omg stoppppp

So like.... Cuddling Jimin?

No but wait… Imagine coming home late from work and being surprised to see jimins taking up the entirety of your bed because he just got back from tour and you couldn’t be happier that he didn’t tell you because the day would have so much longer than it already was and its like he senses your presence and just lazily lifts the one arm that’s not wrapped around the pillow to motion you over to him and you almost cry because jimins cute groggy voice is all you need in life. And you finally crawl into bed after you’ve discarded most of what you wore to work not caring what you look like or how tired you are because jimins pulling himself into you because he secretly loves to be cradled by you because he’s so smolllll and precious like omg spooning Jimin stoppppp anyway he like can’t get enough of being close to you and starts playing with your hair but not like softly, this boys hands are gripped into your scalp like he’s trying to hold on for dear life and you just rest your chin on his head drawling circles into his back and releasing all the tensions that’s been building up. And it’s not sexual (this time) but he starts kissing your collar bone up to your neck in-between asking how your day was but you just say “it was alright” and “it doesn’t matter now-” and he’s worried that he’s not giving you enough attention but you seriously just don’t want anything to interrupt the moment- no distractions just him humming parts of your favorite songs slowly singing you to sleep but you fight it so desperately because God he looks like an angle all wrapped up in you and he knows it so he laughs like a child and you try to push him away out of fun but he takes the opportunity to crawl up the bed and cradled you instead and now you’re kissing his collar bone and up his neck and you couldn’t think of one place you’d rather be.