omg so ready

I want to marry Diana

fall-out-barnes  asked:

I'm literally sitting here watching paint dry so I guess I should ask a question... ARE YOU AS FUCKING STOKED FOR FOB'S NEW ALBUM AS ME?????? BECAUSE IM PRETTY FUCKIN STOKED MAN. Also, do you have any prejudices against slytherins bc I've been rereading the books and the dislike vibes are overwhelming. Like.....JK...@ me bitch.... Ok have a nice night I'll probably be back tbh but sorry for the long ask. 😊

Okay so I switched to mobile so formating will now wait til morning, but to answer your question…

OMG YES I’m so ready for it, champion already has me shook

Also I hold no prejudice against slytherins. Theyre are bad people that are Slytherin but there are also bad people that are gryffindor, ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. They’re not bc bad bc theyre Slytherin, they just happen to be Slytherin and theyre bad.

Is it a boxer? Is it a runner? No! It’s Jung Jaehyun!


hetabook series: #5 
     rihanna: who run the world??  /  me: aph girls

Upcoming title from the Star Wars Little Golden Book Collection…

Behold our beautiful Reylo! *Cries profusely* Are the Dark and Light joining forces? Heroes and Villains working together side by side? Why do they look like they are part of the same team looking at the reader as if about to tackle a common enemy rather than staring angrily at each other???

*Cries some more*

I can’t wait to read more about how their destinies are intertwined 💖💖💖😍😍😍