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Alright, so I know all of these things seem a bit weird, especially separately. But, well, I finally got that apartment, and I asked for three sets of keys. One for me. One for Ward. And one for you, so you can drop by whenever you want, even if I’m not there to see you.

The toothbrush is for when you might just want to stay overnight, no, we don’t have to have sex. I’m just thinking some good breath in the morning might be preferable to anything else?

The hanger is for, obviously not a bunch of clothes, but if you ever wanted to leave something over, I’d hang it in the closet for you. No walk of shame?

Finally, the picture is so, even if you aren’t with me when I’m sleeping, you’ll still see my sleeping face. It might be my most handsome face. But really, it’s so you’ll never forget about me, no matter where you are, and whenever you look at that picture I want you to know how much I love you, and in that sleeping moment, I’m dreaming about you.

I love you Mary MacDonald, and I hope your birthday is fantastic.

PS: Don’t tell my mates I did this, I think I’ll lose my man card.

PPS: Actually, I’m not sure if I actually care.

PPPS: I love you.

I don’t even know what I say to all of that, but it’s the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. And at the risk of inflating your wonderful, fantastic, amazing boyfriend ego I just… it’s perfect. No need to worry, your secret sappy moment is safe with me. I love you too, Doc. It’s perfect.