omg so awesome !!!!!!

  • friend: I'm excited about [thing]
  • me: I'm excited FOR you!! Omg!!! That's awesome GREAT!!!!!!! So nice we are so excited for your thing!!!!!
  • me: I'm excited about [different thing]!
  • friend: lol cool


Thank you so much, guys! I love you!! Not only am I thankful for liking, reblogging and of course the friendships, but also the support I’ve had through my worse days. It really means the world to me that you care. I honestly love you so much! <3 I still don’t know why so many of you follow me and how on Earth I reached this milestone but I’m so happy and grateful! ^-^

I’m gonna just shoutout some of you guys that I love and appreciate! I would tag all of you but that would take forever and it would be a really long post haha XD so if you’re not mentioned here, I still love and appreciate you! ❤️ Okay, here comes the big list :P

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He’s not a lawyer, but is funny xD this little Morty is so cute! (I really love a lot of Mortys btw, I used to play Pocket Mortys and had a Evil Rabitt Morty super powerful but I changed my phone… :C) Hope you like it! =D See ya!

PS: I am in the third Phoenix Wright game btw…

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My dinosaur professor said birds were like "deadly little missiles" because of how their bones are fused and bokuto throwing hinata reminded me of that

your dinosaur professor knows what’s up

DenNor & SuFin Omegaverse Headcanon

Okay, so, don’t get me wrong but I crave for some real deal A/B/O verse with good dose of angst and drama but also with healthy amount of fluff and smut. Not your typical porn without plot, more like plot with porn. So hear me out:

  • This perfect society is structured and lead by Alphas, carried (or co-lead) by Betas but what nobody wants to acknowledge in this utopian society is that Omegas are in fact subjects of slavery and ownership
  • When one discovers that he or she is Omega (which is quite rare but happens whatsoever) the individual is taken away from their family and friends by the government’s organization
  • The Omega then loses everything (freedom, possessions and identity) and is then sold to the highest bidder to be used for reproduction but mostly it ends as a sex toy and salve in a rich household
  • Since the number of Omegas is quite small compared to Betas and Alphas (and since they are oppressed by the leading two) Omegas can’t fight for their freedom and rights and others don’t seem to find their enslavement as a problem
  • In fact, Alphas and Betas don’t even see it and represent it as slavery but as means of reproduction for their race
  • Mathias, Berwald and Lukas are childhood friends razed in wealthy families
  • They all grow up believing and fantasizing they will become Alphas
  • Mathias is the first of the trio to discover his nature and quickly after him Berwald turns out to be Alpha, too
  • Lukas then becomes a bit worried since he still doesn’t know his true nature but everyone is ensuring him that he’s just a late bloomer and that there’s no need to worry, the worst it can happen to him now is that he turns out to be Beta
  • However, everything comes crashing down when Lukas goes into heat one day while casually having fun with Berwald and Mathias
  • All three of them are terrified and don’t know what’s happening, the two Alphas want to help Lukas but his smell is now making them go crazy with want and need
  • When they figure out that Lukas just got his first heat and that he’s in fact Omega, they are all shocked; Mathias wants to help Lukas but Berwald is torn between helping them and informing the government of the new Omega (don’t blame him, he’s just doing what society wants him to do!)
  • Mathias and Berwald fight because of it and Berwald leaves them with a bloody nose and broken glasses
  • Mathias then hides Lukas where he thinks nobody will find him and gives everyone excuses that Lukas and him are doing a sleepover so nobody would be suspicious of anything
  • Although Mathias doesn’t know what to do with Lukas, he does his best to help his friend: he researches everything he can find to know more about Omegas while trying not to bring any suspicion on him; he brings Lukas food, he brings him fresh blankets and pillows every day, he tries to calm him down, meanwhile he’s extremely turned on by squirming and helpless Lukas
  • Mathias barely holds himself from jumping on Lukas and is grateful when his heat is over since he doesn’t want to force his best friend into anything both of them might regret later; in his research he finds out that Omega’s first time will cement the bond between the Omega and partner and will last for life
  • Since there were no government people coming and inspecting anything while Lukas was in his heat, they figured Berwald didn’t report them
  • Both Lukas and Mathias know how dangerous is what they’re doing and they are both afraid to be found out so Mathias decides to run away together with Lukas so nobody will find them and take Lukas away
  • With news of Lukas and Mathias disappearing, Berwald is left alone, with no real friends
  • Berwald only thinks about Lukas and how he betrayed both him and Mathias, still he’s keeping everything a secret from everyone; he is blaming himself for Lukas and Mathias running away
  • His parents are heartbroken that their son is so sad and alone so they decide to buy him an Omega to keep him company; little did they know that was the worst thing they could have done
  • The little blond Omega is everything a perfect Omega should be: obedient, submissive, quiet and silent and eager to please; it all makes Bewrald go crazy since he can only see his best friend in the little Omega his parents bought him
  • Berwald hates how perfect this Omega is, or to put it better, how perfectly trained he is; it makes him uneasy to imagine Lukas being taken away from them and being trained and broken to become this “perfect”
  • After Berwald hears his Omega crying at night, he can’t take it anymore and he decides to go against the society and rules and do whatever he needs to do to help him (since he still feels guilty for not helping Lukas when he needed him the most)
  • He starts getting closer to the Omega, he learns his true name, about his past life and the reason why he cries every night
  • Berwald tells him everything about Lukas and Mathias and Tino, Berwald learns his real name, is terrified and in shock
  • Tino then tells Brewald everything what happens after he was taken by the government; how mercilessly they trained him to become an obedient slave and how horrible they punished everyone who tried to rebel; Tino warns Berwald that if Mathias and Lukas were ever to be found, they will surely be executed
  • When Berwald learns the truth about the Omega’s trainings and slavery and what might happen to Lukas and Mathias he decides to find them and help them alongside with Tino

