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happy birthday, Harry

Young Nick Wilde and Skye

Recently i found some watercolour brushes for free and thought I’ll try it cuz digital watercoloring sounds interesting.  So far I think the brush is o k. 

Inspired scene by a soundtrack from:  Kubo and The Two Strings - Monkey’s Story

edited 1 : I corrected the angle for this piece heh >.

Band of Brothers: Zodiac
  • Aries: Robert Sink, Walter Gordon, John D. Hall
  • Taurus: Joseph Liebgott, Alton More, John Martin, Edward Heffron, William Guarnere, Ronald Speirs, Earl McClung, Norman Dike
  • Gemini: George Luz, David Kenyon Webster, Roy Cobb
  • Cancer: Roderick Strohl, Robert Wynn, James Alley, Donald Hoobler, Albert Blithe, Thomas Meehan, William Evans, Francis J. Mellet
  • Leo: Donald Malarkey, Edward Tipper, Jack E. Foley
  • Virgo: Floyd Talbert, Burton Christenson, William Dukeman,
  • Libra: Lewis Nixon, Eugene Roe, Harry Welsh
  • Scorpio: Denver Randleman, Robert Van Klinken
  • Sagittarius: -
  • Capricorn: Lynn Compton
  • Aquarius: Richard Winters, Carwood Lipton, Warren Muck, Herbert Sobel
  • Pisces: Darrell Powers, Wayne Sisk, Frank Perconte, Joe Toye, Robert L. Strayer, Lester A. Hashey, James L. Diel

For @zeitara!!! They asked for anything christmas related with dad Reigen with the esper kids anD I TOOK IT REAL LITERALLY!!! I hope you enjoy this gift! Happy Holidays!! ^^ 

Part of @christmas-shou MP100 Holiday Exchange, special thanks to them!


The New Quinx Squad


It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.

thiskrysmas-deactivated20161222  asked:

doodle idea! >8:30 AM >phil walks into living room, coffee mug in hand >dan is slumped in sofa crease in a v uncomfortable position >phil smiles, endeared >endearment turns to concern >feels dan's forehead >it is warm - dan is alive >mini celebration

Helluuw, that’s a great idea :D I’m so sorry this is so freaking messy though. Also I couldn’t really help myself so I drew some “bonus” drawings  ¯\(◡‿◡ ) /¯



I went up to Dan first and he literally smelled like cologne and then I hugged Phil and he smelled warm idk their hugs are so good. I was wearing Phils star shirt so Phil said “nice choice of shirt” and Dan said “yes what a nice shirt”. then I made a card for Dan and I showed them it and he said it was so cute and he opened it and they both laughed and he put his actually head through it (there’s a picture of the card) and said it was hilarious. Then I asked them to sign my bullet journal since its been a goal of mine to meet them and then Phil said “2016 goal” or something and they both signed it and I was shaking so much but I told them because of them I’m doing what I do in university and Dan was like “aww were so happy for you” and Phil was like “aww that’s sweet.” then I asked for a picture and Dan said “I’ll take it since I’m so disgustingly tall” and I said “no it’s okay I’m short” and Phil chuckled. we took a normal one and a holding hands one and THEIR HANDS ARE SO SOFT HOLY HELL LIKE THEY WERE BIG TOO. After that I said thanks and they said thanks for coming and then I hugged them again cause I wanted to smell them omg and Dan said “good luck in college.” LIKE WHAT A SWEETHEART Then I went to the lady giving out the bags and she even asked for my name cause they’re gonna use my card in the show IM CRYING