omg sun i can't



“ 홉이가 생일 선물로 준 검은색 비닐봉지를 입고… 도촬 그만 하라구 호석아;;;; “

i ship yoonseok so hard that i’m crying over this (mentally)


                               For everyone, I’m out to prove wrong, you keep the light on
                                       The only one, you know me better than the truth
                              So, despite what I’ve done, I pray to God that we can move on
                            Cause thus far you are the best thing that this life has yet to lose

bap + greek mythology: jongup as Apollo

apollo has been variously recognized as a god of truth, prophecy, healing, the sun and the light, poetry, and more.

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“That sounds like a bad idea. I’m in.” (from flynn)

@theywascoronas ; flynn / non-romantic fluff

               “ If you’ve got a better idea, then share it. She glances over the edge of the building with only a hint of urgency ; it’s a long way down and she’s sure as hell not letting him get caught today. Fingers squeeze the trigger and the grappling hook catches the side nicely, though it’s just a distraction from what’s going to come next - only one way down and they’ll be forced to go together. There’s nervousness in the way she turns over the device in her hands, though she’s not sure if this is the kind that she wants to avoid.  Come on ; we’ve got to go.

What if at a festival or concert, after Patrick and the rest of Fall Out Boy are done with the last song, Patrick flips his guitar and raises it. on the back side of the guitar, there’s a big note in bold letters that says; “it’s a boy/girl!”