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weird story: i watched the movie version of heathers first, and i remember snapchatting my friend about how fucking gross and abusive jd was and she replied 'what no he's a babe' and i was really confused and weirded out by her. when i finally watched the musical, afterwards i snapped her back 'MUSICAL JD IS MY SHITTY TRASH SON' and i really think that says something about the difference between musical-jd and movie-jd's personalities

It’s so true tho omg

post trailer bellarke thoughts #542

what if she cheek-kisses him when he’s about to go do something stupidly heroic

and then they hold for a moment in UST and you think omg maybe they’re gonna kiss for real

but then Bellamy steps back and puts his helmet on, eyes still meeting Clarke’s the whole time…until finally he turns and she watches the doors slide shut on his shape, just another rain soaked figure in the night


Alright, I’m not officially back yet, but obviously I had to log on and post a giant brain-dump about the fucking TLOU2 TRAILER OMG FINALLY AHHHHHH.

No kidding, I spent a good long while yesterday hyperventilating and making loud noises and gibbering. My husband was very pleased with me, as you can probably imagine.

So here’s a messy collection of thoughts on the trailer!

  • The animation looks so good, holy shit. That grass just waving slightly in the wind? Beautiful.
  • Ashley’s voice acting in this trailer alone is incredible: the roughed-up singing (she does have a lovely singing voice!), the breathing, the beats. Amazing.
  • MY BABY GIRL HAS A TATTOO I’M SO PROUD. On her scarred arm, no less. I couldn’t even make out the bite, could you guys?
  • Joel did teach her how to play guitar. In a bleak trailer, that gave me some warm fuzzies.
  • I’ve had the song she sings stuck in my head all day.
  • @raffinit, @anne1marie, and I can’t get over how much Ellie resembles Tess in her new, older character design: The hair, the angles of her face, the cuts on her neck that are in the same place as Tess’s bite. Wild.
  • I love how Joel coming upon the carnage Ellie has wrought in this house sort of perfectly mirrors the first cinematic trailer for the first game, when Ellie runs through that hotel full of dead guys and finds Joel beating one last adversary to death with a wooden plank. However, interesting to see how there are no infected in this trailer. Druckmann continues to emphasize that this is really a game about people, and this trailer is very much on human terms.
  • God as soon as I saw Joel’s silhouette I screamed. My trash dad lumberjack husband is back with his stupid boots and his stupid jacket and his stupid revolver. Even though he only has two lines here, straight chills.
  • Through the course of the first game, we see how much Ellie has change, how much she’s lost her innocence. The intervening four years since the end of that game (Ellie will be 19 in the sequel) can’t have done her any favors. Still, it’s a little jarring to see how much hate there is in Ellie’s eyes, her voice, her heart. Druckmann has explicitly said this game will be about hate, whereas the first game will be about love. I can’t wait to follow this character arc.
  • Lots of speculation about the people Ellie wants revenge on. My personal theories are that Joel really told her some shit about the Fireflies to cement the lie, in which case, he follows her around uneasily as she takes them out; when he finally confesses, I think she has to kill him. If Joel dies, there’s only one person, I think, that Druckmann will let kill him, and that person is without a doubt Ellie. Or, are these bandits that attacked Jackson and destroyed it? Maybe the Fireflies gutted Jackson?
  • God this fucking soundtrack destroys me. So glad Gustavo Santollala is coming back.

What are your thoughts? I’ll be back for good after the holidays, and I’ll be super pumped to talk to you all then! Thanks for all your kinds messages checking in on me. I miss you all! <3

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Prediction: Judith is the one who kills Negan, they've been hinting at it with all that side-eyeing. Basically she steals one of the cars and parks it in the woods right outside the Sanctuary. She then proceeds to sneak in, taking out some of Negan's goons along the way (using plastic cups and baby toys as makeshift weapons) and taking their machine guns. She finally gets to Negan's office, where he's currently watching reruns of Family Guy. Judith: *clears throat* / Negan: what the fuck

Judith: Say hello to my little friend *screen fades to black*. She is seen safely back at Alexandria the next day, stashing away the machine guns and hurriedly climbing back into her crib. No one ever finds out what really happened.


Bouquets and Clichés

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Amidst the champagne, bad food, and terrible bridesmaid dresses could lie the start of a very good love story.

Warning: omg this is the 2nd most cliché thing I’ve ever written

“Y/N! There you are!” Wanda sidles up to you, hands delicately clutching the bottom of her dress so she doesn’t step on it. “We’re having a hairspray crisis.”

