omg so kawaii desu


It has finally happened! TheFerrets is now on Society6! There are a few designs to choose from to start, and I plan on adding more in the future! Now you can show your ferrety love on your clothing and in your home decor! Cause its not like we’re crazy or anything! 

Is your color pattern missing? 

Want a certain image available as a different product?

Got any neat ideas you want me to get inspired by? 

Don’t hesitate to message me! 

PS. If you purchase something, make sure you take a picture of it and show me :) All proceeds go right back to my babies! Thank you for letting me share my artwork with you! Hope ya dig!

yourmikiblog  asked:

OMG i love Weabootale! Especialy your cute little Weabootale Sans!!!! His so cute!

I’m so sorry it was my dream to make this joke like secretly I was hoping that someone would send me a message like this about weeaboo Sans just to make this joke.

I’m sorry I’m the worst mgbremugmihrefrmemrgr

here’s a more appropriate answer.

the first panel is probably what he’s thinking tho.

heh, I love how you guys are liking weeaboo Sans whereas he didn’t even appeared yet in weeabootale. I mean, I just introduced him in a small panel with writen “the guy with the largest number of porn fanart is still virgin in this AU”, that’s all.

I wonder if you’ll still like him when he’ll appear, heh heh..

Anyway, thank you yourmikiblog! I’m really glad you like Weeabootale and Weeaboo Sans!!x3 I’m glad you find him cute, ha ha xD  He’s so kawaii desu ne.

hey hey hello fellow fashion/cute stuff bloggers!

this is just a reminder that it is REALLY not okay to post/reblog pics of girls that look like they might have been taken without their knowledge. i know they may be cute and i know their outfit might be on point but seriously I see so many ‘omg kawaii feminist!!!! girl power desu’ looking blogs reblogging pics of japanese girls in school uniform taken while the girls were walking and obviously don’t see the photographer and im like lmao Okay There Buddy

basically, if it looks like the girl didn’t know about it, don’t reblog it. don’t take chances when it comes to the privacy of random and possibly underage girls.