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Y'all I am SHOOKETH @xmorticiansdaughterx cosplayed mafia au today and I got to meet him and let me just say I’m so grateful and happy 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥you two were perfect I can never thank you enough OMMMMG


You’ve seen me do Villain!Deku so how about some Hero!Tenko? Tomura’s quirk would honestly be so good for rescue missions since he can deteriorate rubble and fallen debris! Also his quirk can definitely help save on after math of battles and quicken collateral damage clean up!

Neave came up with Dee-K cause it’s like Decay but honestly it reminded me of donkey kong

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet



Detective Nick Valentine emulating Humphrey Bogart.

For sofialamb, redelicebeta, and the rest of the lovelies who are in love with this unromancable dork.

imagine if in until dawn josh’s saw trap prank goes wrong and the tracks accidentally go towards ashley. then josh runs out from behind the wall and grabs ashley by her feet and holds her above the saw, and its just buzzing beneath her. shes hysterically crying, chris is screaming “wtf” and josh is just panicking, telling chris to “turn it off”, and the room is just filled with everyone all yelling at the same time

Kenma’s expressions

I’m often confused how Kenma is shown in the fandom… I don’t really like this idea of him being helpless and fragile ┐(´~`)┌  HEY GUYS KENMA JUST SASSES HIS WAY TROUGH LIFE how else should he be able to put up with Kuroo’s shit? ಠ◡ಠ

The Maffia AU

inspired by the wonderful suit art by @cindersart

I don’t even know, the art gave me maffia vibes an then i was up at 2 am writing this and it’s not even finished or anything you don’t even get a hint of the whole plot i thought out but anyway here it is maybe ill write more…one day

Nico was starving. There had been a problem with their table and now, after waiting for about an hour, they were finally assigned their seats. Will didn’t stop fidgeting. Nico didn’t know why, but his boyfriend seemed very nervous.

“Thanks for taking me out. It’s been ages since I ate real Italian food.” Nico said, grabbing Will’s hand across the table.

Will’s smile lit up the whole room, and in some cheesy way, also Nico’s heart

A waiter came up to them. He stared at their intertwined hands for a moment, before remembering his job and getting out his notepad.

“And what can I get these two gentlemen tonight” he asked while clicking his pen

Will let go of Nico’s hand and ordered penne all'arrabbiata and a bottle of Chianti Colli Aretini. Nico raised an eyebrow at him. Will usually was more of a vodka guy, but being at a fancy restaurant probably made him re-evaluate his taste. Nico finally managed to get his eyes off his beautiful boyfriend and turned to the waiter to make his order. The waiter didn’t really give him a chance to do so, though, dropping his notepad in surprise.

Nico scowled at the man. Was there something on his face?

Meanwhile, the waiter started rambling excuses in Italian while picking up his notebook.

Signore, si calmi, la prego” Nico couldn’t help himself anymore, the Italian just got out.

The man started freaking out even more. Nico was slowly losing his chill. He wanted some food, gods damn it! “Stop freaking out!” He said in English this time. “Yeah I’m gay. I’m also very hungry, so if you’d let us order please?”

The man looked very confused now. He slowly nodded, but the twinkle of excitement didn’t leave his eyes. Nico ordered a spaghetti.

The spaghetti came with a group of men wearing sunglasses and crisp suits. Nico sighed. Just one evening. He should have known his day would be crashed by monsters. Will gave him a nod, signalling that he was ready to fight and flight. Nico mushed back his chair and got up, but the waiter immediately came up to him saying “Nonono signore do not leave yet”

Nico looked around the room for potential shadow-exits. When Will got out a dagger, the men immediately got their guns out and pointed them at him “Please signore, we just want to talk” the waiter reassured them.

“Maybe you shouldn’t point a gun to his head then!?” Nico argued.

“No guns, just talk, please sir” the waiter repeated, and the men put away their guns.

“I guess this is our best option? ” Will suggested. Nico sat back down. “Okay. You have three minutes”


This 3D audio freaked me the fuck out. Omg i am still shaking a bit. I was SO REALISTIC.

So i was fixing my headphones, and i thought i’d search for a headphone test…. but i wasn’t expecting this. For the full effect i pulled my beanie over my eyes and i was laughing so much it was awesome. What an experience…

What you have to do:

  1. Put on headphones.
  2. Turn the volume all the way up
  3. Cover your eyes so you can’t see
  4. Enjoy the ride

I don’t post pictures of our older girl Andy (she’s 13!) too much these days. For one, she lives alone in the guest room - and has for almost two years now - because she can’t get along with Edward and Oswald. So we let her out for long stretches while we lock up the other two, but even when she’s out, she doesn’t really pose for photos anymore. Cranky old lady.

But today when Steve went to give her lunch, he caught her like this. I’m sure she was just comfy as hell because we had the good bedding on, rather than her typical torn up comforter, so we could show off the room to guests yesterday. But omg how freaking adorable. Her entire back end splayed out. Somehow still tiny cute dainty like the little queen she is.

  • me: hey there's this word "asexual" and this other word "aromantic" and i'm pretty sure they describe me bc i don't feel sexual or romantic attraction... just thought you should know haha
  • some kid: ok cool... now look at this hot guy omg how do you not find him sexually and romantically attractive