You just laugh, adding the finishing touch to your makeup. “There’s another can in my bag. Seriously, though, how much hairspray can four women go through in one day?”

Wanda spills out all the contents of your bag looking for the extra hairspray. She finally finds it and lets out a victory cry, rushing back into the other dressing area. You follow her, laughing to yourself. There’s already a cloud of hairspray forming from where Wanda is attacking Sharon’s hair with it.

Your heart lights up with happiness when you see Natasha. You can’t remember a time when she’s ever glowed this much. Her red hair is perfectly curled, and her ivory dress is impeccable. The skirt hugs to her frame, showing off her physique. The front comes around in a halter neck but her back is left bare. It’s the most beautiful you’ve ever seen your friend, and you couldn’t be happier for her.

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I remember a while ago, I was thinking about my headcannons on the Ninja’s personal preferences. I never got around to actually draw or write them down anywhere, so while waiting for my dad to get back so I can finally use sai, I sat down and used muro and omg. It is the worst thing ever. SO- I ended up having to just messly sketch everything.

Kai - Bi-curious ( He hates that he’s super confused on what he likes sexually and often vents to Nya about it. )

Jay - Bisexual ( He’s actually very comfortable with his sexuality and often makes awful flirty jokes with random people. )

Zane - Asexual ( Doesn’t understand the sexual attraction towards people and often just enjoys being friends with everyone. )

Nya - Asexual ( She doesn’t mind being in romantic relationships, but doesn’t actually want to do anything sexual with anyone. )

Cole - Pansexual ( Was at first shy about talking about his sexuality and would avoid the topic. After a while though, he just openly admitted whenever asked.)

Lloyd - Closeted Homosexual ( He’s still in the closet about his sexuality, fearing the others wouldn’t be comfortable around him if they knew. Nya is the only one who knows about this, and often gives advice to him when he asks. )

#that look #omg #BLESS BOB MORLEY #i can literally feel the 100 different emotions he’s feeling #suprise #cause he didn’t fucking expect clarke # to come back #he fucking lived without her for three months #and the last time he saw her #she’s didn’t want to come with him #he was thinking it would be months till he can finally see her again #AND NOW SHE IS HERE #and you can see his relief #like he’s taking a big breath #for the first time #like i know i’m supposed to be mad at you #but damn you’re here #AND IT FEELS LIKE OLD TIMES #when he could just find her in the next room #whenever he had a problem #and for one moment #he’s back there #to simpler days #where it was him and her against the world

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I'm almost over 100% sure that we haven't seen the last of ms grundy, and that she's shady af. I didn't really buy the husband-story and the final scene of her was so? Shady omg

She was so sketchy about the husband story. If she does come back it better be to get arrested.

Episode 9 gave me a LOT of Feels!!!!
  • <p> <b>Every skater except Yurio and JJ:</b> In a slump somehow?<p/><b>Mickey:</b> He's finally slowly getting rid of the overprotectiveness.<p/><b>Georgi:</b> Georgi, why are you looking at Mickey that way...?<p/><b>Seung Gil:</b> OMG he's crying!!! 😭😭😭<p/><b>JJ:</b> I really like you, but your Ore-sama personality on ice ticks me off sometimes and then you bounce back into likability.<p/><b>Pliroy Ship:</b> IT SUFFERED MAJOR DAMAGE THE MOMENT JJ UTTERED THE WORD 'GIRLFRIEND' AND DAMN SHE'S HOT!<p/><b>Yuri:</b> My baby angel kitten is so adorbs and soooo elegant in his FS and hnggh!!!! Too cute for words!<p/><b>Yuuri:</b> Compared Victor to Yakov and turned into a hugging monster right after the Rostelecom Cup with dead fish eyes and PROPOSED TO VICTOR!!!!<p/><b>Makkachin:</b> Uwaahh!!!! MAKKACHIN IS ALRIGHT!<p/><b>Victor:</b> HE WANTS YUURI TO NEVER RETIRE SO THAT HE CAN BE WITH HIM FOREVER!! 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍<p/><b>PREVIEW:</b> <p/><b></b> Baby Phichit is back and is taking a selfie at Sagrada Familia. 😍<p/><b></b> Is Otabek the one on the motorcycle? Yuro looks scared.<p/><b></b> What is this romantic Victuri scene at the end of the preview?! It looks like they're in a church or something with the background!!<p/><b></b> Something round and gold? a.) medal b.) ring c.) ring??????<p/><b></b> Pre-Grand Prix Final Special...yes!! Scenes before the Finals!<p/></p>

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Unity Day 109: Clarke flirts with Bellamy. Heavy Lies the Crown 402: Bellamy finally flirts back. We're being vindicated, y'all. Mark this moment down and celebrate it. I just love that the man having wild sex upon landing on Earth now can't properly wink at the girl he's in love with. He's the biggest dork (and I love him with my whole heart).

