omg so cuteeeeee

When you tell him that his smile is the cutest


More Imagines Here 💕

Apparently Porlyusica said something about the only thing that they could do at the moment was to keep Natsu warm with someone elses warmth. Warmth and LOVE. And that they could only depend on a miracle.
And Lucy BLUSHED and said OKAY!!!!
Guys i seriously think our long- waited canon is just around the corner omgg so excited!!!!
Lucy’s so cuteeeeee omg why you so pretty and cuteeee 😍😍😍😍

“I LOVE YOU STEEEEEEEEEEVE!!!” (”OMG Tony is so cuteeeeee.” - by Steve)

Totally inspired by this Avengers Academy plot :D When I saw the post, All I can think is that: “DON’T WORRY TONY YOU CAN JUST BORROW A REAL CAPTAIN AMERICA UNIFORM FROM YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!” Thus, this art is born :D

…Aww, they are so cute QAQ


kookie proudly cheering on his unlucky kwangsoo ♡

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So the date I had earlier today was so damn good. She's a college cheerleader and she's competing at UCA College Nationals in Orlando this weekend. I took her to a field they have near their practice complex for a picnic. Then we got to meet some players from Orlando Pride, which made her extremely happy. After that, we went back to Disney so she could perform. WE KISSED AFTER SHE PERFORMED. Fuck I could've fainted. Saturday date = success 😍 - S

Omg this is so cuteeeeee!!!! I competed at nationals and if this woulda happened to me I would have crieeeedddddd!!