic. His room was a sanctuary. The walls were covered with dinosaur pictures. All the toys were dinosaurs. Even the sheets and pillow were with dinosaurs.
He didn’t shut up all the entire way: in the plain, boat and even in the monorail. You glanced at Zach. He was socializing with two girls. Boys will always be boys.

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He is playing to original GN’R song! That could mean that he will be back in GN’R. He rocks, best drummer ever! <3

I decided to draw a pic of your sans doll in my style and I like how it came out 😄 sorry about the background, I had no clue what to make it tbh