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This love is good, this love is bad
This love is alive back from the dead
These hands had to let it go free
And this love came back to me

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Things I loved about Sense 8 Season 2.

i NEED A MOMENT TO FUCKING BREATHE. I loved this season. I mean it ended with a massive cliffhanger and we have to wait another fucking year for season 3, but bless. Bless the writers and everyone who took part in this show. It’s amazing. It’s such a good representation to LGBT, and it has SO much diversity. I love it so much, I feel like, each character actually learns from each other ALOT. Like, every little bit and piece is to learn from each other. It’s so fucking good. Anyway, I loved it a lot. I t was good and I just. <3 shout out to Netflix for an amazing Season.

(Also, Korean police carry guns but they don’t really pull them out I believe, unless it’s a super high situation to where the police are in massive danger. Then again, they don’t aim for the chest, but they aim for the leg so they don’t die. So everyone who had a gun that was not police, had an illegal gun. SO FUCK YOU.)


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2. Kala and Wolfgang. OMG. They are so cute together, I just can’t.

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3. The proposal. I honestly did not think it was going to happen. I was like, shit, she’s gonna say something bad, they’re gonna break up, NETFLIX I THOUGH YOU WERE BETTER THAN THIS. - But than, the fucking box and I was like, SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, she gonna PROPOSEEEEE!!!!!

I fucking fell out of my chair and scream. I’m sorry neighbors. 

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4. It was so interesting to see each sensate just randomly being paired with each other, some you probably couldn’t think would be paired and help each other. Like Sun and Lito, I honestly never thought that would be a pairing of them having a private conversation, but I gotta be honest, I love it. Just Lito being a baby and Sun making him realize that everything isn’t so bad.

(Also when Lito is using his bartender skills and then he just starts crying. Poor baby.)

5. When they just all pack and Lito has to urge to just go and pack. Like, yes. Get everyone, kill everyone. 

(Also, “I’ll explain everything when we get there.” Does that mean Hernando knows now???)


7. “Over here male narrative.” - Will Gorski 2017

8. Last but not least, the fucking dad with the, “Don’t touch my, DAUGHTER”


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but also GOOD request, they are perfect placement (ive thought about this a lot in the past lol)

honestly i feel for sheri because her mistake was genuinely a mistake. she hit the stop sign while she was distracted talking with hannah. and sure, then she was afraid to call the cops because of her parents and that’s a bad decision, but it didn’t seem as big of a deal to me as it did to hannah. maybe it’s because i’m completely unaware on the importance of a stop sign in avoiding a car crash like that… and then the worst happened. and i really feel like it was overall it just escalated quickly.

and i love jeff so much, i’m so sad he died, i’m even sadder people thought he was drunk driving… and that probably on top of the pain, his parents had to live with all sorts of labels on them and their son. but at the same time sheri wasn’t like the others, at least it didn’t seem that way to me. after what happened, she was trying her best to do better. and then she confessed. i’m so sorry that this happened to her which in turn led to jeff’s death. i think… both deserved better in a way. idk, i just feel some sort of compassion towards sheri.

and jeff… omg he does not get enough credit. he was so cool and kind and… HE DESERVED BETTER.

as a side note, a weird thing is that before it happened, i thought jeff and sheri would be cute together and then BAM i was on a ride to H E L L

grocery shopping // a mileven oneshot

Just a cute lil idea that I got from this post

as a result here’s a fluffy little oneshot for all of your mileven fluff needs (✿◕ᴗ◕)

as always, no nsfw just fluff! cause these are!!! children people!!!

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Hello! I absolutely love you're blog!!! Keep up the good work!! In celebration of the summer season, could we have a scenario where Izuku or Todoroki is saved by a lifeguard s/o? Maybe they got hurt under water or something and need saving?

