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Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

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i want to be friends with you and any other aizawa lovers but i don't know any besides you because i follow your main blog so this blog was recommended to me and i am shy and don't know how to start conversation can i be friends with you and do you know any other aizawa freaks

My first thought when I read this was, “Omg… this anon is so cute. They must be protected.” Lmao, I had no idea that people knew my main blog.

I like how you call us “Aizawa freaks” rather than fans. LOL, I don’t know too many Aizawa blogs, but @saltizawa is one of my favorite ones to scroll through these days. 

@d-lynx and @eraserheacl are also pretty crazy about the trash bag, too. I’ve only talked to them a bit, but they’re cool people (for lack of a better term lmao) so if you hit them up, I’m sure they’d be happy to talk about Aizawa with you. And I’m always around too. I think about the trash bag 24/7 so if you want to talk about him with me, my private messages are always open.

I think the fandom is generally pretty chill. If you run into any trouble, tell me who I have to fight for you.

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jeremy and christine have weekly movie nights just the two of them. christine brings movie adaptations of musicals and complains about how the stage version was better. jeremy brings shit like attack of the killer tomatoes. they make jokes about the awkward 2 weeks they dated frequently

thats so cute omg……jeremy and christine as best friends is why im alive

@oflegendaries  // starter call

               “ you’re here! ” eleanor greeted the empress with a wide grin. it wasn’t like her arrival made for a surprising turn of events; despite adhara’s busy schedule, she always made time to go see her. perhaps it was merely eleanor’s insecurities acting up, still feeling somewhat fearful of this new power she carried. adhara was really the only one who understood her, after all. swiftly did she rise from the rock she had been sitting on, rushing to the other’s side. slender hands took hold of adhara’s eagerly, flashing her a warm smile. “ shall we train again today? or do you wish to do something else? ”

“So…how long have you two been together?”

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Kiawe has like a higher body temperature than usual, which makes him the perfect cuddler during cold nights. maybe some hcs of a s/o that sometimes straight up hugs him for that delicious warmth? bonus points it s/o did it in front of Kiawe's friends. tysm!

this is so cute omg

- no one is sure why he’s so warm. maybe he just saps up the heat from his pokemon and the volcano? no one knows, but no one cares to worry abt it
- during the colder months (or if you’re on Mount Lanakila) he’ll allow you to cling as long as no one he doesn’t know well is around
- a few other people like to cling to him too (like lana and mallow), so don’t be surprised if you’re all huddled up to him like a penguin pile for warmth sometimes
- during cold nights, like when yall are about to go to sleep, he loves when you snuggle up because he’s so warm (won’t admit it tho)
- have his pokemon join u for extra effect during the night

My blog as it pertains to Sam/Cait and Outlander

I hope whatever this is about to say makes any sense. I’m running on an hour of sleep, a lot of caffeine, and happiness about my favorite team and three people I consider friends winning a race last night/early this morning. 

But here it is:

I am a shipper. I ship Sam and Cait together. I don’t know what a “super shipper” is. I’m not sure why “anti shipping” is a thing. I think “truthers” are absolutely bananas which I will discuss further down. For me, I am a shipper. What does that mean? It means I look at Sam and Cait together and go, “Damn, I hope they’re together because could two people be any cuter together? I think fucking not.” Do I think they’re ACTUALLY together? I don’t know. I’m about 75% sure on that. Some days, I’m 90% sure. Other days, I think, “Nope, not together.” But mostly, I think maybe they are. But mostly, as a shipper, it means I hope they are. It means I find them cute together. It means I think they should get married and have babies because their children would be hella beautiful. It means I think they have chemistry outside of what’s normal for two costars. It means I squee whenever they have banter on social media.  All shipping means is that you hope two people are in a relationship. 

Shipping is not exclusive to real life people. It’s also not exclusive to fandom. If you can honestly look me in the eye and tell me you’ve never tried to set up your coworker Gary with your neighbor Anne then you’re an exception, not the rule. If you’ve never watched two of your friends together and thought, “OMG, they would be so cute together. Why can’t they just figure out they’re perfect for each other?”, then again, you’re the exception, not the rule. In real life, we call it matchmaking. Except that’s a lame term and I prefer shipping now.

Why would anyone be against shipping? How does it hurt you? Seriously. How the fuck does it hurt you whether or not people hope two people are together? If you’re an “anti shipper” and then turn around and go, “Oh, but Sam and Abbie are PERFECT together”, then you’re a shipper. End of story. You’re just not a shipper of Sam and Cait. That’s cool. That’s like people liking Frank over Jamie. They’re wrong and they’re potentially stupid, but it’s cool. To each his own. But don’t call yourself an “anti shipper” if you’ve ever shipped Sam with anyone.

Oh, and hey, if you don’t want to ship either of them with anyone, if you want to stay out of their private lives, that’s cool, too. Just don’t be a dick about it. Don’t be mean. Don’t attack. Don’t be an asshole. It doesn’t hurt you. It doesn’t change your life.

Which brings me to the “truthers”. As much as I sometimes think the shipper camp goes too far (Audi Q5-gate), there will never be a day where I think the shippers are crazier than the truthers. You know the truth? Really? Sam sat down and told you his life story and told you that he’s a giant manwhore? Told you that he’s been having a fuckbuddy relationship with some blonde girl who goes to the gym with him? Told you about his sad and tragic love story with Abbie? SAM told you that? Cait must have told you about Tony, too. She came over, you guys opened a bottle of wine, and she talked about boys with you. She told you that Tony is the love of her life and she just hates when people ship her with Sam? She told you that she’s playing all of us when she calls him hubby and compliments his ass? CAIT told you that? 

I didn’t think so. A delusional woman who claims to have “sources” who have been wrong about 10005 times is not Sam or Cait. A woman who has been blocked from Twitter numerous times is not Sam or Cait. If you want to follow her, that’s up to you, bro. I think it’s a stupid idea, but fuck, what do I know? If you really want to believe her pile of attention-seeking shit, then by all means, believe it. But don’t call yourself “truthers” because until Sam and Cait give you that information, you don’t know any more than shippers do. And stop being assholes.

I’m a shipper. I really hope Sam and Cait are together. I’m not always sure of it, but in the end…it’s not the highest thing on my list of priorities. My health, my dog, my personal life, racing…those things are pretty damn high up on my priorities. Whether or not two celebrities are together and about to get married? Somewhere near the bottom. But let me explain something…it’s a nice distraction from the other stuff. Shipping is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be sexy. As long as there aren’t spouses or children involved, have at it. Because it’s a nice distraction from the day to day shittiness. So stop shitting on the people who do it. There’s no point.

Isn’t there enough cruelty in the world without you hiding behind your keyboard or phone and attacking people who are just trying to have a good time?

Happy Kaisoo Day!

Happy 22nd Birthday to Do Kyungsoo and Happy 21st Birthday to
Kim Jongin! May this year be filled with more joys and greater

EXO hwaiting~!!! 
  • me: *shows friends the slsp video*
  • friend: omg they're so cute!!
  • friend: why didn't they take their pants off in the end!
  • me: you don't know them enough to be in their pants
  • friend: ...
  • me: the facebook page got TAKEN DOWN BC MICHAEL'S DICK TOO BOMB