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So I hit 900 a  few weeks ago and also i’m bored, so why not do some blogrates?

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anonymous asked:

cont from winwin's gymnastics request! he also does his Front Aerial in his solo dance from Happy Camp and again in his SAF solo! sorry all these examples are just incase it makes it easier to gif so u don't have to go looking all over for videos😢 i know some angles from the official footage aren't good enough quality to gif either and if u wanted really nice shots you'd probably have to ask fansites for permission to use their fancams but if this request is still possible i would be so happy😭

hello and sure omg here you go!!! i know nothing about gymnastics /sobs/ so i just went by the examples you gave me if that’s okay!!!!! luckily i had enough videos to gif thanks to your examples which were sooo much help ♡ i also learned a lot about gymnastics alksdjhfa so thank u for the request!!!

My Favorite Thing
A Percabeth Song

For @sexualpercy. Happy birthday, Em!! I hope your day is the greatest ever!

I wrote this song about percabeth (from annabeth’s pov!) a while ago, and I figured I’d post it! 

Piano and vocal written and performed by me. Please like/reblog (please reblog) if you enjoy it! Lyrics under the cut! 

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you’re my: rly cool mutual tbh 🤧
how i met you: i honestly don’t remember ckckckc ?? i think i followed u n u followed me back ? probably ? most likely ?
why i follow you: i think we have a similar aesthetic + ur blog rly is A+
your blog is: A+ , quality content , 10/10 ‼️
your URL is: amazing sksksk i love it sm tbh
your icon is: im a blind bih w/o glasses n i literallt can’t see clearly what it is i’m SORRY sksksskkssk 😰
a random fact i know about you: i … don’t know any random facts omg 💀💀
general opinion: ur rly cool n i like ur blog a lot omg ‼️💖
a random thought i have: i lov seeing u on my dash tbh 🤧


okay so @sinnamonrollarmin requested this like AGES ago and i started it and totally forgot about it until now, so i’m rlly sorry for the immense wait but here you go

you probably forgot you even asked for this omg

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I keep imagining this scene where, like, Julian's taking care of Landon (PER USUAL) and Landon's doing that thing he does where he looks at Julian like Julian is the most purest and precious thing in the world, and FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE Julian kinda picks up on it and. Well. He goes, kinda jokingly, "Did you fall for me?" Expecting mainly that Landon will laugh, etc. But then Landon doesn't, he just BLUSHES, poor thing, and then Julian's blushing too, and ahhh! I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!!!!!

HI ANON THIS IS REALLY CUTE… SO CUTE… have you seen this fanart by Waalk????? It’s not the same exact thing but it’s similar and I TRULY LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Anyway, since you sent me this I, too, couldn’t stop thinking of it………… so… I sketched it (sorry tumblr messes w/the quality it’s originally so small omg)… :’D AND *sweats* I forgot the “taking care of Landon” part and instead they’re flirting at the ice cream shop while Landon’s on break… talking abt Sydney Morgan OR SMTH!!! I’M SURE… I’M SORRY..!!! Anyway, this is for u, anon

hello hello, i’m back at it again with another following spree, goddamn goddamn goddamn! anyways……. my dash has been so dead recently and i need more content to reblog since i spend like, a lot of time here bc im a loser. so yeahhhh

— tag your post!
— be ABOVE 15! i’m 20, almost 21, and it feels so weird following people that are 15 and under. its nothing personal i promise, it just makes me feel really uncomfortable! i hope you understand c:

if that was clear, then these are the things i am looking for.
— multifandom blogs! ( this is like, rly important since everyone on my dash keep reblogging the same fandom over and over and i’m getting sick of seeing it whenever i scroll through tumblr lol )
— seasonal anime!
— kpop! so i can reblog more stuff on my kpop blog asdhs
— marvel / dc content, esp comics!
— aesthetic / photography / art
— games! like any game is fine. just another reason for me to play them lol
— space stuff!!!!! i looooove space so i’d like to see more of that on my dash!
— movies / tv shows. really like, movies/shows from other countries are fine as
     well i just need some quality content u know, a less boring dash
— NEW MUTUALS! like i’d be reaaaal nice to get to know new faces =)

if you post these things ( you dont have to post all the things on the list omg ) pls REBLOG THIS POST! i will check every blog that reblogs this!

— you make your own stuff

yes! i think this is about it, sorry this got so freaking long omg,, i’d also appreciate it if my mutuals could reblog this and spread it around!! thNK YOU SO MUCH