Ah yes, summer the season of heat and bugs.(੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾ Lol. Sorry, summer is like my least favorite season cause it easily gets over 100 degrees F here. Best thing about summer tho is swimming and no one questions why I’m eating ice cream! Seasonal prompts are fun to write no matter the season so I’m writing both! Their s/o is going to be their crush in this scenario

One moment Izuku was swimming at the deep end of the pool and the next he was sinking fast, as a cramp had made its way to his leg. You had been watching him out of the corner of your eye the whole time, talking to him occasionally when he swam over to you, so you had seen when he had gone underwater for longer than usual. Following protocol, you rushed to his aid. 

Izuku was panicking, he was sinking fast and much as he tried, he couldn’t swim back up. Unable to hold his breath anymore he opened his mouth, water rushing in at an unbelievable speed. Suddenly he felt someone grab onto him and pull him out of the water. He found himself laying by the poolside, head in someones lap, coughing up water. Someone, presumably his savior, was leaning over him. Blinking multiple times to rid the blurriness of his eyesight he finally noticed it was you leaning over him, a worried look on your face. Izuku also noticed that you had been calling to him but he hadn’t heard you until now, “Deku, are you all right? Do you want me to call someone for you? Deku?”

Flustered, Izuku could feel a bright red blush rushing to his cheeks as he tried to sit up quickly. You held him down, worried about him pushing himself too hard and the fact that he would have most certainly bumped his head against yours if he had been able to get up as quickly as he wanted to. “Whoa, Deku, don’t force yourself to move so fast yet, you almost drowned.”

“R-right…sorry, _-____. And thank you. .A-ah for saving me. .”

“Just doing my job, is all.”

Izuku swore his heart skipped a beat when he noticed your smile, you looked as brilliant as ever and he felt himself falling harder for you after you had saved him. You slowly helped him up, “Now, lets sit you down somewhere to rest for a bit. I’ll stay with you for a little bit to make sure nothing is up.”

Not trusting his voice he nodded quickly, gratefully following you. As embarrassing as he found the fact that he almost drowned, in front of you no less, he was glad to have you by his side. 

Todoroki was an accomplished swimmer, as his father never let him be anything less. His father had reasoned that he should be ready for any situation as a hero, so if there was ever a flood or anything similar he’d be ready. As much as his father tried to prepare him, there were some things that would be difficult to prepare for no matter the situation. 

He had been feeling a little out of it for a while but Endeavor still forced him to a local pool for training. The pool was a part of a private gym that his father always frequented so that is where he was always taken. When Todoroki got to the pool he had actually been quite surprised to see you there in a lifeguard uniform. You noticed him easily when he walked in, not many people came to swim early so your shift had been rather slow and you were happy to have a friend around. 

You waved at him, a small smile upon your face, until you noticed the judgmental look his father was sending you and you quickly stopped, looking away uncomfortably. Todoroki could feel himself grow angry at Endeavor, but there was little he could do. Endeavor gave him strict orders to train only and that he would check on him later as he trained elsewhere. As per his orders, Todoroki swam for some time until he felt himself grow extremely light headed. Then everything went dark. 

He was staying in the water longer than usual, which worried you immensely, deciding it was better safe than sorry you dove in after him. Needless to say, Todoroki was surprised to find himself being pulled out of the water by you. You easily pulled him out of the water and laid him next to your sitting form. Todoroki held himself up on his elbows, completely surprising you with the fact that he was awake and pushing himself up. 

“What happened, Todoroki? You were out cold a second ago.”

He shook his head, unsure how to answer. You pressed your hand to his forehead, bringing your face close to his. Todoroki could feel the heat rush to his cheeks, luckily leaving only a small blush. 

“It doesn’t feel like you have a fever. Could be wrong though. You didn’t look your best when you came in, are you sick?”

“. .Possibly.”

“Then you shouldn’t be here! It’s a danger to your health, you should stay home and rest.”

“My father wanted me to train.”

“Well he’s stupid for forcing you. Come on, lets go find him, you need to get home.”

Todoroki became anxious, not wanting you to meet his father, so he shook his head quickly. “It’s fine, you don’t have to.”

