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Admins's favorite fic in 2016!

omg sorry for the long wait!!! this took us half a year bcos it was waaaay tougher than we thought 😅 so most of us have more than one fic, hope it’s ok!

Admin Y: 

If My Yesterday is a Disgrace - (parallel universe au) i’m always impressed by w-anderingheart’s writing, but this fic surpassed all expectations. it’s an incredibly poignant work and broke my heart one hundred times over. 

Admin H: 

Quicksand - both ksoo and jongin are authors! (and rivals) i loved the plot, it’s simple and easy to read but the way the author had written it…touched a nerve (in a good way) so ksoo had troubles with writing and the conflicts/thoughts that he had rly spoke out to all the writers out there. and jongin, ‘his enemy’ indirectly helps him out and their relationship is the cutest!!

Steady Now - this was one of the best slowburn fics ive read in 2016 and oh my gosh, zerrin is brilliant. i’m a sucker for slow burn and this monster fic (69k) managed to capture everything, romance, fluff, a bit of comedy and angst. basically ksoo wants to save his orphanage from being bought (tada by jongin’s company) and he befriends jongin bc of that so go figure ;)

Admin J:   

The Loneliest Place to Be - poet/writer + model, friends with benefits au, the poems were the highlight sobs i love ;u; I admire strange-seas a lot and her works were the ones that left a deep impression on me when I started reading fics thus when she came with a new fic in 2016 I already knew I’d be a goner :)))

Smile - one of the best hurt comfort fics I’ve read and their love is just…goals. soo suffers from ptsd and doesn’t feel worthy enough for jongin but jongin loves him unconditionally *^* I came across this when I was randomly checking the tags on AO3 and i consider it as the discovery of the year lol  .

Wildflower - tattoo artist/florist au, idk but this fluff is just my style! i mean kd going on dates, help each other and just being supersoft together? yes pls. honourable mention to sleepydanceur because I think she’s amazing yet so humble and she deserves all the recognition  

Admin I: 

aberration - hs!au with photographer!soo and dancer!nini, how do i describe my love for this fic except for being ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ every time i so much as think about it :’( the writing is so beautiful, i love the imagery and i just love the way the story develops. definitely one of the best of 2016!! 

dust to dust - post-apoc!au, the actual best post-apocalyptic fic i’ve ever read, ever. it’s very character based, which i love, especially kyungsoo’s character (and kaisoo’s development will make you cry). i love the hurt-comfort theme as well, it makes the whole thing feel very human~ as an apoc-lover, this fic is v special to me ♡

the third path - medieval!au, fantasy!au, this is definitely my fave fantasy fic i think, it’s so good and honestly speaking, we are blessed to have hojichadust in our fandom. the writing is magnificent and the ending still haunts me :”( 

Admin Q: 

priceless - my all time favourite college!au !!!! written by our lovely booboo, admin Y. As a student who’s main focus is english/literature, I absolutely loved this fic and the areas it covered in relation to how people feel about their majors! I’m kind constantly being told “your exams gonna be easy you just need to analyse a poem” or something like that and it rly upsets me??? bc my friends are the ones saying it but anyway READ THIS FIC!!! i love it and it’s so well written im babbling ok i love how accurately jongin’s emotions are portrayed as an english major being tease;;

tranquil as a forest - Our very lovely Jumpthisship wrote this! (during 10KFR) and I had the honour of being assigned to her and I remember how excited I was after reading her first check-in. Kyungsoo’s ongoing dialogue in his head was so amusing I screamed so many times while reading this. It’s a travelling!AU which i absolutely love! 

mine and yours - by thatweirdo!! Y’ALL this fic was so absolutely beautiful (and filthy ;–))) i loved it so much;;;; It’s a jongkaisoo + doll concept fic and I think those words together should be enough to reel you guys in (-:

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Yay, you're back~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ May I request Kise, Kagami, Imayoshi, Hanamiya and Midorima's reacting to getting a massage from their S/O after playing/winning a game? Thank you very much! ♥

I’m so sorry for taking so long omg I’m terrible. But I’m a slowwwwww writer and I wasn’t in my best writing mood. But! Here i have your ask!

