omg she turned around

did cas…………. wait hours by the pay phone waiting for dean and sam to drive up? did he……… dramatically turn around to make his Entrance????? did he purposefully pick a pay phone next to a neon sign of a cross?????????

and i’m expected to believe a straight man could ever be this extra?

sisterzoned ft. kang daniel (pt. 2/end)

summary: you’re sisterzoned by your crush the moment you two meet, will you ever have a chance?

length: 2.3k

a/n: PART 2 IS HERE IM SO OVERWHELMED BC PART 1 GOT MORE THAN 100 NOTES THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! this is a lil long and i’m honestly unsure how you guys will find this :// so please please send me asks to let me know what you think or just talk to me in general heheh i really hope you guys like this!!!

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please read part 1 here if you haven’t already! i also suggest reading both parts to get you in the mood!! 

  • so continuing on it’s been 5 years and you thought you were over your camp crush on daniel 
  • however this completely proved to be wrong when you came across a picture of daniel kissing this girl’s cheek 
  • and your heart felt messed up 
  • so you decided to REALLY actually move on 
  • so you started doing a whole bunch of things to distract yourself 
  • you started to take the initiative in hanging out one on one with friends to catch up 
  • you watched a lot of kdramas and shows
  • you helped your parents at home a lot with stuff 
  • you took your younger siblings on drives and tutored them 
  • you even managed to go out for a run a couple of times a week 
  • you were feeling so much better
  • more happy more refreshed and you were doing things for yourself too
  • occasionally treating yourself and also trying new things like planting and arranging flowers which you never ever thought you’d enjoy 
  • you had a party coming up and at first you were hesitant to go 
  • bc you weren’t close to the girl hosting the party as she was only someone you met through group work 
  • and secondly it was pretty fancy as it was gonna be like on a cruise and you had to dress up and you were really lazy with that stuff
  • but you decided hey why not go as there wasn’t much to lose
  • all you had to do was force yourself to wear a dress and chip in $10 for the birthday gift and you got to be on a cruise, have unlimited food and maybe even make some new friends 
  • so here you were at this party on a cruise in your dress from a couple years of back that you wore for graduation without any make up on and a purse which had your thongs that could save your feet for the night 
  • you had small conversations with many people and everyone was generally nice 
  • people offered you alcohol but you declined as you had to drive home and you also secretly hated alcohol 
  • so now anyways onto the important stuff
  • FOOD who doesn’t like free food at parties omg
  • the food was a buffet style so it was always available and you could get as much as you wanted anytime 
  • as you were reaching for the salmon i love salmon a girl also reached for the tongs thing to pick up the salmon at the same time as you
  • “omg i’m so sorry! here you can go first!” said the girl apologetically as she offered the tongs to you 
  • “ah thanks!” you replied as you took them from her and took some salmon 
  • you offered to put some on her plate and she was grateful 
  • then it got awkward as you didn’t have in mind where to go after getting your food and it seemed the same to the girl 
  • so you decided to strike up a conversation with her bc why not she seemed really friendly 
  • “hey so what’s your name?” you asked 
  • “oh my name is yoojung! what about you?” 
  • “i’m y/n! nice to meet you!”
  • “nice to meet you too! i’m so glad that you talked to me as i haven’t really met anyone new here” said yoojung 
  • “oh are you only close with chungha?” lets say its chunghas birthday party on a cruise lol
  • “no i actually don’t know her…my boyfriend bought me here as a plus one so i thought why not as i love food on cruises” explained yoojung “ahhh this is kinda embarrassing” lets all guess who yoojung’s boyfriend is lmao
  • you laughed
  • “you’re so cute and its not embarrassing i would do the same as you if i had a boyfriend that took me to parties for the food” you replied assuring her
  • you and yoojung bonded instantly due to both your love for food and you really enjoyed talking to her bc she was so sweet and genuine and cute and you guys found out you were the same age too and even swapped contact details 
  • however for some odd reason yoojung looked a teeny bit familiar but you couldn’t pinpoint from where or what 
  • you asked her and after comparing primary schools high schools tutoring places and everything there was nothing common but whatever 
  • you guys continued to chat about other things 
  • after like half an hour of just chatting suddenly a guy came and snaked his arm around yoojung’s waist and gave her a kiss on the forehead as he said “little kid where have you been?” 
  • you couldn’t see the guy’s front but his backview somewhat seemed familiar and so did his voice 
  • but it couldn’t be who you thought it was right?
  • “stop calling me that omg” said yoojung as she shoved him playfully 
  • the guy finally turned around and his eyes widened and so did yours
  • yes it was daniel 
  • who you’d tried so so damn hard for the past two months or more like 5 years to get over 
  • and here he was standing in front of you with another girl who was cute and sweet 
  • yoojung hadn’t yet caught on that you two probably knew each other as he introduced you two “hey daniel, that’s my new friend y/n and y/n that’s my boyfriend that bought me here, daniel” 
  • daniel suddenly smiled showing his bunny smile that you had not seen in five years and it was still the same
  • you realised he’d lost some weight, grew taller and had dyed his hair light brown 
  • “yoojung that’s my younger sister that i mentioned to you before” exclaimed daniel “SIS I MISSED YOU” 
  • daniel suddenly engulfed you in a hug and you awkwardly stood their frozen hoping that he did not hear your heart burst 
  • yoojung laughed “omg what a coincidence! that’s so sweet how you guys reunited thanks to me” she clapped her hands happily 
  • daniel finally let go of you 
  • “awww y/n its been ages i’m so happy to see you” said daniel 
  • “yeah me too” you replied awkwardly as you tried to avoid eye contact and keep calm
  • it was crazy you’d been going out of your comfort zone for the past two months to get over daniel because he got a girlfriend but all that effort had been wasted as daniel and his girlfriend were standing in front of you right now
  • you were on a freaking cruise so you couldn’t even escape 
  • “well i need to go to the restroom why don’t you guys catch up?” said yoojung 