“But I will, he can’t put you in danger like this in the name of training.” You pulled him up slowly, not wanting to overexert him. Seeing as you weren’t going to take no for an answer, he let you take him to his father, curious as to how he would react and happy that you were standing up for him.

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Okay, i looove your writing and I FINALLY see requests open omg! This dream i had once and thought it funny. Like, young!aizawa (but already overage) goes to a underground fighting club (no quirks allowed) for some reason and ends up fighting his future s/o (that's how they meet). She's a bit punk and looks like she would like nothing better than to torn her adversaries limb from limb and dance on the pieces. But after the fight she finds him and she's really kind/calm actually! Thanks <3

It ended up being more like Aizawa found her. Sorry I forgot to look at the request while writing.

“Okay, people. It’s time to see some action. On the right corner of the cage is the lady we all know and love. Let’s hear it for Gaia.”

The audiece cheered and the woman Aizawa was supposed to fight. She smirked and spat on the ground. She looked at Aizawa with a menacing smirk. He could tell she was going to be trouble.

“And today she is challenged by a newcomer who beat his way up the ladder pretty damn quick. He goes by the name, Eraser.”, the announcer shouted.

So this was your opponent. They guy didn’t seem very strong, but if he had gotten to the level where he could fight you there must have been something special about him.

“The only rule is: no quirks and don’t kill each other. Start.”, said the referee.

You started walking around the cage. Like two cats ready to jump on each other any second. You made the first move. You dashed towards your opponent and smacked him in the face with your fist. You knew you had landed the punch, but the impact had felt a bit light.

Aizawa managed to cushion the hit a bit by moving out of the way, but he couldn’t dodge it. He could see there was a reason why you were one of the top fighters at the club. Your moves were flexible and you clearly had strenght.

“Aaaw, did it hurt? Here’s another one.”, you grinned as you kneed him to the stomach.

Aizawa kept quiet, but since you were so close. He grabbed you and threw you to the metal net that the cage was made of.

“Ooh, maybe you’re not so bad after all.”, you said mockingly.

You continued the game of tag with him for a while longer. Aizawa kept quiet for almost the whole match. Most reaction you could get out of him was some sighting and eye rolling. You were spitting insults and taunts at him the whole match, but he didn’t seem to care. He landed many good punches and kicks on you and you had to admit, it hurt alot, he managed to surprise you. But in the end, you emerged victorious. You had knocked him down. Your nose and fists were bleeding, but you felt good. The thrill of fighting was worth it.

“Good match.”, you heard from the floor.


You stomped of, but when you got to the corridor and were alone you could relax a bit. You didn’t have to hold up the scary front anymore. You did that during matches, since if people were intimitated, they wouldn’t try to pick a fight so easily. You sighted and leaned against the wall.

“You were pretty good there.”, you heard Eraser say.

“Oh, it’s you again.”, you put the facade back on.

“Yes, and I don’t get why you’re acting so irritated all the time.”

“Dammit. Okay, if you wanna talk, let’s go up to the roof. No one goes there except for me.”

Aizawa shrugged. He didn’t actually plan on having a long converstaion with you, but why not. You headed to the rooftop and sat on the edge hanging your legs of the side. It was a warm night, but there was a pleasant wind.

“So, why did you bring me here?”, he asked.

“I thought you wanted go talk.”

“Well, I guess.”

“Good, because I really liked your combat style and if you could teach me a few moves, that’d be awesome.”, you exclaimed.

Aizawa was a bit surprised by your sudden change of attitude, but he didn’t dislike it. The two of you talked about fighting, and you were surprisingly nice to him. He had catched on to your scary act when you had been fighting him, but he hadn’t realized you were actually such a nice and warm person.

You found this man to be nice company. He seemed a bit irritated and tired, but he was very smart and nice to talk with. Suddenly you got a compelling urge to touch his hair, and without thinking, you just went with it. You caressed his long black logs that were resting on his shoulder.

