omg she's too cute

So apparently there was this one time, they were out shopping and jisoo pointed at a lamp, saying it looked interesting and jennie was like “why would you need such a useless thing” but in the end jisoo got it as a Christmas gift from her omg my jensoo feels I cANT, GET U SOMEONE LIKE JENNIE

I love this scene. I feel that Leo is  teasing Karai because she also has weird tastes… it is like they were together or something like that. XD I love Leorai so much. 

I really wish Leorai to be canon

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I love that Neon is tall, because Starfrost is about the same height. That explains why Northern Lights is so big! XD

Height friends!!!!

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since you love mermaids so much, you should check out Rosanna Pansino/Nerdy Nummies! she just made mermaid tail cupcakes! they're so cute. and she does a bunch of other recipes, mostly inspired by shows/movies/video games/etc. maybe there'll be other recipes you like on her channel too :)

omg she’s so cute…….