omg such a baby


episode 2….. u mean my funeral

so I’ve sunken some Time today into thoughts for the kylux kids (if they were ever to have kids in a future fic..hmmm) and here’s what I came up with!

I think kylux would have three kids:

The firstborn would be a girl named Dana, the second would be a boy named Solan and the third would be another girl named Koralia.

I don’t have much reason behind my choice of Dana (besides the fact that Dana Hux or Dana Ren sounds awesome), but Solan was chosen bc of the ‘sol’ part of the name, referring to hux and his starkiller (because it’s totally something hux would do like to name his kid after his engineering project lmao).

But Koralia definitely has the most angst behind the name, as it’s a derivative of Corellia, the certain home planet of a certain someone :’( it’s terribly angsty but I think in a good way!

I don’t have much developed beyond these facts, but I can’t wait to think more about these kids!

Oh, and on a side note, I’ve come up with a name for the mitaka/cassini kid who will appear in a future fic *wink wink*

Her name is Nithya, continuing the mitaka family tradition of naming kids with either an N or a D (and cassini being cassini does Not want to continue with the Imperial tradition of naming kids after past Imperial leaders lmao)

Idk why I’m in the kidfic mood but I am!! And it feels great!! :D


it’s seung gil lee’s birthday!! he makes a new friend <3


tried to draw some of my favourite bnha babies (and ships ahah) for the first time! somebody teach me how to draw kiri’s hair pls

god, this is so self indulgent but my friend and i were talking about male belly dancers.. and…….

also! bonus yuri: