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My rep room experience :)

Before entering Rep room, every time TN opened the curtains I said “omg shes so pretty what the heck”

When they opened the curtain for me, Taylor was standing in front of me and said “HIIII” I ran and hugged her so tight and I fell her arms and I died.

Then she hugged my dad and my dad said “You have been a member of our family for years now” she said “OMG That’s amazing thank you so much!!!”

She said “how are you?!!!”

Me: “I’m good, and you?”

Taylor: “I’m good!”

She looked at me, smiled and said “Were you the one saying ‘omg she’s so pretty what the heck’ every time they opened the curtain?” And I said “Yes omg” she laughed a little bit and said “Awww thank you”



Taylor: “yeah!!!”

Me: “we are twining!”

Taylor: “I didn’t realize that omg! We are”

Taylor: “Oh and thank you for coming!”

Me: “Thank you for inviting me”

I hugged her. (Dead)

Taylor: “thank you for coming from so far away!!!”

Me: *shows her my dads shirt that’s said ‘From Ecuador to Miami’ and she was like

Taylor: “Omg yeah I know! And this is your first show as well, right?”

Me: “wow you really do know everything!”

Taylor: “I know it’s a little bit creepy how I know so much” and laughs

My dad shows her the rest of his shirt

Taylor: “wow that’s amazing, I love it!”

Then I told her my favorite song was Stay Stay Stay and that she should sing it on tour at some point, and her pupils went like so big!!

Taylor: “what really? Nobody says that to me!” “Hopefully I’ll sing it!”

Me: “What! How can someone not like stay stay stay?”

Taylor: nods her head while smiling and laughing and says” ahahaha I know!”

I told her how that song is so special to me, how I became a fan thanks to that song and thanks to my cousin @ssacred-oasis and that my little cousin is a huge fan of her, I told her how she almost cried at the airport, when I was leaving because she wanted to come see Taylor! I almost forgot my cousin’s name (lol) I remember her saying “awww hug them for me when you get home and see them!

Me: “I will!” “Oh and my cousins name is Va-Vaaaalentina!”

Taylor: “Aw so pretty!”

Me: *looks at her and smiles, she smiles back, and hugs me!!!*

Taylor: “Should we take a picture?”

Me: “omg of course!”

Me: “hey do you think that we could maybe get 2 pictures? Like one just you and me and one with my dad?”

She was about to say yes when Taylor nation said “NO NO NO ONLY ONE WE DONT HAVE TIME”

So Taylor didn’t say yes, like her face was literally saying yes but she didn’t :( and she said:

Taylor *rolls her eyes* “ugh, sorry for that Taylor Nation’s been a little bit cranky today” *smiles a little bit* “But I can tilt my head to your side if you want to!”

Me: “omG yes thank you!”

Taylor: “you are welcome!”

The 3 of us look at the camera and smile

Taylor: “aww it was so nice meeting you! Thank you for coming”

Me: “can I hug you one more time?”

Taylor: “CAN I hug YOU one more time?” *hugs my dad first and then me, it was so tight I didn’t wanna let her go*

Me: “oh wait I almost forgot about this!”

Taylor: “what is it?” *while smiling*

Me: “can you follow me on tumblr?”

Taylor: “sure! What’s your username?”

Me: “darkestswift”

Taylor: “ok! That’s so easy to remember I’ll try to remember it!” “Thank you again for coming”

She hugs me so tight I almost cried!

Me: “thank you so much!!! Bye I love you!!”

Taylor: “byeeee love you too!”

They opened the curtains for me, and they had the autographs in their hands, my dad was the first one to leave, and when I wa a grabbing the autographs, taylor touched my shoulder, and tn closed the curtains!!!!!!! So I couldn’t see her ahhh!!

“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Part 2 |  Part 3  Redbubble

i need jason to meet sally