  • daniel gave her another kiss on the forehead and yoojung left smiling at you two 
  • yoojung was a literal angel you couldn’t even hate daniel’s girlfriend because she was so nice and cute and you guys even swapped contact details 
  • no wonder she looked familiar as you’d seen the photo on facebook….
  • and now it was just you and daniel and he had that bright smile on his face 
  • “y/n let’s go outside to the cruise balcony its so pretty out there!” exclaimed daniel 
  • you nodded in response unsure what to say 
  • suddenly daniel placed his hands on your shoulders and started to steer you in the direction of the cruise  balcony 
  • as his hands made contact with your shoulders you literally felt electricity run up your entire body 
  • even though the straps on your dress were really thick you still felt your skin crawl up due to the contact 
  • when you guys reached the cruise balcony he let go of your shoulders and leaned against the railing looking at the ocean and the night sky above
  • you stood next to him keeping a rather large distance between the two of you 
  • you looked towards him and couldn’t help but admire his sideview and the way he shone under the moonlight 
  • but you couldn’t fall for him, you couldn’t be distracted by his actions towards you and the smiles
  • he had a girlfriend for goodness sake 
  • you wanted to escape so bad but you also couldn’t help want to spend more time with him like this
  • the wind was pretty strong and you unconsciously folded your arms in an attempt to keep yourself warm 
  • daniel glanced over at you as he asked “dont you have a cardigan or something?” 
  • you shook your head 
  • please don’t do something that will make me all fuzzy please don’t please don’t you chanted in your head 
  • too late daniel had already taken off his jacket and he wrapped it around your shoulders 
  • you felt your cheeks burn up and luckily you guys were outside so he couldn’t see 
  • “you need to look after yourself” said daniel as you ruffled your hair
  • you were suddenly getting annoyed
  • this guy had a girlfriend and he kept doing sweet things to you that made your heart go crazy 
  • all of a sudden an unfamiliar amount of courage took over you as you shook off the jacket around your shoulders and looked at daniel right in the eye 
  • “why are you doing this to me?” you asked bluntly
  • you were so out of character as you were usually the type of person to follow others and endure rather than be straightforward and bring up uncomfortable topics like this
  • “huh what do you mean?” replied daniel confused as he still had his bunny smile on 
  • you shoved the jacket in his arms as he looked at you in surprise 
  • “this, everything that you do to me and say to me. aren’t you dating yoojung?” 
  • “yeah i am but how’s that related to my actions towards you?” asked daniel still confused 
  • “have you ever considered how yoojung might feel knowing how you treat me?” 
  • “she’s fine with it because she knows that you’re my sister -” 
  • “i’m not your sister and maybe have you thought about how i feel?” 
  • “wait what…” said daniel as he tried to figure out what you meant “no way…it can’t be what i’m thinking right?” 
  • “well yes it is” you replied
  • and then you realised you had basically confessed and never in your imagination would you have expected yourself to confess to someone 
  • especially in a ridiculous situation like this where daniel already had a girlfriend 
  • daniel looked at you wide eyed as he was lost for words 
  • silence filled the atmosphere between you two and you really wanted to run away 
  • but since you had already embarrassed yourself you thought you might as well make your feelings clear
  • “look daniel i actually liked you since that camp we met on ages ago and i’ve been trying to get over you ever since i found out you had a girlfriend. i was pretty much over you but it didn’t help that you appeared in front of me like this being all sweet and nice” you let out basically in one breath 
  • he looked at you in shock “you liked me on the camp?!” 
  • you bowed your head down in embarrassment regretting everything you had blurted out 
  • “you know what just pretend i didn’t say anything bye” you said quickly about to leave
  • “no no wait y/n” said daniel “it’s just that…why do we have such bad timing?” 
  • your eyes widened at what daniel said resorting in you staying to finish hearing what he wanted to say 
  • daniel rubbed the back of his neck furiously 
  • “seriously this is so messed up…” said daniel rubbing the back of his neck “to be honest i liked you at the camp back then too…”
  • “WHAT” now it was your turn to exclaim and be shocked
  • “then why did you call me your sister and all that?” you asked
  • “well at first i noticed you and had the feeling of wanting to protect you since you were like a little kid so i made up the excuse of us having the same last names so i could get to know you better. but i didn’t think i would end up liking you and i thought there was no way that you would like me back…” 
  • you couldn’t believe it because daniel had liked you back then too…
  • “and well back then i probably could have told you that i liked you but we were so young back then i was afraid of messing up and also since you were transferring schools it wouldn’t work out anyways so i just kept it to myself and enjoyed my time with you” 
  • you were speechless you didn’t know how to respond and to take in this new information
  • you could feel your knees go weak and tears forming in your eyes 
  • “but well as you know i have a girlfriend right now and i really love yoojung a lot…i’m so sorry y/n…i’m so sorry that it turned out like this and that i misled you i should have been more careful i’m so sorry” said daniel 
  • daniel felt so terrible 
  • “no it’s okay it’s not your fault…i overthink and overanalyse everything…” you replied 
  • “no y/n it’s my fault…but i hope that you can get over me and i’m sure there is someone out there who will love you way more than how much i loved you back then and treat you with sincerity and understand you better” said daniel 
  • you felt a stab in your heart as tears started to really fall 
  • daniel took out a pack of pocket tissues from his pocket uh duh 
  • and instead of wiping your tears which would be his normal behaviour towards you he handed them to you instead
  • “y/n i know this is selfish of me but it would be nice if you could still be my sister…maybe when you get over me and find a great guy you are always welcome to come and be my sister but it’s entirely up to you” 
  • you nodded as the tissues soaked up your tears
  • daniel gently ruffled your hair one last time before walking away 
  • you watched his back view getting further and further away and he finally disappeared back inside 
  • fate was so cruel to you 