Kagami: “So! There were 15 seconds for the match to end, and we managed to score four points, and with that we won! You know! You know [Name] how intense that was! I want to repeat!”
“Okay Taiga, calm down and sit here”.
[Name] took Kagami’s shoulders and forced him to sit on his couch. “I’ll give you a massage now, for you to relax.”
“A w-what?!” The boy got even more nervous, but just until he felt the magical hands of his partner squeezing his shoulders lightly.
“Taiga, you’re really tense, are you ok?”
Kagami tried to breathe deeply a couple times while he became a flustered tomato.
And he let them massage him while he relaxed the muscles of his back.

Kise: “[Name]cchi!! I’m so sore! Give me a massage please!!” They meet at their house after Ryouta ended the match. Kise thought that the team they were playing against wasn’t going to be that strong, and it ended up being harder than usual. Still, they won tho.
His partner had been studying until he arrived, already showered and perfumed. He sat on their couch, waiting for them to do the same. Both of they loved pamper the other one, so [Name] didn’t care giving Kise a massage when he was in pain. The boy picked up a pillow from the sofa and put it on his partner’s lap, for then bury his face on it. He waited for [Name] to caress him.
“How I’m supposed to give you a massage if you are lying like this, silly? Besides, where are you sore? Your leg?” Kise only let out a plaintive sigh, so [Name] chuckled and with one hand caressed his neck and with the other, stroked his hair. He didn’t took long to fall asleep.

Midorima: Both of them were sitting around the kotatsu, warming up their legs and having a snack (a healthy one, of course). Midorima was telling them how the match went, and he looked really exhausted. So, when he sighed and tried to stretch a little bit his back muscles, [Name] stood up and went behind him, kneeling in the process.
“What are you doing!?” He seemed really nervous, raising his arms to prevent [Name] to touch him.
“Don’t worry, I’ve washed my hands before” they smiled and grabbed his wrists to leave them again on the table. “Relax”.
The boy was even more tense, and his muscles became more stiff.
“Which part of ‘relax’ you didn’t understand?” And that was when [Name] pressed that point in his back that hurt more than the others. Then he relaxed a bit, letting out a painful groan.
“You know what you’re doing? You’re not a chiropractor nor a physical therapist, I’m not sure if you should be doing this.”
“Midorima shut up.” His partner pecked him on his nape and he was already lost.

Imayoshi: They were hanging out after the game. Imayoshi was acting like always, despite how tired he was. Just when he massaged his shoulder, [Name] was already caressing his shoulder blade, right under where his hand was.
“Does it hurt?”
“Aaah, [Name]-chan you are so attentive…” Imayoshi gave them one of his grim smiles.
“You want me to give you a massage when we get home?”
“Sure”, the captain took them by their wrist and bent down to be at their height “I can’t wait for you to take care of me”.
The way he said that, his voice tone, how he slightly opened his eyes, [Name] was sure that that statement was obscene.

Hanamiya: “It hurts, give me a massage.”
The boy did the same a cat would do, he threw everything that was in front of them and lay down on what was left of their things.
“Makoto, we’ve talked about this, how you should ask?”
“It’s an order.”
[Name] started fondling their hands on the painful area, until they found one that looked particularly painful for him. Resentful, they pressed their hand as hard as they could. Hanamiya jumped and looked at them furious. “You motherfucker, what do you think you’re doing?”
“Next time ask properly.”

My Forever (Newt)


Hey can you make an imagine where Thomas tells the reader that newts dead and OMG I can’t I can’t this to sad I can make it through *deep breath* and he says like e-e-e-every detail a-a-a-aa-a-a-and the reader like dies and her *sobbing* her last w-w-words w-w-were *heavy breathing and heart wrenching sobbing* I can’t wait to see you newt

Submitted by gfbillchipertriangle

(A/N: Thank you for your request! I’m so sorry it took so long to write this one. I’m thinking about making this into another Newt Imagines Series. Also, I’ll let you guys know when I’m going to open requests again :) Just wanna clear the inbox first. I’ll accept up to 10 prompts at a time from now on to make this process much faster.)



“Thomas.” I run to him and my lungs feel as if they’re going to collapse.

He avoids my gaze and continues walking in the opposite direction. Something is wrong I can feel it I’m hoping that I’m wrong. I follow him down the long corridor as he makes his way to his sleeping quarters.

