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Make-up artist Pt. 3

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You had just received a video of Peter freaking out over the new suit Tony Stark had sent him. It had been about a month since he had first told you and you two couldn’t be closer.

Y/N: That’s so freaking awesome! I told you you needed a makeover, clearly me and Stark are on the same brainwave ;)

Peter: Oh, so you’re a genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist (his words, not mine)? yeah, nobody is on the same level as him :0

Y/n: well, I am one of those things.

Peter: well if you’re a billionaire, that’s cruel not sharing your fortune with me :(

Y/N: fuck you, you know I’m broke.

Y/N: and I’m a genius, idiot.

Peter: yup you’re a genius idiot alright ^_^

Y/N: oh hush up bug boy *intensely rolls eyes*

Peter: *Rolls them back to you*

Y/N: nerd.

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Lapdance (Cheryl x Reader)

Prompt: Could you do Cheryl x female reader but like at a party the reader is dared to give Cheryl a lap dance and it goes from there?

Song I used: Buttons by the Pussycat Dolls

A/N: I would have had this out earlier but I had a bit of a spider situation (OMG IT WAS SO BIG HOLY SHIT RIP) Anyways, this is one of my first fics like this so please bare with me and let me know what you think!


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Lapdance (Cheryl x Reader)

It all started with Reggie opening his mouth.

Cheryl had made us all play “Never have I ever” and the topic of Lap dances came up.

“(Y/n) gives the best lapdances holy shit.” He raises his drink your way as you roll your eyes. The rest of the room cheers to that.

Then it came out.

“I’ve never had one before.” Cheryl’s rang through the room.

“Dude. (Y/n), You should give her a lapdance.” One of the other jocks suggested.

Her face went bright red to match her hair as you instruct Reggie to bring you a chair.

“You’re in for a treat, Blossom.” You whisper to her as you push her into the seat.

The room cheers you on when your song comes on.

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