omg the ending the ending this was my first attempt at angst so i really don’t know ??? but i love daniel sm!! well this is the end of sisterzoned. i think the moral of this story is that timing is pretty important bc here if y/n didn’t have to move schools she probably got to get to know daniel better and that by the end they would be together. feelings can come and go especially when we are young so it’s important to cherish every moment! OH AND PLS LET ME KNOW WHETHER U LIKE THIS WRITING STYLE OR NOT so i know if i should keep doing scenarios in the future i love you all 


masterlist is here

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PLEASE draw more Seia she is so fucking cute!!!!

hot dad doesn’t know how to react to daughter’s cookies. cold shoulder ensues.

she has sakura’s poutey face.

Also, speaking of Lady Gaga’s halftime routine, I met a baby gay at the superbowl party and it was so cute. In the middle of the song, I snuck up behind my little sister’s high school friends and whispered so the adults in the room wouldn’t hear me saying “She’s too good. I’m simply too gay for this." 

one of them gasped and turned around and she was like "omg same? Same. Oh my god.” looking dazed and completely disbelieving she just heard that from someone else’s mouth. I immediately followed with “It’s okay, it doesn’t get better.” in reference to being able to handle the majesty of Lady Gaga, and that was enough to startle her into laughing hard enough to leave.

It was adorable and terribly amusing because then she spent the rest of the party sneaking looks at me and giggling like we were in on a joke together. This child has a lot of feelings pent up in her tiny gay heart and I can’t wait to hear from my sister how she handles discovering how goddamn gay college is.

My Hero, Mr. Richie!

Warning: Swearing! Duh, its Richie!

Author Note: I am doing two Separate parts. I really loved this imagine.

Water. Honestly that’s all I have been consuming these past couple of days. Being annoyed and scared of that stupid clown, somewhat made me lose appetite. I just could not bare to pick up anything to deal with food. Being with the rest of my friends, also distracted me.

“Y/N, are you okay”?

Who was talking. I couldn’t really hear much, just a faint voice with a beeping noise that constantly kept going. I felt different. I was swaying side to side, feeling my feet going numb.