“Aaaa, what are you doing?”, Aizawa asked.

“Oh, sorry. You have such a nice hair and I really wanted to touch it. Sorry.”


Aizawa didn’t like people touching his hair, but he didn’t actually dislike you touching them. You two continued to talk, late to the night. You were both enjoying the situation. It was nice to have company who understood you. Aizawa thought so too.

love it or list it formula:
  • hillary: you want a new kitchen, updated bathroom, an additional bathroom, open concept main floor, completely renovated basement, private office, an added third floor, a steeple, and a separate three story house for the dog. what's my budget?
  • homeowners: $50,000
  • hillary: it will be difficult but i can manage
  • contractor: the floor is uneven, the beams aren't installed correctly, the ceiling is leaking, the house is about to fall into the ground, and we need to fix all of it.
  • hillary: sorry guys considering your house was built in 1724 i did not expect all of these problems to occur so unfortunately i'm gonna have to take basically everything off of your list
  • homeowners: hillary this is unacceptable i thought you would do so much better
  • hillary: *after renos* well here's your new house and even though i could only add a faucet to the main bathroom are you gonna love it or list it?
  • homeowners: omg it's perfect we're gonna love it
BTS reaction to you wanting to cuddle, when you rarely do it

anon asked: Could you do a reaction with BTS, where you’re the type of person that doesn’t really like to cuddle but will only do it once in a while. And it’s been awhile since you last cuddled so you finally give them a cuddle? Is that confusing? >_<

awww this is cute, you guys are sending fluff. I’m new to writing this so, sorry if it’s not good. And I think I get what you are saying

So I am going to write it when you both are cuddling and what the members will think or do ;). 

Jin/Kim Seokjin

This cute with a charming smile (omg this boi is slowly ruining me, help me yoongi) Seokjin’s thoughts would be all bubbly, he loves the cuddling times you two have. He, of course, wishes they were more often then having them in rare times, but he will cherish them, better having a few cuddle times with you, then none. I see him tickling you during the cuddling session, think of it as his way of, “Hey, I missed our cuddling, so payback.”

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Suga/Min Yoongi

I think Yoongi will like that you two don’t cuddle as much as other couples.Of course, he will do other things with you besides cuddling, but idk I feel he loves the rare moments you two cuddle. I see him hugging you the whole time you both are cuddling. Listening to music too, listening to each others heartbeat, a slow and steady rate. (I killed myself writing this)

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J Hope/Jung Hoseok

This son of a sunshine (Lol see what I did there) will be soooooo smiley and sunshine, but not too much, in case you change your mind. I also see Hoseok being like Yoongi, and hugging you during your cuddles. Having a big smile on his face and admiring you. 

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Rap Monster/ Kim Namjoon

Teasing. Hand holding. Kissing your shoulder. Looks at you, but looks away when you look at him. That’s Namjoon during your cuddles. He will do those things and still be a bit shy when you want to cuddle him. Idk why but I see him as a shy boy cuddling with you, because you both don’t cuddle that often, and he would love these moments, like Seokjin, cherish them. I see him talking to you, just about whatever, maybe even playfully bicker with you too.

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Jimin/ Park Jimin

Touchy little fucker. He will be a bit touchy during your guys cuddle times. I see Jimin as a bit needy with affection with his s/o. I see him a bit cocky, inside and kissing. There will be a LOT of kissing. 

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V/Kim Taehyung

Like Seokjin, he will have a playful tickle time with you. “Hey Jagi, what did you expect, you haven’t cuddled me in a few months. PAYBACK!” I believe Taehyung will be needy like Jimin too, just not as much as Jimin. I also see him keeping you trapped, like you two will be in bed, laying down, and Tae will hug and wrap his legs around you. He doesn’t want this moment with you to ever be over.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk 

Jungkook seems like he doesn’t do affection as much, just in those moments when he is vulnerable  and wants you with him. Like his hyung Namjoon, I see him playfully bickering with you and being shy too. Lightly brushing your skin and having your hand on top of his chest.

