omg so fricken cute

so i just hit 500 followers and that is just absolutely mind blowing to me! i never thought i would gain this many followers this soon and i love you all so much!

i thought it would be a good idea to do a little follow forever thing to celebrate; these are in no specific order whatsoever and favorites are in bold!

@stoziers (quality stanlon lover (also wants to fuck a werewolf??))

@rreddie (hella funny sweet lil person)

@stanleyurisprotectionsquad (my child (wants to punch finn for no reason so maybe dont follow) KIDDING, FOLLOW MY KID)

@bevmarshed (idek what there is to say at this point, overall 11/10)

@wyattswolfs (wyatt and wolves just happen to be two of my favorite things so that deserved a follow)

@eddiesrichie (big fricken reddie lover and its great)

@b-buh-billy (absolutely amazing content)

@panrichietozier (fricken love your url tbh)

@reddieskaspbrak (british bc of xxx apparently? not sure what that means)

@beep-beep-reddie (ride or die IT fan, rbs hilarious textposts)

@finnsjack (amazing writer!!!)

@hanlonmike (honestly rbs a mix of everything and has something for everyone!)

@assbrak (i laughed so hard ar your url the first time i saw it lmaoooo)

@toziertrashmouth (so fricken cute omg quality content too)

@gazebo-reddie (sorry i dont have anything more specific to say other than i love your blog!!)

@reddiestenbrough (wes is a big ol’ gay and i have some receipts to prove it so follow thsi gay)

@stenbrouqh (such an amazing creator for the fandom!!! i love the richie moodboard!)


@toziergarbage (BINCHHHHH my Wife, ilysm hoe. everything about her is amazing so follow)

@delicateloser (i remember that there was something that originally made me follow you but i cant remember what it was and thats making me so angry rn aksdjakfj but i def dont regret following and love everything you post)

@incorrect-losers-club (i love all the quotes posts lmaooooo its nice that its also a mix of other content too!!)

@richietoaster (a cutie!!!! is a Hoe for reddie (which,,, relatable))

@gazebhoes (great writer!!!! follow for Good Fics)

@pastelreddie (honestly the url is just a Mood and i love all the things you post)

@the-losers-club00 (another writer!!!!!! go follow)

@kingdenbrough (matching urls much??? anyway i love your account)

@spookyuris (your original posts are so fuckign funny askdalkfdaf i love it)

@tastes-like-cherry-coke (”more like eddie clapback” is the most iconic thing ive seen in a while lmaoo)


@roughandreddie (i havent seen you on in a whil e and my crosp are adyign)

@wecometothelosversclub (one of the first accounts i followed ily)

@themikehanlon (you always post quality content and yea i just enjoy seeing you on my dash tbh)

@gazebhoe (i laugh at “havin lady troubles?” every time i see it on your blog)

@pastelstanuris (i love reading all the asks you get about headcanons!!!)

@theo–gazebo (ANOTHER BLOG WHERE I LAUGH AT YOUR TITLE EVERY TIME OMG i relate hard to a lot of the things you rb lakdjalfjaslf)

@edsrich (you seem so sweet and nice??? idk youre cool and i like your account a lot)


@mikestanlon (bless courtney, you were the first person in the fandom i was brave enough to talk to and im so thankful for you putting me in the gc)

@hallmarkhanlon (you like a lot of good music so that automatically makes me love you)

@richietoizers (another person who seems so sweet and chill aahhh)

@richiekaspbrck (you stick up for stan, mike, and ben and thats so !!!! refreshing!!!! your text posts make me cry a little)

@roses-for-reddie (im p sure you were the first account i followed on here ahhhhhhh)

so thats it, thank you all especially for making this fandom a nice place to be.  sure there are gross things going on but all the people i follow are genuinely good people who i love seeing on my dash!!! im positive i missed a few people and im sorry to those i did :( i love you all just as much

thanks on 500!!!


5SOS arriving in Japan earlier x