I was seeing little black dots, and I was blinking multiple times. I felt my breathing slow down. I started to feel myself let go.

“Stan”! I could barely let out a whisper, before everything turned black.

Stan’s Prov:


I heard a very tiny voice behind me, before I heard a thump on the floor. I was too afraid to turn around. I just did not want to see that woman again.

“OMG! Y/N”!

“Someone help her”!

I turned around and there she was just lying on the ground. Y/N, the girl of my dreams. I stood there, scared. And before I had time to react, I heard something.

*Scene after richie and Bill both fight*

I could not believe that bill still wanted all of us to go back with him, after what just happened at the neibolt house. I knew that in the end, he would do anything to get his little brother alive, and I am really inspired by his belief in that his little brother is alive. But I wanted to keep myself and Richie alive.

Richie is the love of my life. Me and him have been going out for the past two months. And let me just tell you, I love him. His potty mouth, glasses and his strange yet very humorous way of words is the reason I find him to be perfect.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N’!

“HUH”? I said looking at Richie. I could see the worry in his eyes. The way his big frames fall down the bridge of his nose and the sunlight gives his eyes that extra look of warmth.

“ Babe, I have been talking to you since we started riding on the bikes. Are you okay”?

I nodded my head, not really being able to speak. Ever since this thing, it came to derry and was fucking with all of the children, especially my friends, I could not sleep. I was too scared to lay down and close my eyes worried about him taking Richie or anyone that I care about.

“ Are you sure you are okay? I mean if you want, I can take you home and we can cuddle”?

“ I would love that RIchie”! I knew if I fell asleep, I would not be able to keep an eye out for anyone.

-Later. They are at reader’s house-

Richie’s Prov:

I knew she wasn’t sleeping good. I could see her nodding off, every time we were with our old friends sitting down. I do not know what this is about, but I fucking swear to god, that I will protect her.

We were currently in her room, cuddling with her head on my chest. I knew she was sleeping because of the low shallow breaths that are coming out her mouth.

Author Note: Remember Part two!

When I was younger I stayed the night at my cousins house and we watched Freddy Krueger and after I took a shower but there wasn’t any shampoo so I called my cousin and she came and gave me some and when I turned around she was like omg you have scratch marks on your back and I thought she was just messing around with me but I looked in the mirror and there was 3 scratch marks going down my back


He’s not a good man, Annalise.

last night i had a dream that i was at my cousins house and there was a demogorgon lurking around the house but i was there with all my friends & family and then taylor swift came out of nowhere and i wanted to talk to her so i was like “omg taylor! i love you!” or something and she turned around and looked at me like i had insulted her cats and was like “hi.” and then she took both my hands and hugged me then sat on the ground and was like “how old r u?” and i told her how old i am and she just nodded really thoughtfully and then said “okay. nice meeting you.” then left through my cousins back door and then i was attacked by a demogorgon. so yeah just wanted to share that with you.

Let Me Go

Request: Could you do a Joker x Daughter Reader? By Anonymous

Word count: 982

Warnings: swearing.

Credits to @murderous-manipulative-angel for the gif. 

“Dad…?” You heard screaming from the other room.

“What do you want?” Joker comes out of the room, covered in blood. “I’m a bit busy at the moment.”

“I’m going out tonight…” You say.

“You’re what?” He looks angry at you.

“Well, with friends dad… Just to a club. Nothing more.” You say nervously. You know he didn’t want you out at night, everyone could get their hands on you.

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i realise that i may have forgotten to tell you guys that i got to go backstage and meet the cast of the finding nemo musical

i got to go backstage and meet the cast of the finding nemo musical




h: we deal with stress d i f f e r e n t l y. you reminisce, i smash things.

t: oh yeah. sometimes you just gotta smash stuff.


Long Neymar imagine where you and Neymar meet Shakira

“C'mon baby, well be late”, Neymar calls out from downstairs living room.

“I’ll be right there”, you walk downstairs in your long, gorgeous, white dress that’s shows some cleavage. Your hair is curled and you look stunning. You come down and watch his reaction which is just stare at you in awe.

“What?”, you ask very quietly, smiling with your eyes.

“Nothing, you just um…look so gorgeous”, he moves in a little closer. “But you know the rule right? We can’t leave this house unless you give me a kiss”, he smirks

“I’ve never heard of that rule”, you say as you fix his tie. “Well, rules are the rules”, you say and move closer as your lips touch his and his hands move up your back, your hands in his hair. You slowly let go.

“Will that do?”, you ask smiling.

He licks his lips and responds, “Mhm”.