OMG. I love it.

Finally flirts back.

I’m saying. You may think he was a dork with that wink, but I SO would have gone with him, Clarke was too lost in her “omg the world is ending and I’m in charge” that she couldn’t think straight or see the beautiful man offering up an invitation. Think how angry she was when Jasper wanted to LIVE.

Come on now.

Sooner or later she’s going to realize that it’s not just about fighting, but it’s about having something to live for. REALLY LIVE.

And then she’ll be responding.

Okay but imagine Erin’s clothes being completely dirty that she has only ripped shorts, a blank tank top and a leather jacket she had from Abby (“Birthday Present!” “I-I will never wear this but thank you, Abs.) and then goes downstairs (cause we all know she has that little corner window above Holtz) and everyone is just surprised like who is this completely amazingly hot woman. Like imagine Abby being shocked and then celebrating like yes that birthday gift I gave her IS FINALLY COMING TO USE; Patty is just like damn girl work it and then Holtz is just drooling and tripping as she walks back to the table to continue working on whatever invention she’s working on again and dropping her Pringles like omg take me please nothing can ever fulfill my thirst. (And Kevin doesn’t even bat an eye because we all know he has a boyfriend but all he does is finger gun her)

Klaus Part 3

P1: Your father hating vampires after your mother became one and teaching you how to kill them when you were younger, but you don’t want to do it anymore and you fall in love with Klaus Mikaelson. Imagine Nik finding him years later after he discovers that it’s him who wants to kill the Mikaelson family, so he attempts to torture and kill him but he escapes.

P2: Imagine after the threat of your father, you and Klaus have your final argument. You break up after an explosive fight, and your father wins.

P3: Seeing your father again and discovering your pregnant. Imagine finding out that your father isn’t the one after Klaus anymore and telling him you’re carrying his baby.

Originally posted by seriouslyniklaus

Requested: Omg can u plz write a part 3 to that klaus imagine like 20 years later when she finally comes back to see how everything has played out ? Just something along those lines its too good to end there !!!!!


