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Hi! @gottashipitall I’m your secret santa for @xmas-usukexchange2016​!!!

I’m sorry that I’ve made you wait this long but I hope that you will like the gift! I choose to do ‘Omegaverse’ Prompt since I love Omegaverse too!

I wish you a merry (belated) Christmas and a happy new year!!! Hope next year will be a very nice year to you <3<3<3

PS: This art was inspired from a song ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ which is very classic song for a winter/christmas holiday. I used the twisted lyrics version from the second part of this link. It’s super hilarious and I like it so much but I don’t know why this ^^^ end up this suggestive ….. (sorry, I think because it’s omegaverse so I can’t help it ; w ;)

Happy Birthday @amazingphil!!

Wanted to practice some portraits, so I picked a random youtuber that I could draw to help get back into the swing of it! It just so happened that I picked the precious angel bean that is AmazingPhil! I realized his birthday was coming up and wanted to turn this into a gift for him! Phil is such a delight to watch and he never fails to make me smile, so I hope that if he ever sees this it can make him smile too!   

  • Lance: *jumps out of a cake* Happy Birthday!
  • Keith: I was expecting a girl.
  • Lance: Twenty years we've known each other. And now you don't wanna see me jump out of this cake? You insult me.
  • Keith: *snorts at the disgusted look on lance's face*

Oh boy, I spent a bit more time on this than I expected. But take a look at this eye-sore. Note that each one depicts what the character thinks of the other person! lool I mean their relationship goes deeper than that, but these are the initial impressions and general feelings they have towards each other. 

The guy on the upper right of the diagram hasn’t been introduced yet, so that’s why there’s no name atm, plus besides Rein, Cerys, and Gio, mystery oc doesn’t really have much thoughts on the others. And also Micah’s thoughts are when he’s fully awake, when he’s half-asleep, he’s not really– thinking much lmao he just wants warmth and comfort.

Kii isn’t included bc he’s not part of this story. Plus he has no real relationships with another person. I also didn’t include Zaira bc while she is part of this story, she’s the leader of a different team, so her main connection is with Rein.

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So, I heard you need it a distraction and I love me some Tim Drake. Could I have a request where some of the lines are. "The fate of the world is in your hands" "...yikes" "Sure you don't want to pick the dog? He seems to know what he is doing." 😙😙

You groan in frustration. Damian is running around the chair you’re sitting on, wrapping you up with leftover wrapping paper. You should’ve known babysitting Damian wouldn’t be so easy, but no, you just had to be helpful. You just had to tell Bruce to go on that date and volunteer yourself to babysit. Ugh, you and your big mouth!

Two Hours Ago

You stared at Damian, the little boy looking up at you with wide blue eyes. His stare was relentless and gleeful, and he smiled so wide, you thought it’d split his face in half if it weren’t for his adorable chubby cheeks.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine babysitting Damian?” Bruce asked, ruffling Damian’s hair as the boy played in his pen.

Is it too late to change my answer? you wanted to snark, but decide against it and instead smile. “Yeah, I’m sure! The boys and Cass are coming home soon anyway, right? They’ll help me.”

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“you never walk alone”
ft. jikook

(( their outfits were based on the global vlive top 10 ))

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Give me book recommendations

Young Adult

New Adult/Contemporary

Fantasy/Historical Fiction

Fiction and Mystery


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Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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