omg so much skeleton

I worked so hard on this omg T3T

Buuut anyways, this is some fanart for

Super neat blog, very cheerful, amazing art, helps me when I’m anxious or stressed. Already one of my favorites. Super cool guy running it too, I’ve been chatting with him and he’s helped me out and stuff. All the love for him, he deserves it <3

i finished my drawing of twenty one pilots! if you guys don’t mind, can you mention the boys on my twitter post here? i really want them to notice my art so it would mean a lot if you helped me out!

twentyonepilots stillstreet

i love all the nicknames/pet names wander has for hater, both in canon and fanon. hatey-bo-batey, studly skull muffin, honey badger(this ones my freaking favourite it’s GENIUS), sugar skull…

i’d like to add some: boney-bear/boo, hatey cakes, green eyes, rock star, lightning bug, and grumpkin for when hater’s all cranky oh my god he’d hate it/love it

and all hater’s got for wander besides babe and weirdo is sunshine but wander loves it so much it doesn’t matter