omg that acting almost killed me

Park Hyungsik Acting Appreciation Post

Hot damn, Park Hyungsik just kills me in SWDBS [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon].. I mean, how did our precious guy go from this:

Adorable Jo Myungsoo from Heirs

To this arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk?

Arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk from SWDBS

Like? How omg he’s just so handsome.. Just the two characters are almost polar opposites if you look at the visuals above.. that’s what i call great acting (though i like fall in love with main leads and second leads like a lot.. lol) 




Fan girl 4: I WISH I WAS ELEVEN.

Me: Uh, Will almost got killed. Without him this plot wouldn’t be possible. Not to mention his acting was the best out of the lot.

Fan girl 1: BUT MILEVEN.

Fan girl 2: ELEVEN.

Fan girl 3: I WANT A MIKE.

Fan girl 4: LET ME BE ELEVEN.

Me: I’m done trying.

~♡Suga’s Dating Timeline♡~

Request: Could you do a BTS dating timeline like you did with Big Bang?

~ This is just my own personal opinion~

How long he takes to ask you out:

Here’s the thing about Yoongi, I think he’s the type that doesn’t fall in love often. However, when he does fall in love, he’d fall hard. Despite Yoongi’s cold or standoffish exterior he usually gives off, I think he has quite the soft heart. Once in a relationship, I think he’d be very romantic. Hmm, now actually getting to a relationship LOL…let’s see…personally, I don’t think Yoongi is the type to ask you out immediately after taking interest. Just like everyone, Yoongi  would fear rejection and the chance of embarrassing himself so he’d wait and test the waters until he was certain that you had feelings for him as well. So how long he takes to be sure that his feelings were being reciprocated, I think depends on you?

How long he takes to post a picture of you or with you on social media after having your relationship gone public:

Due to Yoongi having a habit of disappearing completely from social media, I think it’d take him a few weeks if not months after a public statement had been made. He wouldn’t be obvious about it though, like the first pic he’d probably post of you wouldn’t even really be all of you. Like your leg would be in the background or you’d be sitting beside him not facing the camera. 

How long he takes to hold your hand:

I think Yoongi would really like skinship so long as it wasn’t public. In public, I think he’d keep it pretty modest. So holding hands would be perfect for when you went out together. I feel like Yoongi would casually hold your hand out of nowhere and not make a big deal out of it, as he’d probably find it natural. He’d probably hold your hand some time on your first date and there’s a chance you may have not even noticed since it’d be so casual. 

How long he takes to kiss you for the first time:

Your first kiss would be a spur of the moment type of thing. It’d be unplanned and it’d just happen naturally whenever it did. For example, you might be pouting after he’s mercilessly teased you and something would just possess him to lean over and give you a quick kiss and act like nothing happened, even thought he’d probably be flustered himself. 

How long he takes to make out with you:

I think he’d probably already have made out with you by the 2nd week? Like I said, I think Yoongi would really be into skinship so long as it wasn’t in public. 

How long he takes to have sex with you:

Um um um… for some reason I can see him waiting just a few weeks? He’d obviously wait until you were ready. The last thing he’d want is to push you to do soemthing you weren’t ready to do yet.  I also feel as Yoongi views sex as something normal to do in a loving relationship. So it’d probably become very frequent in your relationship especially after you’ve both said “I love you.”

How long he takes to propose:

Yoongi would need to be very sure of your relationship. I think he’d be hesitant too due to the career path he’s chosen. Like I think he’d put off proposing for awhile only because, he’d want to reach a point in his career where he’d be able to spend more time with you and your future family. However, by the time you actually got married you two would already probably act like a married couple, like no one would be able to tell the difference aside from a ring. He’d be incredibly happy though, to be finally be able truly call you his and know that he was going to spend the rest of his life with the person he loved by his side. 


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omg this almost killed me to write…i basically just wrote my own death :( yoongi hurts me…he’d make such a sweet boyfriend and i cry 😭😭😭  anyways, thank you admin k for helping me with the public picture part<3 I hope you all enjoy!!! 

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Ed: “Help Jon! There’s a spider in the bedroom! Please kill it!” Jon: *picks up the spider* Ed: “omg thanks, now get it out, it horrid” Jon: *throws the spider into Ed’s shirt*

Lawl and Edward freaks out and Jonathan just whips out a pen and paper out writing down notes while going “interesting”


Jon: Because you are quite intriguing to watch my dear.

Ed:*instantly calms down while smoothing out his clothes and hair and smirks while acting like nothing happened* Intriguing you say? I mean I know that I am but hearing it from you is always a pleasant surprise. Anything else?

Jon: Yeah your face is hideous *walks away as Edward screeches*

IKON when their crush is looking sexy

These are kinda similar so im going to combine them. The sexy theme? You (their crush) looking sexy? okay~ 



Staring and smiling but trying to act normal.

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Most obvious staring. Almost drooling. Nodding in approval.

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Totally enjoying your sexiness. Being cheeky about it.

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Shooting you bullets of love and keeps winking at you.

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Loving it. Trying to conceal his grin but failing miserably.

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Would want lost of skinship. Lots of kisses. Non stop smiles

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“Still not as sexy as me” (This gif kills me)

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iridepowder replied to your post: so it’s like almost 10 pm and i just g…

Seriously like omg no way, I can’t believe a #MAN was on the stairs. Like seriously I would seriously like omg be so omg so scared. Like seriously he could like seriously wake up and like OMG kill #you.

like are you trying to make fun of me here because I’m not going to act like a drunk passed out grown man couldn’t possibly pose a threat to me?? I’m 5′3, I’m little and have no muscle. Like he’s a grown ass man, a stranger who is suspiciously passed out in a stairwell, I don’t know this man, I don’t know his background, I don’t know if he has issues, I don’t know if he is stable. Shut the fuck up. I’m gonna watch out for myself, you can be reckless and get fucked.