The door to the hotel room opened and you saw your father’s vampire bodyguard ready to show you in. He gestured to the living room, there were bags in the hallway and you knew your father was getting ready to leave again. It had been six weeks since your first meeting with him and four weeks since you had split up with Nik, you were surprised it had taken him so long to get in touch. You figured after those painful, final two weeks with Nik that he would’ve come round and tried to win you over to his side, make you side against the Mikaelsons.
Instead this was the first you’d heard from him, waiting patiently in the hotel room. The hotel was only a five minute walk from your apartment, so he was even closer than you’d expected him to be.
“Why am I here?” You stayed safely in the doorway, opposite your father who was on the other side of the room. His other men had come to your home to pick you up after you’d been summoned here.
“I needed to see you before I left.” You scoffed, and to your surprise your fathers face dropped.
“Why?” He was definitely all ready to go, and by the looks of things he wasn’t going to be back for a very long time. You should’ve been relieved by this, but for some reason it made you more anxious, if your father was leaving then it was for a reason. It was because of something big - something you knew would affect you, because it always did.
“There is something after me.” His voice stayed neutral, but this captured your attention.
“I know, the Mikaelson’s.” The whole family’s main focus was finding your father. Since your break up with Nik, you hadn’t spoke to him or any of his siblings but you had kept in touch with Hayley and you were friends with Vincent, which meant that you knew everything that was going on in the compound.
“Klaus and his family are the least of my problems.” You father began to move towards you, and you unconsciously took a step back. “I did warn you, but you were convinced that I was the devil, the demon that was sent to destroy everything you hold dear…” He paused and sighed loudly, causing you to look up. “Maybe I was, but not anymore. You thought that by allowing them to get rid of me, that everyone would be safe and happy, and you could all join hands and continue with the ‘always and forever’ bullshit, well you were wrong. I am done. But now there is another devil ready to take my place, someone else with a grudge against that family you seem to love so damn much, someone far more dangerous than I.”
You studied your father for a minute, you could feel something about this time was different, your father was afraid. You have never seen your father even remotely frightened before, it was unnerving.
“You have your army.” Your voice was as unnaturally crisp and calm as his. You had a more hostile attitude towards him though, still furious over the trouble he has put you through your entire life.
“Most of them have abandoned me.” Even now, even when he was almost admitting defeat, he still stared you straight in the eye, still commanded that attention with his authoritative presence. Still the man that had made you in the fighter that you were.
“Well, that’s not my problem.” You said it convincingly, but inside you knew that you were as scared, if not more so, as he was.
“Maybe not now, but it will be.” You father laughed gently, breaking the eye contact for a moment. “You should be very afraid. I am afraid.” Your mind flashed back to the conversation you’d had with Nik the night after you’d seen your father the first time, and you were alarmed by the similarities. You hated to admit that you were like your dad, you tried so hard to be the opposite, but you had the same fierce nature, the same troubles and traits. You were raised by him after all.
Before you had a chance to respond, he began speaking once again. “While I am alive, I will keep you safe.” You face softened and you stared at him in silence. “But in the event of my death, I have taught you everything you need to survive.” Tears formed in your eyes and you tried to blink them back.
“Dad.” He hushed you and continued with what he was saying.
“I hope you know that I loved you. [Y/N], I am so proud of you and everything you have become.” He reached up and touched you lightly on the cheek. You backed off quickly, this was the first time you were going to say it out loud, but he needed to know. If what he was saying was true then he of all people, needed to know.
“I’m pregnant.”
Your dad jumped back himself, not saying anything, just staring. You took this as a cue to continue talking.
“It’s his, incase you were wondering. He doesn’t know.” You weren’t rambling, you were calm and speaking clearly. To your surprise, your father hadn’t raged at you the way you thought he would. He too was calm, just looking at you and you could tell that he was formulating a plan.
“I’ll handle it. It’s not…it’s not the right time to have a child, I don’t need you to tell me that.” Your father studied you for a moment, he opened his mouth as if to say something, but promptly shut it again. It took him a while to figure out how to voice what he wanted to say.
“When your mother was pregnant with you, it was incredibly inconvenient. I had just begun expanding the cause, teaching others about destroying vampires. Our marriage was falling apart. Everything she had ever known was changing and she dreaded having a child. She almost aborted you.” You were shocked, you knew deep down that your mother had struggled during her pregnancy, that she hadn’t really wanted you at the beginning. But the contempt that your father had towards her, had caused her to be abrupt and hearing him be so open about it was harsher than you’d expected.
He stopped for a moment, giving you time to take it all in before continuing. “Not one day of her pregnancy did she ever think of you as anything but a curse. And then, from the second you were born, there was never a day when she thought you were anything but a blessing.” Hearing this, coming from your father, almost brought tears to your eyes. Since your mother had turned, you hadn’t heard anything nice about her. You were twelve when she disappeared, your father told you she had passed, but only recently had you discovered what had really happened and that your father had lied to protect you.
“In my experience, there is never a convenient time to have a child. It’s not ever going convenient time for you where that family is concerned.. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t think you should have your baby, nothing could be further from the truth.” Your father had finished. You looked at him, glassy eyed, for a while. It wasn’t often that you saw your father vulnerable, emotional, he was always stony-faced and in control.
“Me and Klaus are done. You saw to that.” You added the last bit slightly quieter, but you were angry and it needed to be said.
“What I did was for your protection.”
“You threatened us.”
“My anger is directed at them. I’m not a threat to your safety, [Y/N], or your child’s. For as long as I can, I will guarantee it, but I cannot do that if you keep me away.”
“You’re the only reason I need protection.” After everything he’d said today, you felt slightly guilty that you were being so bitter but you were still devastated about losing Nik, you wouldn’t admit it though.
“I wish it were that simple. As much as I despise that family, and everything they stand for…you must tell him. Tell him now.”