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I died writing this, thanks anon

gigantic-saga  asked:

I don't know if you continue to take this kind of request but, can we have 1B finland?~(And omg your drawing are so beautiful )

I will continue if you wish~ It’s just that it takes a while because of school and stuff, that’s why I thought it would be better to do this during Holidays only. So, sorry for the wait! But if you don’t mind the time it takes I will still do this.

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exo's reaction to you having big boobs but having no ass

To be honest, i feel like they really wouldn't care if you don’t have an ass or not. They all love titties also as we can tell. So yeah i don’t think they would really care<3… 

Sehun:*Stares and tries to touch as much as he can.*

(Y/N): “What’s up with your obsession with my boobs?”

Sehun: “I’m a curious young boy!”

(Y/N): “You’re 21 years old, you’re not a young boy.”

Kai: He sees you over there trying to put on your bra, but struggling a little. And he smirks to you, and you notice him, and you roll your eyes, but he keeps looking like a perv.

Tao: Literally pokes your boob’s a lot in public. *poke poke*

D.O: “Boobies”

* Thinks to him self “Has she always had those”*

Chanyeol:“They look even bigger without clothes.”

Chen: When you pull off your shirt to go take a shower he immediately gets flustered and tries to distract himself by drinking something, but it isn’t working and something is happening that he can’t control…… sorry not sorry

Baekyun: “Can I touch em.”

(Y/N): “No you can’t touch them.”

Lay: He would compliment your body when you seem uncomfortable, which makes you feel much better. “Thumbs up.”

Suho: *In his mind *Guess I’m gonna have fun buying her new bra’s, huh?”

Kris: : He would get so turned on that he would get disgusted by his own thoughts he is having about your boobs and he ends up looking like this:

Luhan: * He would continuously joke about your boobs* “Plastic surgery much?”


Xiumin: He is stunned by your beauty when your naked and can’t stop looking at you.
(Y/N):“Omg Minseok, stop staring!” you say while covering up with a towel.

Xiumin:“Sorry, I just can’t get over your beauty.”

Enjoy!  If you have a request for a reaction or imagine or confession, feel free to let me know<3…

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Hey boo! Sorry for being an ignorant asshole but I'm genuinely curious - how can someone be aroace and a lesbian? I thought aroace was the lack of both romantic and sexual attraction, so where does being a lesbian fit into that? I swear I'm not trying to attack you or anything, I'm honestly just trying to educate myself better! Thank you <3

hello hello!!

oh no omg ofc! i’m not an expert, but someone who is aroace might still find people attractive, but not in a sexual or romantic way. and then ofc someone can be demiromantic/ace/lesbian for example (demiromantic = when you only experiences romantic attraction after a strong emotional connection is formed). I’m very bad at explaining so here’s a link to a much better answer! :) x

EXO’s Reaction to Finding Out Their Daughter Has An Abusive Boyfriend

@lovelygroovywerewolf Here you go, hon! I’m sorry I took so long with this. ^-^

Also, to everyone, I’m SO sorry I have been so incredibly inactive the past couple days. I’ve been super busy with holiday planning, so hopefully after the next couple of days, I’ll be able to update more frequently. That being said, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! I hope you have a wonder-filled holiday, full to the brim with all sorts of joy and good times~♥

Baekhyun: would have a hard time handling a situation like this. He’d be bursting with hateful words about your boyfriend, but he’d likely know that him spewing such things wouldn’t help the situation, so he’d try to refrain from doing so.

Chanyeol: wouldn’t even give you a choice in the matter. As his daughter, he’d all-but-forbid you to see that boy again. He’d hate that he hadn’t noticed the situation before it got out of hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize before…But, you can’t see him anymore. I won’t sit by and pretend everything’s okay between you two!”

