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hey guys!! as some of you know, i recently hit 10K woohoo!!! still cant believe it because i just started 2 months agoo ahhhh anyways, to celebrate ive decided to do blog rates! so i can follow more people and show how grateful i am ahhh tysmm

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hi my name is jamie and every time i see someone mention jamie on your blog or even you mentioning it (are they an oc?? i think they are sorry if they aren't!!) i have a very !!!!!! moment before i realize it's Not Me i just wanted to share that

omg jamie is an oc from the video i made!! i am sorry if you dont want to see that content with her i tag it as blamie ;;; sorry for the inconvience, i think jamie is a really pretty name!

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HIIIIIII!@!!!! Just found out yu MET LIAM OMG SJKNKJDNJKD how gorgeous is he???? and oi, what all did he talk about? Did you listen to the song? How long is it and what more are you able to tell us about it? I'm sorry if you've taken questions, I just found out and came running @ your blog. Direct me to the tag if you have if you dont wanna repeat everything. Thanks!!!!

Honestly. Honestly. I’m still in shock from the whole thing. Like okay. You spend the last few years loving and looking on from afar and just wanting nothing more than to meet your fave. And like.. it was perfect. It was wonderful. Like honestly he’s so beautiful like I KNEW HE WAS GONNA BE GORGEOUS BUT IT WAS LIKE SOMEONE LITERALLY TOOK HIM OUT OF A PICTURE AND PUT HIM IN FRONT OF ME. He was so kind. Like I knew he was gonna be nice but it surpassed everything I had thought of. He told me how sweet I was a bunch of times as I was telling him how proud of him I was and like.. listen.. that man is SOFT AND SMOL. You see that red sweater he wore? Dude that thing had to be expensive it was legit soft lmao. Anyway he was so tiny! Like he was way taller than me but still smol and tiny and I’m gushing omg lol He talked a bit about the boys and how things were exciting since they were all putting out their own music. And then he told the ice cream truck story (if you haven’t heard, just go on my blog and go to /tagged/meeting-liam it’s there somewhere). He was all giggly and blushy when they went to play his song that he walked out of the room and was like “I get a bit embarrassed hearing my own stuff.” And honestly my tag above has more on it I’m gonna die if I keep talking I miss him so much lol. The song is SO GOOD. Like you guys going crazy over he previews? Nah. This song is fire. Just wait. Just wait. He’s so talented and deserves all the recognition for this song. Anyway it was amazing and I’m so blessed and thankful for the opportunity. :’)

Put 5 - 10 of your favourite kpop boy/girl groups. Then put your very first bias of that group along with the first mv you saw them in. After that just tag as many people as you want!

Tagged by @kukungie <3<3 Im sorry it took me so long Im a disaster omg

Monsta X - Jooheon - I think it was rush?

Got7 - Jackson - Just right

BTS - Jungkook - Fire

B.a.p. - Yongguk - thats my jam

Red velvet - Seulgi - Ice cream cake

Twice - ???????? - Cheer up

I tag @94chae @sh0wnu @soft-hyungwon @98-xiao @m0nst4x @kihqun @allhailthenerdmage

love at first sight

I was tagged by @sehhunie thank you heather for always tagging me! ♥♥♥ and sorry for always taking so long to do them lmao

rules: you have to put 5 - 10 of your favorite kpop boy/girl groups. then put your very first bias of that group along with the first mv you saw them in. after that just tag as many people as you want!!

I’m going to mark with a * the ones that are still my current biases!

  1. exo – sehun* - well I saw him on their first individual teasers lol but mv… then what is love
  2. snsd – hyoyeon* - gee
  3. bts – jin – no more dream (lmaoooo when I thought he was a badass)
  4. big bang – taeyang – gara gara go!!
  5. shinee – taemin & minho* - replay ♥ (it’s still my fave kpop song)
  6. monsta x – wonho* - trespass
  7. seventeen – mingyu – adore u
  8. pentagon – yeo one – can you feel it
  9. day6 – wonpil – congratulations
  10. sf9 – rowoon – fanfare (lmao he was just my bias for three days…)

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beaella9 replied to your post “Also, @beaella9 Thank you! So much, for getting through all my posts,…”

Can I also just say how I much I appreciate that time when you wrote a reeeeeaaaally long post and then an equally long post in your tags :D

Oh what! Hahah which post was that?
I write too many tags too lol. 
And omg :o 4 pages. Thank you so much for reading all that. 

Yeah, I do feel like Hana and Nia have their own long history together, that seems to destroy themselves and everyone around them.
I do feel like they belong together, but when I have Hana and Kali on the other side it feels so nice. Lol. 

We will see what happens! 
Also I have some looonnnggg filler posts on a bit of their backgrounds just because I’ve been busy with school. So my story stuff is going to slow down a bit. 

BUT, the filler posts no one has to read those.
It adds a little more information but you won’t miss anything. 

why are people like

post: omg i hate usuk!!!11!!! TOTALLY NOTP. I HATE IT, EW. SORRY IF YOU LIKE IT BUT I don’t see the chemistry

tag: #usuk


common fucking sense if you “didn’t want to offend anyone else for not liking your ship :(” is to not tag it. okay? OKAY? obviously, it’s gonna piss and offend some people off because u just put ur hate post right under their noses.


Hi guys to i recently hit 2.1k and i am so happy. I’ve been wanting to do this forever and I’ve finally got around to doing it so here it is:-)  Thank you for accepting me into this amazing family because i dont know where i would be with out you all, you’re all amazing. I love every signe one of my followers. Stay rad! gif credit to ella xx

This will end on my birthday, 16th of April.

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