omg so cute ;~;

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project support bts creators is go! if you get this message it's because someone thinks you make beautiful content. tag some of your favorite bts gif/gfx/edit/icon/fic/art makers below and pass it on. spread the love ❤️

oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing!??!?! and i haven’t even written/posted much bts yet…. thank you darling ;w; it’s so hard to decide who to tag, and tbh i don’t follow a lot of non-writer creators (just reblog their content) so i’ll just tag some people who deserve your love & affection writing wise!!

@markmywordswithsong ( @runkairun )/ @btsmee / @hyungjooki / @illegirl1 / @hobismorning / @dirtyretrowrites / @aomgworldwide / @idolized-scenarios​ & so so many more but these are people i regularly read content from ^^