omg so intense lol

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omg so i just wanted to let u know that I saw nuest like 2(?) years ago during the overcome era at an episode of mcountdown (I was in the front row of the audience) and I spent the whole time they were on standby waving at them like an idiot and every time Aron saw me he would make eye contact and wiggle his eyebrows at me it was the BEST day of my life

Hang on, I gotta scream. 

YOU SAW THEM DURING OVERCOME ERA?? I’m so jealous ohfhfjfffssss 

I’m so happy you saw them up close omg That’s so exciting!! LOL Aron’s such a damn dork omg *intense fangirling* I WOULD HAVE DIED

I finished watching Jessica Jones today and really enjoyed the show, so here’s a drawing of Jess!

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Omg!!! I love until dawn, I'm so excited for you to make the poster!

I am so happy I get to share my intense feels for Until Dawn with you guys
The poster is going great! I just got all the lines down!
Probably its gonna take another couple of days to finish it!
Hope you guys look forward for it!

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What did you do last year on April fools ?

haha okay so at this point last year, we were all so desperate for troye’s album (we genuinely thought it was coming soon. little did we know, we wouldn’t get it for another 6 months) so I teamed up with some of my awesome friends here on tumblr and made fake tweets, fake snapchats, and fake cover art, and pranked the fandom. even though it was EASILY debunked, the millisecond of panic it caused was so worth it. 

here’s a look back at one of the funniest days ive had here in the fandom: 

(for the record, the posts involved with april fools all got hundreds of notes, so it clearly didn’t fail that badly……)