Chen: would be trying his best to convince you that you deserve someone better than your current boyfriend. He’d understand that it’s a shitty situation to be in, but it would kill him to see his daughter in such a position.

D.O: honestly would not know how to proceed with this situation. It’d take every ounce of self control not to completely lose his shit on someone who was brave enough to abuse his daughter, but he’d know that may just make things worse. He seriously seems like the type of father that wouldn’t hesitate to get outside help in this scenario.

Kai: would convince you that you could do so much better than a guy like that. He’d play up all of the great traits about you, building your confidence so you can leave the guy. “You’re smart and beautiful, and you can land someone so much better than him.”

Kris: would be absolutely livid that some messed up kid would dare to lay a hand on his daughter. He’d probably be the kind of father that would confront the kid about it, scaring the living daylights outta him. “Who the hell do you think you are? Laying a hand on a woman is bad enough, but you chose my daughter? Bad move, kiddo.”

Lay: would be absolutely broken when he found out. Sure, he knew he could be a bit of a space cadet from time-to-time, but how could he miss something that was likely so obvious? He’d partly blame himself for not being able to step in sooner, but he’d focus on your comfort, regardless. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you before now, I wish you would’ve told me earlier. But from now on, I won’t let him lay a single finger on you, okay? I promise.”

Luhan: Omg, your boyfriend would be in for the rudest awakening ever. Luhan wouldn’t bother restraining himself in the slightest if he saw your boyfriend after he had found out that he was abusive. He’d honestly bitch him out and, even though Luhan’s on the small side, he’d likely put a good scare into the kid. “My daughter deserves so much better than your sorry ass! Don’t bother even talking to her from now on, she’s going to find someone to treat her right!”

Sehun: would honestly be super bothered by the entire situation. He would’ve thought that he had raised a smarter daughter and wouldn’t understand why you would stay with someone who abuses you. “Why would you stay with such a jerk? Surely you know better.”

Suho: would be the type of father to encourage you to leave him, even going so far as to offer to tag along with you, knowing that you may just be afraid of the consequences of breaking it off with him. “It’s okay, Y/N. I’ll be by your side, and I won’t let anything more happen to my little baby~”

Tao: I’ve said this before, but there’s definitely reasons that Tao has Wushu experience under his belt, and this is a moment that may help him. Not that he’d blatantly whip the boy’s ass, but if you weren’t willing to break up with your boyfriend, Tao would keep a close eye from then onward, being totally ready to jump in if need be.

Xiumin: would know immediately when shit started happening, but he’d wait for you to come to him with your problems, since he didn’t want to be a pushy father. When you felt comfortable talking to him about it, he’d remain calm, listening intently to your trembling voice. “If you’re scared, just know that you don’t have to worry. You’re my daughter. I love you and I’ll protect you with everything I’ve got.”


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hey sorry if this is weird but i'm assuming u like the band ghost?? omg i s2g i thought abt making an oc w this same name bc of their song, the fc was gonna be madchen amick even.. she was gonna be more of an ancient being tho! a literal zombie queen. anyways congrats on ur oc, it's rlly cool and probs better thought out than mine would have been ;-))) ps i just saw that peter steele is ur fc choice for her dad and??? i love this man w all my heart type o negative is my favorite band anyway baii

hi !!! oh my gosh hi !! yes i love ghost omg they mean so much to me ? i met mason through ghost ! and then like ? i made my whole art concept around this stupid church !!! like it’s just it’s a lot of fun and it’s refreshing and im working hard on branching away from ghost so i can claim it as original but at the same time ??? this band has allowed me to exercise my writing skills and world building like no other fandom has wow like i built this thing from scratch just bc i was like ‘cute witch girl spooky skeleton popes heehee’ and now im like ?? ?crying every hour over this silly little witch girl and im just wow !!! i adore them !!! and omg that would have been so cool ! at first i didn’t intend cirice to be the zombie queen but i started linking songs together and building this great big story and it was so much fun omg that would’ve been amazing though ! and ye eee he’s got that dark brooding look that only pet/er stee/le could pull off i jam out to the 11 minute black no 1 / little miss scare-all like wi ld omg you’re so sweet im luv you <3 <3 <3


To think. I thought I was just cursed with a shitty scanner and would have to “make due”. (to be fair I paid like 25$ for it on a Prime deal) Not quite finished editing the top one. Was just testing the waters on Procreate on my iPad, so far I’m vvv pleased.