The door opened to the bedroom opened. You were stood on the balcony, but as you saw him walk in, you came back inside. Turning up at the Mikaelson’s door had been one of the most nerve wrecking things you’ve ever done; Elijah had been surprised to see you, he didn’t think that it would be the end for you and Nik, but he certainly wasn’t expecting you to come round tonight - not until after they had taken care of the threat. He’d let you in though, and greeted you with a hug. You had gone to wait in Nik’s room, it was probably best to have the conversation in private.
“It’s good to see you.” Nik was the first to speak, he’d looked as if he’d seen a ghost, when he first saw you in his room. For a moment, he’d forgotten about everything that had happened and all he saw was the person that he loves in the bedroom that they share.
“You too.” You folded your arms across your chest, making sure to keep your distance.
“You look well.” He attempted to move slightly closer but you backed away.
“I am well. ‘It’s good to see you’?” There was tension between you was clear, there was none of the emotion that the two of your normally shared.
“What’d you want me to say?” Nik’s voice slightly raised.
“I don’t know.” You whispered and looked down.
“Should I have gone with “hi”?“
“Stop.” You didn’t come here for an argument, in fact that was the last thing that you wanted to do. All the emotion that you and Nik had forced down, was coming to the surface. He had been as devastated, if not more so, as you and he hadn’t been coping since you left. Something about your final argument just didn’t seem to feel resolved. Maybe that’s why it was turing to another one now.
Nik attempted to walk towards you. “Please stop.”
“[Y/N].” His face soften and you could see the pain in his face.
“I hate you.” It felt good to tell him, after him blaming you for the end of your relationship, blaming you for your father, not even bothering to check on you despite everything that’s going on, you really had started to hate him over the past few weeks.
“I know. I’m sorry.” Nik looked down. “I was wrong. I was angry, and I’m sorry, love.”
“I don’t forgive you. You are not forgiven. You can’t do this to me, treat me like you did, like I’m some whore you got off the street, your property.” You were angry, furious, about the way everything had turned out. This is not how you had imagined having a baby with Nik, it was meant to be special, nothing like this. Maybe it was baby hormones but the rage was building up once again, why is it that all you ever do is argue?
“I love you.”
“What?” You were dumbstruck.
“I love you.”
You’re saying that like it means something. I don’t believe you. I don’t Believe you anymore.” That was the truth, you had both just been so defeated when you had broken up. The was no fight left, like he didn’t care.
“I should go, it wasn’t my idea to talk to you.” You attempted to push past but Nik stood firm in you way.
“I’m sorry.”
“Stop saying that! You were having me watched. You moved me out of my own apartment. That’s not love!”
“You have to understand, your father changed everything for me.” His own face was slightly contorted with anger.
“You think it didn’t change things me? You think these past few weeks have been easy? I tried to reason with my father for you. Everything I ever did was for you.” This time there was no tears, you were just angry.
“It was you who walked away love. You didn’t even let me explain. I thought you trusted me to look after you.” Nik was trying to reason with you, you could tell that even though he was angry too, he was trying to apologise.
“I did trust you. But, figuring out this threat, being a part of the family, that’s what I wanted. I wanted to help, to handle it with you. I didn’t want you fixing it for me. That’s what you did, you suffocated me trying to fix everything and get rid of every enemy on your own.”
“I was trying to help - I was handling this thing with your father.”
“You were handling me! That is not love. That’s control.”
“We should’ve been together. I wanted you to be apart of my family. I am angry about your father, but I’m even angrier that you left.” Nik’s own temper was now bubbling over.
“You’re angry. Then why are you trying to fix this?”
“I want you back because I love you.” You’ve never really heard him be as vulnerable as he had these last few weeks, it’s something about daddy issues that really gets to him.
“And how does that change anything that has happened? What’s the point?”
“Do you still love me?” Nik moved extra close to you, his hand cupping your face. Anger was still clear in his face but there was also pain.
“Does it matter?” This is the first time you had touched him since you’d split up. That was when you realised how much you had missed him. How much you actually really wanted this baby.
“It matters. It’s a yes or no question.”
“I do.”
As soon as you said it, Nik’s face lit up and his signature smile spread across his face. He moved in to kiss you but you held your hand up and moved slowly backwards.
“Wait.” You said, looking up at him with wide eyes.
Nik could see the fear in your eyes, like a rabbit caught in the headlights. “What is it?”
You took a deep breath, now was your chance. “I’m pregnant.”
Nik didn’t say anything for a moment. Then a quiet, “Oh.”.
“‘Oh’? I tell you that I’m pregnant, and your response is “oh”?” After everything he’d just said, the apologising, telling you how much he loves you, you couldn’t believe it. “You know what? It’s fine. I can do this without you, okay? After everything you’ve just said, I thought that we could…” You paused, not knowing was else to say. “But I can do this on my own if you don’t want to. I want the baby.”
You were mid-rant when Nik hushed you, you wanted to scream at him for that too but something in his eyes caused you to actually be quiet. The room was silent and suddenly his face changed, it took a while but you realised what he was doing, he could hear the baby’s heartbeat.
“I want the baby too.”

Daddy (Jimin X Reader Smut)


Warning: basically it’s explicit x daddy kink

“I want you to call me something.”

