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Derek imagine- Distractions

So, I have to pull an all nighter because I have to do a book report on a book I haven’t read yet XD I’m an idiot. Anyways, ENJOY!

Word Count: 434

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12. With the reader being Derek’s girlfriend and he’s trying to work out or get some work done and she’s distracting him please x

“i’m pretty good at providing distractions.”

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Seventeen Instagram Live summary 22/2

  • Seungkwan, Woozi, Seungcheol, Wonwoo, Vernon, Josh, Mingyu
  • Seungkwan and Wonwoo with Instagram sunglasses
  • Woozi spanking Wonwoo (yes this did happen 100%)
  • “Woozi I love you” (Seungkwan reading a comment), Woozi replies with “Love you” in English
  • “Yeah we’re live baby”- Vernon (in English)
  • “We just finished our concert in Yokohama, we miss you so much” – Josh (in English)
  • “I love you so much, I MUST SEE YOU. MUST. I WANT TO SEE YOU. I SO LOVE YOU” – Mingyu (in English omg this cute pup)
  • “Follow and like and view and you know” – Vernon (in English) telling us to follow Seventeen on insta
  • Wonwoo and Mingyu sliding off their sunglasses to wink
  • “We’re gonna keep uploading ‘moody’ photos”- Vernon (in English)
  • “We’re gonna keep doing insta live, hope you guys show a lot of interest” – Josh (in English)
  • “Green tea chocolate”-Seungkwan (in English)
  • Seungcheol feeding Vernon matcha kitkat and dropping it but still picking it up to eat
  • Seungcheol told us to on the “insta alarm for seventeen” so that next time they go on live we can get the “ding ding”- Woozi (HAHAHA he made a notification noise)
  • Josh and Vernon telling us in English to on the notification.
  • “Notificatioannnn, our communicatioannnnn”-Seungkwan (in English omg ahahh)
  • “Is it not ending?” – Seungkwan , pulls a face
  • “End live video?” – Seungkwan (in English)

Summary of 21/2 live here

Me: Just wants female characters to be treated with some basic respect and decency

The CW: Ok….we hear you but what about a cute boy instead?

Me: No..I Just….

The Fandom: Is he a murderer? Abusive? Toxic? Offensive?

The CW: You know it girls!

The Fandom: OMG so cute!?

Me: But the female character deserves better!

The CW: She is a girlfriend now!

The Fandom: Oh my gosh she better treat him right! That poor boy is so misunderstood!


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Can you do a headcanon thingy for Ravus or Gladio who's trying to court very shy and gentle person but ending up scaring a shit out of them and Luna or Iris have to "save the day"?

My thought process literally went from “aw, so cute!” to “HAHA OMG” - I had fun with this one, even if I don’t think it conveys exactly what I was thinking, haha~

Not All Heroes Wear Capes


It’s well known by all that Gladio is a generally intimidating person. He’s very boisterous and has a commanding presence, so those that are naturally on the quieter side tend to find him… overwhelming to say the least. Not only that, but he has the whole Amicitia-name-thing to make him even more intimidating, as if he needs that.

Gladio’s voice is loud and deep, which can be unnerving for introverts. He definitely thrives off of being around other people. While trying to impress someone, Gladio would end up getting very caught up in himself, telling a lot of stories, laughing a lot, and giving them teasing little pushes or slaps of affection on their back. Just imagine the shy, tiny little thing getting knocked around by big old Gladio. Poor baby is going to need some saving.

As long as Iris is around, the person Gladio is interested in can breathe easy. Iris would be willing to intervene, pulling him aside to quietly scold him, telling him he’s not winning any points. However, intervention wouldn’t be immediate. She’d want to get the temperature of the situation, only jumping in once Gladio started telling his goary, rather inappropriate battle stories. He’d be trying to lighten the mood, but… no. It’s weird. That’s not the proper way to win someone’s affections. Iris wouldn’t only intervene with Gladio though; she’d be willing to talk directly with his interest, gently asking them how they feel about Gladio. She would continually reassure them that he’s a great guy who means well, he’s just in need of a second chance.


Unlike Gladio, Ravus isn’t as great with being around people. He’s very shy and to himself - when he’s interested in someone, it would be very difficult for him to approach them. If they were shy, things would be even more frightening for him because he wouldn’t be sure how to carry on a conversation without making it extremely awkward.

Luna would end up becoming somewhat of a security blanket to poor Ravus, assuming she wasn’t already. She’s able to keep a conversation running smoothly and is so incredibly loved by those around her. In all honesty, Ravus would admire her deeply for these qualities, but he’d also be rather jealous.

When it comes to his interest, Ravus would desperately try to keep the conversation going; he loves being around them even if he isn’t extremely comfortable. This would be when he’d say something so stupidly awkward he’d be wishing he could just die then and there. Luna would then jump in, smoothing out whatever he said, explaining it with the eloquence Ravus always dreamed of achieving. He would be so thankful for his sister, deeply hoping she’d always be around. Ravus just doesn’t understand how to win over those he likes. Luna tells him to be himself because they will love him for who he is, but he’s not entirely certain who that person is himself.

Killing Stalking fandom ..

Normal Fandom: *just reading the manhua for entertainment *

Correct fandom : “Sangwoo is a psycho and need to pay for his act. Yoonbum may be a stalker but he do not deserve this! Nobody does! ”

Fangirl/boy fandom: “OMG! Yoonbum is so cute! How dare you hurt him!? ”

Crazy fandom: “Sangwoo and Yoonbum are so cute together! OTP goals! ”

“Deep web"fandom: “Sangwoo is just so cool. Why people hate him? I love him! I want to have his babies! ”

The wtf fandom: “Wft is going on here? ”

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g o d okay so ive got this crush on this guy and hes like 4 inches taller than me n hes super trans friendly and hes bi as heck. we were doing a piece in theater where crawls across to me like an animal, then he leads me around then snaps his fingers and i fall back into his arms and he carries me backstage, and (this was never rehearsed) he did it shirtless on show day and i died. we've also gotten super close lately and he's v talented with a guitar n singing and... god i am so painfully gay.

AHHH omg that’s so cute & amazing wow

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but have you considered: Reverse imaginary friends au with the kids as the imaginary friends to the trolls? jade giving little karkat advice on how to keep hisblood hidden, john trying to comfort little vriska when she gets to the point she has to start killing, Dave trying to gie terezi advice to avoid the cycle of revenge crap "do you like your eyes? aight if you wanna keep them you and vriska are going to need to sit down for a talk" and rose keeping kanaya company in the lonely dessert