“Thomas!” I scream.

Thomas whips around and scans his surroundings after meeting my gaze. His shirt is covered in what appears to be dry blood.

“Did you find him?”

“Y/N, we should talk about this later.”

“What happened?” I push

He looks at me intently and sighs.


I take a seat on the bed and press my palms into the thin mattress. I can feel the springs straining against my hands at the exact moment when I feel as if my heart stopped beating.

“I found him, Y/N, but I couldn’t bring him back.”

“What do you mean you couldn’t bring him back?! They’re close to finding the cure!”

“Y/N, he didn’t want to come.”

“You should have made him! We have to go back and get him!”

He hands me a note from his pocket and when I flatten it out I see a note from Newt scribbled on it.

“Kill me. If you’ve ever been my friend, kill me.”

“What happened?” I whisper.

“He begged me, Y/N. He didn’t want to hurt any of us. He just wanted to find peace without losing himself.  I begged him to come with me. So he could see you again and we could help him find a cure. Newt kept on rambling about how I owed it to him.”

He took a deep breath.

“He kneeled down in front of me and pressed my gun against his head. Y/N, he really wanted it all to be over. It was like I saw the Newt I knew from the Maze gain control of his body for one last time he needed me to do it. So I did.”

Anger flooded through me as I got up sharply and slapped him hard across the face.

“How dare you?!”

I take a deep breath and exit the room and into my own. The tears are flooding down my face at this point. I tear apart my sheet and wrap the strip around my bare knuckles. Staring at myself through the mirror one last time I bring my arm back and hit it with all of my might.  sending shards of glass scattering across the room. I play around with a big piece trace the edges with my finger tips.

“Hey, Greenie.” A soft voice rang out, “No need to be frightened.”

He steps closer and I scooch back into my corner tucking my trembling knees closer to my chest.

“I’m not going to let any of those bloody shanks touch you. I can promise you that. Now come on if we don’t get out of here we won’t be getting out supplies next week.”

He extends his hand and I hesitantly bring my hand towards his.

It feels like as if a current of electricity has passed through me. I can see that he felt it too, by the way the handsome blonde boy bit his lip and let out a light groan at the contact.

“Names Newt.” He says softly pulling me up.

I miss my footing and I collide into his hard chest. I could feel his strong arms hold me up and he smiles down at me.

“Y–Y/N, that’s my n-name.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. No lets get you out of this box, Y/N,”

The glass is still curled in my hand letting out my strangled cries, nuzzling my head deeper into my pillow.

“You’re so gorgeous.” He mumbles softly into my hair as he cranes his neck slightly to peck the top of my head.

My arms are wrapped around his torso and my breathing is still ragged as I nuzzle into his chest. We were a sweaty mess, tangled into each other.

“I love you.” I whisper and he pulls me closer to him, letting our lips connect.

“My forever.” He whispers back.

I press the sharpest edge deep into the closest artery I could pinpoint. Seeing the rush of crimson flow down my arm caused me to cry out slightly.

“Y/N!” Thomas screamed, “Minho come quick.”

When he runs in he finds Thomas holding my body up and attempting to stop the flow of blood.  Minho rips a piece of his shirt apart and tries his best to stop the bleeding, but at this point it’s to late.

“Newt…I see him…I love you.”

I could feel his warmth embrace me as my body runs cold and Thomas still holding me in his arms.

(A/N #2: Changed up the ending a bit from the prompt. Really hope you guys don’t mind!”

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prompt: Ransom is having a Bad Week and has been super avoiding the Haus for whatever reason. Cue Holster freaking out that Ransom is mad at him, trying to figure out what he did, and then trying to fix EVERYTHING to get his bro back

holy shit ok this might not be what u wanted but here’s almost 2k of anxious pining ransom with a happy ending this was supposed to be a drabble dear god i’ve gotten carried away
warnings for anxiety and mentions of panic attacks
pairing: ransom/holster

Ransom’s logic was this: He was anxious about homework, and he usually did homework at the Haus, so in order to avoid his homework and therefore anxiety, he’d need to stay away from the Haus. Right?

Turned out that was not a very viable plan.

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