I imagine both couples on the run, trying to save each other while saving themselves and running away from the people who want to separate them… All the while they are deeply falling for one another and realizing how wrong the society is treating Omegas. Do Tino and Berwald reach Lukas and Mathias in time? Do they catch and take any of them away? Do they show everyone the truth about Omegas being slaves and end it once and for all or do they escape and find peace somewhere where nobody will ever find them? The rest is up to you! Hope you liked it!

Gem Association Headcanons

I really love seeing definitions of gems and such in witchcraft, so I thought what of what gems each character would have (some are more of MCD however). Though, I might need to fix things here and there but this is what I have.

Zane - Zane would own an Apache Tear. In addition to good luck (something this dude doesn’t have), they are used to aid in overcoming bad feelings. Probably would keep it in a pocket. He may also own a Lepidolite, which helps numb stress and negative emotions. 

Vylad - He’d have a necklace with a Smokey Quartz, which are meant to rid of bad and dense vibes and replace them with cleaner and more joyful ones.

Aphmau - Amethyst. For sure. The purple gems are healers from before the Middle Ages, and are for healing the mind, soul, and body. (get it? cause she’s irene in mcd-) Would wear them as earrings. Not to mention they’re her favorite color. Also might own a Chrysocolla. It lifts and balances emotions, eases emotional heartache **cough cough** AARON **cough** , attracts love and sweet dreams

Katelyn (This one reminded me more of the MCD!Katelyn, when she was coming to Aph’s house to get information and such) - Katie would have a Flourite gem. Flourites help the mind and body in analyzing conditions and situations in a rational and non-emotional manner. It enables detachment of emotions from the mind so that the thought process can achieve a higher level of self-understanding.

Gene - Lapis Lazuli. Enhancing a sixth sense of gaining secret knowledge. Y'know, cause in MCD he can alter memories and probably could get someone to tell him something if he does it correctly…

Kawaii-Chan - KC would own multiple sugalite. It’s known as the symbol for universal love. Puts them on daily. (Earrings, clothes, bows)

Laurance - He’d keep a Unakite. They heal the soul and are guides to transformation and Higher Self. (You kind of have to look that up, it’s also known as the White Soul and stuff but I gotta try to stay on task yo)

Aaron- Garnet. The gem repels negativity (though we’ve seen it get to him anyways), gives courage and confidence, it builds a defensive aura around oneself, and guards against depression and melancholy. Or, a Bloodstone. Warrior stone for overcoming obstacles and calm ones fear of a real or perceived enemy.

Garroth - Oh boy this was hard. I feel like he’d own an Amazonite. They’re for centering oneself, and getting back to balance. Re-focus and stabilization. Probably more of something MCD S1!Garroth would own, though. 

Sasha- Clear Quartz. Gives the user psychic, ESP (extrasensory perception) and mediumship (the connection to the spirits of the dead) qualities. Also connects with the source of universal knowledge. 

That’s all I have for now, I’ll probably put out some more when I think of them