I can’t believe my scanner did such a number on the lower image. Wanna know the difference? I clicked scan on my computer instead of on the scanner itself and suddenly it was like a whole different machine. I didn’t even have to fuck with my settings that much.

On that note does anyone know where I can get sticker sheets printed? Rather than just individual stickers?

anonymous asked:

katie im curious, what was the process of choosing what uni to go to, like for you? Some ppl say you feel a special connection to the certain school you attend. And i wanna ask if in any way you feel like an 'emotionally bound feeling' to your school! LIKe, is the atmosphere friendly? Do you like the programs they offer and such?? What's your fav part about the uni you're currently at? & would you change it for somewhere else? // i sound super creepy im sorry ;-; 1/2

2/2 BUt it’s justt you’re like an upperclassmen to me and i wanna get to know you better from different perspectives of your life. Bc aSIDE from being a ym blog, i know you’re also a person with thoughts and feelings and i want to get to know that side of you too! Jdndn i think I’ve followed your blog since inu era so i think it’s abt time lmao 💞

omg first of all…’ve followed me since i need u era?? you have seen me say n do some shit jshjshs

OKAY !! im gonna answer this ask in a list style to make sure I answer all ur questions and so it looks kinda organized and im also gonna put it under a read more because this shit got so long wtf

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Seven's Assistant

Read Part 1 here! by @shittymmheadcanons 

Disclaimer: Sex implied?

Luciel’s driving scared you sometimes but this wasn’t the first time you’ve been on a drive with him either. You knew if you were with him, everything was going to be okay. You could never get used to his driving but after a while, the ride would become fun as you and Luciel would scream in delight when the wind hit your faces speeding down the freeway.

You arrived at Luciel’s place fairly quickly seeing as he went almost twice the speed limit. Only stopping once on the way for a stop light which he impatiently cursed at before speeding off once again. How he managed not to get a ticket or pulled over was beyond you. You didn’t care because you had fun with him every single time.

After answering the security question at the front door which was, “Who is the best cat in the world?” You had automatically answered, “Longcat”

Luciel gasped jokingly, “_____, How did you know?! Can it be?! you have read my mind?~” He grabbed your hands in his as he happily exclaim about how you understand him so well. While you thought about how he needed a better password.

Luciel then opened the door for you as he proudly showed off his house, “Tada~! Welcome to the sweet home of Seven-Zero-Seven!” Smiling, he closed the door behind you after you entered.

You stood looking at your surroundings. It was disgusting. There were Ph. D Pepper cans scattered all over his desk–where you knew he worked–along with empty Honey Buddha Chip bags. There were clothes, cups, plates and sheets of paper all over his sofa and on the floor. Fast food wrappers stuffed into the sofa cushions. There was also a musky smell, like no one had aired the place out in weeks. You really didn’t want to know what the rest of his house looked like.

“So whatcha think?” He asked you happily as he stood proud of his home.

“It’s… It’s… Seven, what happened?” You managed to speak after your shock.

“Huh? What do you mean? It’s just a little messy!” He said then thought for a second, “Well… Now that I think about it. Ms. Vanderwood hasn’t been here in a while so it is just a bit messier than usual.”

“Seven, I don-” You began but he cut you off.

“Hold that thought _____! I’ll be back.” He said as he quickly ran into a room and came back with something in his arms.

You have him a questioning look as he showed off a dress. It was a maid’s dress, the same one that you had seen him wearing in photos. “That is where you come in!” He said excitedly as he handed you the dress.

