omg sheâs so amazing


“How did it go?”

“oh yea they wvere so into me! the famous ampora charm wvas getting to them you knowv. wve talked, made out, the usual. i’m not sure if i’ll call them back though, i havwe so much on my plate already if you catch my drift.”

Photo: @pixelliarmus

Cronus: @pasteleys

“Can I take your order?”

Raphael looks up from the menu he’d been holding and almost chokes on his words.

The boy in front of him can’t be older than he is. Eighteen, maybe nineteen. He’s wearing a white apron and a white-pink striped button up shirt underneath to match the walls of the diner. His glasses are thick and black, but he doesn’t look nerdy in them like the boys he’d seen coming out of the local high school.

(Part 1/5) Fanart for @raphaels-santiagos wonderful Saphael-50′s AU