“Call you what?”


Y/N bites her lips.

Not hearing any reply Jimin looks at her and pulls back with a smirk, “well guess then the games over.”

Y/N eyes widened. Her face turned crimson red but she didn’t want this to end so in a soft whisper she said, “Daddy..please..”

Jimin groaned. It sounded so sinful and Jimin couldn’t stand it any longer.

He came forward and pinned both her hands. Kisses were already deep ones. “Oh baby girl..” Jimin growled. He bites her delicate neck and Y/n can’t help but leave out a moan.

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dude I've been following you since way back in the glee days so I know some shit has gone down for you. she sounds so wonderful like YES FINALLY a nice thing for this person!!!And I'm just so???? fucking happy for you?????? holy shit yay

omg thank you so much <3 we haven’t been dating long but i’ve known her for a while (she’s a classmate) and she’s amazing!! 

i’ve been missing jasipereyna a little extra for the past few days so here we go

[cracks knuckles]

  • piper and reyna are the most cuddle loving girlfriends to ever exist, if they’re both home you can find them cuddling on the couch 9/10
  • jason sleeps in a t-shirt and just boxer briefs and in the morning he can’t pass the bed without piper slapping his ass or reyna kicking it with her foot, he smirks at them and they smirk right back from underneath the covers
  • there’s always a bowl with fresh jellybeans on the coffee table in their family room
  • piper gives the best suprise-from-behind-hugs, she’s never met with a frown, they’re always happy to see her
  • one time, piper and jason tried shower sex but jason slipped. it ended horribly and reyna came home just in time to find them both groaning in pain on the shower floor. after of five minutes of laughter she finally helped them up
  • they have three different coffee machines in their kitchen omg they drink so much coffee, and when reyna realized she could use one to make hot chocolate she was soooo happy she smiled so wide
  • reyna has all the best bakery shops in their neighborhood listed in her phone
  • jason’s such a puppy dog, reyna and piper can take care of themselves, but on those days when they’re just to tired and some guy they pass makes a dumb comment, they’re like “whatever” but jason turns around and puts the fear of ever god in the guy’s heart
  • reyna and piper each take him by the hand, roll their eyes, and walk away, but they still appreciate it
  • ok but their #aesthetic is such a deep burgundy color, gold accessories, fine wine, low lighting, like i thought i’d just get that out there
  • after a long day, jason will curl up with reyna on the bed while she’s reading a book, and he’ll just rest his head on her stomach and his glasses will get all crooked
  • after a few minutes she stops to look at him and he’s basically half asleep but reyna doesn’t want to disturb him and when piper walks in she curls up next to reyna and pulls off his glasses, runs her fingers through his, then kisses reyna goodnight and they’ve fallen asleep like that more than once
  • ok this is there guilty pleasure and no one can ever know or else nico and leo and frank will make fun of them for the rest of their lives, but they marathon a different anime every other month and they’ll literally lock themselves in their apartment with candy and popcorn and fresh fruit and a bunch of soda and juice and they watch the WHOLE THING
  • they have some merch shhh they’ll never let it see the outside of their apartment
  • piper loves cats so much, they have aurum and argentum, but they also have a little calico cat who sleeps next to them and tries to clean them even though they’re metal, both of the dogs love the cat very much though
  • they have the best time at the movies, their favorite movie theatres are the ones with the big leather seats
  • they have membership cards at panera bread, starbucks, and trader joes
  • they all share each other’s hoodies, and they’ve gotten so used to it that when the people at the cafe across the street see jason in a pink hello kitty hoodie (that seems just a bit too small) they don’t need to ask, they already know it’s piper’s
  • they think it looks pretty good on him
  • so do piper and reyna

omg i love them so much can we have more jasipereyna appreciation pls xxx

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hey! I don't know if you've mentioned this before, but how did you and olive meet?? Ive followed your blog for a little bit and I've absolutely loved seeing how happy you guys are and I'm kinda curious? If you aren't comfortable/ don't want to answer too, that's fine as well. I hope you have an amazing day!

hi omg!! we met on here so im completely fine w/ talking about it!!!

i actually uh……….. thirst followed her……….. probably about a year ago ? im not exactly sure when.. but i saw her selfies reblogged on my dash.. and followed her……..sometime in april of last year she was talking about kate and thats when i looked her up on youtube and got into her stuff…and olive finally followed me back once i started posting about kate……and we started talking and really bonded over her and her stuff and we just kept getting gayer for each other and here we are now !! super gay gfs 😱😌😌💓