omg sorry i just put some clothes on you

Exo reaction to when they come home early and their gf is just in underwear


*stares at you, judging you*


*sexy smirk*
“I’m liking the view”


*baby panda covering his eyes*
“omg! I didn’t know you weren’t wearing cloths.. i’m sorry.. I’ll leave”


*gets embarrassed and nervous causing him to blush up*


*finds you strange and unique and loves you even more”


*sassy queen*
“gurl put on some cloths… I brought pizza”


“well.. someone’s been naughty”


“But why aren’t you wearing any cloths?”


“your gonna get a cold gurl”


*my style*
“I think I just feel in love again”


*so done*
“sooo… I brought the members… btw”


*pretty satisfied*
“this is new”

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hey i live in australia and i have only ever rarely stolen one small thing at at time, practically never but omg its so exciting. i LOVE pop vinyl figures and have spent over 200 dollars on them lol. i really just want to start doing some good lifting, any tips?

Omg I’m so sorry I only just saw this. I’ve only been lifting since easter (I didn’t want to pay $12 for a bag of eggs okay) but I’ll put together what I can for the shops I’ve lifted from! :)

they don’t tag their makeup, but the makeup section is heavily monitored. They tag a lot of their clothes and I think they sometimes have people watching camera footage. They don’t usually check bags, but still cover your items with a jacket or something you had before you walked in.

I go here like every day to steal little things like makeup and food. The stores near me have blind spots in the shoes and confectionary sections. They always check bags and tag their makeup, so make sure to shove it deep into your bag and unpackage stuff If you need to.

I don’t go here often because it can be tricky, but nothing is tagged except makeup and electronics, and the blind spots are usually in bedding and kitchenware.

Just don’t lift from here. Too small, they always have 2-3 staff, and they’re always attentive.

they don’t have security gates nor do they tag anything. I’ve been trying to get a lifting bag and a gym bag from them for ages and for some reason they just watch me constantly. I reckon get your friend to ask them about something far away from what you want to steal, then just walk out with it when they’re not facing you. I got a wallet the other day actually but couldn’t be fucked posting pics of the haul.

I’ve only gotten a few things from here, because I don’t really want much from them and the SA ways counts stuff before you go in. They usually have little racks of stuff like beanies and necklaces you can easily just shove in your bag though. They tag stuff like jeans but they don’t have security gates.

the cotton on I usually lift from is massive, and always busy. They always leave the change rooms unlocked bc the SA’s are usually busy at the registers or something. I went in with 5, walked out with 2 and nobody even noticed. Sometimes you can get shirts from the display table and just shove them in your bag when no one is looking. Some stores have the BODY section in like an adjacent room that nobody really goes in, and you just shove stuff in your bag from the display tables when nobody is looking. The only camera they have is over the registers or over the entrance to the change rooms.

I’ve only gone here twice to get those little doctor who vinyls and the screwdriver necklaces, but there are no cameras, and the doctor who section is blocked from the register view by a shelf. There is a door to the back room with tinted glass on it so be careful as there might be someone in there who can see you.

No cameras, but really small and really attentive SA’s. If someone is getting their hair done you can usually use your body to block anyone’s view and just drop things in your bag. I did this but I’m like 43% someone saw me so I’m not going back for about a month. You have to be really careful.

there are cameras everywhere but their hair extensions are usually just sitting on the rack with no lock thing to stop you from taking it. I could’ve taken some a while ago but I panicked and left. They also have heaps of manic panic which you could easily just drop into your bag if you block the cameras view. I don’t think anyone watched the footage because it’s such a small store, but be careful.

conceal in the soft drink or cleaning aisle as every other aisle has a camera. Self serve people always check bags and watch you like a hawk.

Same as woolies but they don’t care as much.

SA isn’t very attentive, change rooms are usually unattended and unlocked. I’ve only been to two stores, one everything was tagged and had security gates, one nothing was tagged and had no gates. If you’re lucky enough to find the one with no gates, lift to your hearts content.

All the games are in locked drawers under the counter so you can’t get any of them. Soz. Pop vinyls are easy enough though. Find one you want when it’s a really busy day, you don’t have to conceal. Just walk out like you forgot you were holding it. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this unless you are completely confident that nobody will see you.

Don’t want to name any specifics as that may give away my location, but some of these shops have really attentive, kinda scary guys working there. You gotta wait until one of the younger, less attentive teenagers is working. They’ll usually just be looking at the computer or on the phone. Then just take what you want. The place I go to doesn’t have cameras so I’m safe lmao.

Being only 16, I can’t go to a liquor store so I gotta find alcohol at these really low budget asian stores. Usually the SA has little knowledge of the English language and won’t bother trying to talk to you and will sit at the counter playing solitaire or whatever on the computer. There’s usually only one camera which is pointed and the register. I’ve only managed to get alcohol once but it seemed pretty successful and nobody suspected a thing. Just go to the alcohol and conceal as far from the counter as possible.

I know this is already super long but to end it I’m just gonna give you a few general tips.

1. Never conceal where the camera or an SA can see you
2. Take extras into the change rooms
3. You don’t really need a structured bag as most of the places you’ll lift from in Australia have bored teens working who don’t notice anything
4. Be friendly and dress the part. Don’t go in a big hoodie to conceal, dress like all the others in your area so you don’t stand out, and don’t be blunt or rude to the SA’s. They’re just doing their job.
5. If you’re lifting in a mall, stay away from the general area the security hangs out. They probably don’t know you’re lifting, but I personally don’t want the thought to even cross their mind.

I really hope this helps! Happy lifting :)