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Any good writing blogs?

hey anon, here visit them amazing writers, read their stuff and die from the perfectionism

💜 @babyshawwn (she’s litterally so pure as a human, and so good as a writer)

💜 @shawnandzoestories (loving her stories, always waiting for more)

💜 @illumeshawn (i have read her stories like 3 times already, never got bored)

💜 @ftsgerald (literally one of nicest people out there, also such an amazing writter)

💜 @ihaveabadreputation (tic equalls masterpiece, but her other imagines are counted as masterpieces as well!)

💜 @teen-mendes (my baby boo, loving her and her work so much)

💜 @latteshawn (living for her work)

💜 @wordsandshawn (let’s take moment and bless her imagines, becuase oh my gosh!)

💜 @nike-shawn (this boo haven’t wrote anything in a while, but i can’t wait anymore to read some newies form her, amazing writter)

💜 @illumninate (always adoring her imagines, because jesus, it’s pefect)

💜 @shawnskeds (meredith is such a cutiepie, and once again an amazing writter)

💜 @starrynightshawn (i’m always waiting till she posts something, and then i’m reading it several times, loving her work)

💜 @thewritingcupcake (my favourite english boo, incredible author)

💜 @wordsformendes (one of the best shawn writers here, no kidding)

💜 @imagines-mendes (she haven’t wrote anything in a while as well, but i’m so excited for her come back and more work)

💜 @mendesflowers (her stories always manages to cheer me up a whole lot, adoring tchem)

💜 @mend-es (this incredible writer is back, omg, it makes me happy as hell, can’t wait to read more from her)

💜 @mendescutie (this cutiepie writes such a cute blurbs)

💜 @permanentguitar (her bullet points are everything)

💜 @mercyimagines (this girl got this thing with words, amazing)

💜  @whitechocolateperfection (she’s literally the cutest, i love her!)

💜  @thesmutofthemendes (i mean, the best smut out there, really)


💜 @shawnmreads (she isn’t a writing blog, but make sure you follow her, and you will find a bunch more imagines/fanfictions/bullet points about mendes, she’s a lifesaver. bless her.

i haven’t motioned everyone, becuase tumblr is a big place, and it’s kinda impossible, so my apology if i forgot about you, i love every and each of you, you guys have been blessed with such a beautiful imagination, and this thing for words. love you!!!


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Artist: Jay Park

Word Count: 1.7K

You changed and Jay noticed it, but he chose to not question it too much. It had happened after Jay released his mv, and you loved it, but the girls in it, the model like girls changed you, but Jay didn’t seem to notice that that’s when you started changing.

After seeing how perfect the girls were in every mv he had, it seemed to kick out any confidence you ever had in yourself, you started to question yourself and your body, and every time you looked in the mirror you hated what you saw.

So you decided you wanted to change everything about yourself maybe that way Jay would love you more, you were way too much in your head to realize Jay loves you just the way you are.

You signed up for membership at the gym, signed up for boxing, and swimming classes, anything that made you more active you signed up for that.

Every time Jay comes home he never finds you there..

“Babe” Jay calls out when he came into the house after his work, but to his surprise there was no answer, it felt odd because you were usually home at this time and you would text him telling him if you weren’t going to be home. So Jay decided to call you, but again you don’t answer, he was getting worried wondering if your okay or where you went. Later on that night you came back home to see Jay waiting for you on the couch in the living room.

“Where have you been” Jay asks and comes up to you

“At the gym” you said, and then Jay noticed the gym clothes you had on, especially the very stained shirt with sweat that you have on. He could tell how much you worked yourself in the gym.

“Babe, are you okay, is there something going on that I don’t know about” he asks you and looked you in the eyes trying to figure you out.

“No, I’m just tired and I want to shower” you said

“Okay, you go shower and I’ll order something for us to eat” he said

“No” you said too quickly… “I’m not hungry” you then said and left to shower ,Jay had his eyebrow raised suspicious of something but decided not to push it. Another thing Jay noticed was how little you were eating, and that also wasn’t you, you were someone that would suggest a burger over a salad, but seeing you eating little to nothing was making Jay wonder and suspect that something was wrong.

The way you started dressing up was different then how you usually dress up, you never thought you looked bad in skinny jeans, but now you do. You cant stand seeing yourself in tight clothes, so you were always wearing hoodies and joggers, avoiding anything tight, but that didn’t go unnoticed by Jay either.

How much weight you lost was unbeliebele, your face was getting skinner and skinnier everyday, but it wasn’t healthy the way you were doing it, you would decline any offer to go out with Jay and his crew.

Jay was getting super worried about you. He decided to decline an offer of going out with his boys and rather spend it with you and make sure your fine. When he got to your apartment he noticed how almost all the light were off and only your side lamp was on, the TV was also on, and there you were laying on the couch sleeping, at least whats what Jay thought.

He got closer and was about to reach out for a blanket to cover you so your don’t ger cold. When he got a better look of you, he could see a discomfort kinda look on your face and you were sweating like crazy, he knew right away something was wrong because your apartment was far from being warm and there was no reason you would be sweating like that.