You felt your whole face heat up as you looked down at the dress. It was a bit short on you, just a tiny bit over your knees. You couldn’t imagine what it looked like on him since he was taller than you. You couldn’t say anything out of embarrassment.

“See… Now your clothes won’t get dirty” Luciel said giggling at the cute face expression you were making as his ushered you to the bathroom to change.

“B-but… Seven” You tried to protest.

“Nope~! No another word, missy. Remember you work for me now.” He sung as he pushed you into bathroom “Don’t miss me too long, my sweet.” He winked and closed the door.

You had no choice, you had to do what he said now. You just didn’t think he would make you his maid. You thought that maybe, just maybe he would teach you a thing or two about what his does. Or even help him take care of his equipment. You wanted to be productive this time around. You didn’t want to be an errand girl like at Jumin’s company or a maid. You wanted to start off a career in something that pique your interest. You decided that you were going to tell Luciel about how you felt about the situation.

You changed into the dress–It wasn’t like you had a choice anymore. You had basically quit your job the second you ran off with Luciel. You were suppose kick Seven out of Jumin’s house and return to work. Jumin was your friend but he didn’t tolerate unprofessional behavior during working hours. He was a very strict boss and you knew he would not be pleased.

You headed back to Luciel and called out to him when you saw him looking down at his phone laughing to himself. You assumed he was messaging others in the RFA. 

 “Yesss?” He answered playfully stretching out the ’s’ but didn’t bother to look up.

“Seven” You hissed out. “I want to talk to you.” 

 “Hmm?~” He replied, still not looking up. 

 You frowned, “Luciel, you said that I would be able to be more productive working under you. I… I can always go back to working for Jumin. I want to be able to help you with your work… maybe your equipment. Or may-”

“Stop.” He knew exactly what you were going to say but he could never let you into the corrupted work did. He looked up at you as he put his phone down. “_____”   

You stared back at him. He stood up and walked in front of you. He looked down at you with his golden eyes. You could feel his eyes looking at every inch of your body remembering you were wearing that dress.

He knew what you wanted to say and he was going to ignore it. He heard it from you before, he was never going to let you into the darkness he had to worked in. He didn’t say anything. He knew that you already knew what he would say. He had repeated it time and time again. He just looked at you. He scanned over your body, he looked at your flushed cute face, down to your chest, your waist and your legs. 

 You tried to ignore his stare. It made you feel subconscious but you loved it all at the same time. You weren’t looking at him anymore, you had turned your face away from him and lost the courage you had before. No one has ever looked at you like Luciel did. You didn’t want anyone else to see you the way he was. You didn’t want anyone else to look at you the same way he did.

“_____” He called to you softly.

 He was now towering over you. You used what little courage you had left and looked right into his eyes. He had an unreadable expression on his face. You couldn’t make it out but it was paralyzing. No, it didn’t scare you. It was inviting in a way. 

 He smirked at your expression and leaned down to your ear, “______” he whispered. “You look really good in my dress…" 

 You gulped and took a breathe in. He was so close you could feel his soft breathe on your neck. "R-really?” You managed to say. 

 "Yes…“ He chucked softly into your ear. "But… I am sure you would look so much better with it off.” You let out a breathe you were holding in. 

 "What did you think I meant when I asked you to work under me…“

anonymous asked:

i was on one of those prompt blogs looking for some cute writing prompts and one of them was "It’s sex time and you stop to argue with me about dinosaurs and aliens. Geez you giant nerd I’m sorry I like dinosaurs better than aliens" and my only thought was "is this OiTsukki"

Hahahaha, omg. And they’d never stop arguing, because Tsukki seems to appreciate the paleontological value of dinosaurs, while Oikawa is probably more into the fantasy element of aliens. That would make each of their counter arguments seem nebulous at best to the other, and all the while, Iwa and Yams would sit by and just wonder how much longer this is going to go on.

The answer, dear anon, is forever.