omg so beautiful ;a; i h8 u

It’s that time of the year again so I decided to make a follow forever yay! I just want to thank EVERYONE for everything, you guys are hella rad ♥ Thank you for making my dashboard so perfect :’D

Every single blog I follow is amazing af and making these lists are kind of hard bc y’all are awesome but I can’t put you all here :( So I’m picking my favorite ones ♥ Bolded are ULTRA FAVES.

Important: If you are not on this list, do not feel disheartened. I appreciate and love each one of you ♥♥♥

But, without further stalling…. 

Nerd squad - my children, my sinners, you are so perfect and I love you so much I’d give you my liver. This year has been a roller coaster ride and you’ve always been there for me…I fuckin h8 u 🔪 💕

@cherrylng @stuart-and-the-bands @potholes-and-revelations @controlandhypnotize @tiinkers-tales

Muses and mutuals - how dare you being so cool and wonderful???¿¿¿ your creations are majectic - fucken goals imo. I  admire you so much omg

@arabellamys @hyper-muse-music @reaqers @shlne 

Crème de la crème:


 @absolouition ❄ @amaazingdan ❄ @apocalypsemuse  ❄ @apocalypse-plz  ❄ @bellamyfan  @beatlessssss@bellvmy  @black-holes-and-panic-stations  @boulevardsofdreams  ❄ @cydonianbird  ❄ @cydoniahype  @danhowcll  @droones  @domfuckinghoward  ❄ @domjhoward  ❄ @dom-howard 


@eternalweirdfeeling @eternallymused ❄  @exogenerian  @exogenetics-symphony  @fweakofcydonia  ❄ @furiousmuser  ❄ @fuckoffucunt  @glitteringclitoris  ❄ @glitterymaffoo  ❄ @glorioused  @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station  @howardswife  ❄ @hypermuse  ❄  @i-only-dream-of-you-my-beautiful  @immaswine  ❄ @isolatedsystem @isolatedhysteria 


@kinastya  @knights-of-bellamy  ❄ @knights-of-delusion  ❄ @knightsofhysteria  ❄ @lettterbomb  @live-long-and-pwoper  ❄ @manson-mirror  ❄ @mattbelloumy  @mapofmymuse  ❄ @mori852​ ❄  @musclemuseums


@no1animallover  @orgas-muse  ❄ @originofbliss  ❄  @originofasymmetry  ❄  @p-a-n-i-c-s-t-a-t-i-o-n  ❄ @pwoperbitch  ❄  @red-glitter-god  ❄ @rocket-baby-dolls   ❄ @ruledbycydonia  ❄ @rulebysecrecy  ❄  @starlighthowell  ❄  @sit-the-fuck-down ❄  @srankie


@the2ndshowbiz  ❄ @unceasinglyendless  ❄ @violetlilygreen   ❄ @zomuse

P.S. I wish y'all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year  💖 🎆



tactician-hydroxy sent me a care package I didn’t expect at all with all these aweome daughter-themed swag omg?! A Pikachu Smash pendant I can wear with pride, especially at tournaments ehuehuheehe! A ring so I can now be married to Chrom for real *snorts loudly* A beautiful print by lokiiart, a daughter amiibo ;u;;u; and thE LUCINA SHIRT THAT’S PERFECT, I h8 u 4 everything I’m kidding I luv ya bro! Good Luck at EVO :D

gentlemanly-tactics had already gotten me a Robin amiibo(who I named “Seth” and I can’t defeat him for crap) but he also sent me an adorable Pikachu stylus too ;u; It’s attached to my 3DS. He also sent an Awakening sticker for the 3DS but haven’t placed it over it yet. I will tho ;u;

AND ylissean-tactician-lunesol mailed me the beautiful mark of Naga pendant which I will wear with pride for Chrom and precious daughter. There was also a letter with instructions that I had to give up hailing Grima forever…No promises, the demon dark dragon overlord’s blood will decided whether to sleep in dormant or flare up like nugget son’s case.

;n; thank you guys ;A;

I’ll always treasure them all and feel happy when I see them everyday ;v; 

I couldn’t ask for better friends qvq *gross sobbing*