“Babe, wake up” Jay said and started shaking you lightly trying to get you up

“Baby, please wake up” he said again but you didn’t open your eyes.

Jay was freaking out not knowing what to do, but he immediately took a deep breath and started thinking, he went around your place took the house keys and picked out a warm jacket for you and and sneakers. He put the jacket and shoes on you and then carried you out of the apartment and took you immediately to the hospital, in the car you were waking up but losing consciousness at the same time and it was making Jay so scared, but he knew he needed to focus on the road and get you there fast.

As soon as you got there you were taken by nurses and a doctor and you were getting checked, and after a while which felt like too long for Jay the doctor came out.

“Please tell me she’s okay” Jay pleaded

“She’s fine now, she had a fever and also she fainted, her body seems very weak, it looks like she hasn’t been eating regulary, so she fainted because her body couldn’t take it anymore” “we attacked an IV bag with nutritions to help get her body a little stronger”

“Omg thank you doctor, can I see her”

“Yeah you can but she’s sleeping though so make sure you stay quiet” the doctor said

“Okay, thanks again doctor”

He went inside your room and there you were laying there looking very tired, Jay was on the verge of crying when he saw you like that, this wasn’t you. You were always cheerful and happy and seeing you like this makes him feel so sad.

Jay then started blaming himself for not taking better care of you, for not asking when he knew something was wrong, he regrets all the time he went out when he knew you were home alone, he feels like he should have stayed with you when you declined to go out with him and the guys.

You pretty much slept through out all the night, when you woke up the next morning you were confused wondering where you were at, the place looked to foreign to you, y ou started looking around and then seen Jay sleeping on the couch next to the bed.

“Jay” you called and it was almost like a whisper from how dry your mouth was, but it didn’t go un heard to Jay and he immediately shot up from the couch and was standing next to you

“Baby how are you feeling” he asked

“Okay, Jay why am I here what happened”

“I came to your apartment yesterday and you were seating like crazy and you weren’t responding to me, so I brought you here to the hospital, how are you feeling baby” Jay asked caressing your cheek.

“Okay, what did the doctor say”

“He said you had fainted from how much you over worked your body, and that you haven’t been eating” he said and you avoided his eyes when you heard that, but Jay wasn’t going to let it go this time

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong”

“It’s nothing”

“Bullshit, you haven’t been yourself, you barely eat, you never want to hang out with me or with the guys anymore, it’s like your shutting me out or something, did I do something”

“It’s not you Jay” you said quickly, because you didn’t want him to blame himself

“Then what is it”

“It’s stupid”

“It’s far from stupid if you ended up in the hospital from it, so can you please tell what’s wrong” Jay was pleading at this rate, but you felt stupid for being like that, because you know you should have talked it out with Jay.

“Please” he said again when you stayed quiet avoiding Jays eyes.

“I was insecure and stupid, after I watched your last music video and saw the girl I felt insecure about my body, I hated everything about it, so I stared eating less and working out a lot, but I guess my body couldn’t take it seeing how I ended up here” you said and looked down with a dry chuckle, but Jay was far from laughing, and tears staring falling from your eyes, Jay just sighed after he heard what you said. 

“Baby, why didn’t you tell me all this, why didn’t you tell me how you felt”

“Because you had enough on your plate and I didn’t want to be adding on it, I don’t want to be that whinny girlfriend” you said

“You’re my first priority and if anything is making you feel sad I will drop everything and make sure your fine, I thought you knew how important you are to me" he said in a sad voice

“Jay I know, it was just something that was in my head and I let it get out of hand, you always make me feel beautiful and good about myself, I know I should have talked it out with you instead of letting it get to this point” you said and tears were running down your cheeks, Jay had a worried expression on his face, and was whipping the tears.

“Baby don’t cry, it’s just your well being is my top priority and I hate seeing you like this, I just want you to promise me that if anything like that happens again you talk it out with me” he said in a serious voice.

“I promise” you said quietly which brought a smile to Jays face.

“Jay” you said after a while of silence


“Can you cuddle me” you said shyly moving to the side of the bed and making space for him, Jay chuckled at your cuteness shaking his head but took your offer anyway.

“Of course” he said and went to lay next to you, he pulled you closer to him and put his arm around you making sure your as close as you can be to his body.

“I love you” you said drifting to sleep

“I love you more” he said also drifting to dream land since he barely really slept because the couch wasn’t comfy enough to sleep on.

I hope the anon who requested it enjoys it, I know it took so long, but most of the times its easier to free style my scenarios rather than writing it off requests, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t request!!

ok but real talk?

i love my gorgeous girlfriend and i want her to smile everyday like i do when i think about her and i never want her to be sad i just want to take her away from her ugly hometown and keep her forever so she will never be sad again and shes just my beAUTiful smol piece of cookie dough and i love her sfmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i promise her i would always be there and i always will and i try my best to cheer her up at the darkest times and it always works and im just so happy that i make my baby happy omg amm crying tears rn i love herr

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