When you arrive to the party you look around and you see almost every footballer that plays for Barca.

“Oh my god”, you gasp and turn around.

“What?”, Ney turns around after you, feeling a bit worried.

“I just saw Shakira”, you open your mouth in excitement.

“Oh, you wanna meet her?”, he asks you.

You mouth, “Yes” and you two start walking towards Shakira and Pique.

“Hey man”, Neymar shakes Pique’s hand. “Hi Shakira”, and kisses Shakira’s hand.

“This is my girlfriend (Y/N)”, he introduces us with a smile. You already met Pique several times before, so it’s no big deal.

“Hi”, you greet both of them. “Shakira, I’m such a big fan of you, it’s so great to finally meet you”, you say as your inner fangirl shows.

“Thank you so much, it’s great to meet you as well”, she smiles. “Neymar tells me you’re a model.”

“ Yes, yes I am.”

“Well I mean you’re gorgeous”, she says looking at you. ‘Omg Shakira just said I’m gorgeous’ screams in your head. “Nothing compared to you, but thank you”, is your response.

“Hey! My hips don’t lie, and I don’t either!”, she says and you all laugh.

“Hey, I heard you’re pregnant”, Neymar says to Shakira.

“Oh yes, we are”, she locks her hands in Pique’s as their happiness show.

“Congratulation”, you and Ney both say.

“Thank you”, she smiles. “Are you guys anything serious?”, she asks looking at you and Ney both.

“We’ve been dating for 2 and a half years now, but we don’t wanna rush things, we think it’s too early to get married yet, were both very young”, you answer her.

“Yeah, that’s true. Well good lick to both of you, we’re going to go and greet Messi and Antonella now. But it was so nice meeting you (Y/N)”, she says and gives you a big hug. With that they leave.

“Omg, she is so nice”, you say to Neymar as you guys turn around and walk towards your table.

“Yeah, she’s really nice”, he agrees.

“And so beautiful”

“Yeah, she is gorgeous but you’ve always been more gorgeous in my eyes”, he kisses your cheek.

“Pshh, stop lying Ney”, you say and playfully hit his arm.

“Hey! My hips don’t lie, and I don’t either!”, he impersonates Shakira, moving his hips. You can’t help but laugh your head off.

For the rest of the night, while you dance you just adore Neymar and think 'Wow, I love this man’.

I’m sorry I mixed it up but I hope you like it anon.


I want to start off by saying that I use to be a weaboo myself. I read my first manga at the age of 10 and started to really get into anime around the age of 12. I use to have dreams about being a manga artist (basicaly drawing shitty fanart) and living in Japan and yes I use to use honorifics (-san, -chan, etc), but I only acted this way at home, but not at school because there wasn’t many people who liked anime and I usually kept things to myself (I was a shy and quiet kid). When I was in High school I calmed my tits down (I still love anime and manga to this day, but I’m more mature about it) and made some friends who also liked anime and manga. Things were pretty good!  The story I’m about to tell you is in college. It’s probably not as extreme as some of the other weeaboo stories, but I felt that this is still weeaboo material. I apologize because this story is long.

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Chapter 16

August’s POV

Normally I hated hittin’ the mall up with Trey picky ass, but texting Yaya made the outing bearable. Her and that lil feisty attitude of hers was keepin’ me entertained. She was really goin’ off on a yungin’ too. When I woke up this morning ha ass was knocked out, so I decided to leave some mo hickies on ha neck. As soon as I made it back to tha crib, she was blowin’ up ma phone talkin’ bout she was going out with Light Bright today and now she had to cover up my marks. 

She swore I gave a fuck. That was the whole point of me leaving the hickies. To let everyone, even her so called “girlfriend”, know she was mine. Ion’ know why she couldn’t get that through that pretty lil’ head of hers. 

Yaya: I’m gonna beat your ass, August. <_<

Oh word? Lmao.

Yaya: Auggie this shit ain’t funny. >.>

It is. Ya mad ova some hickies. Fa wha?

Yaya: Oh, Idk. Maybe bc I have to see my girlfriend today!

I chuckled at the fact she was still referring to Light Bright as her girlfriend. 

Fuck ha. Ya mine. Stop bein difficult. 

Yaya: You’re being difficult. Ugh! 

Stop poutin’ baby.

Yaya: I’m not.. Shut up!


Who ya gettin’ an attitude with? Act rite.

Yaya: Bye, boy. You don’t run shit!

Here she go thinking she in charge again.

Aight. Imma fuck ya walls up tonite. Be ready. 

Yaya: Omg. BYE, MR.ALSINA! >.<

Bye, Ms.Owens. Keep it wet fa me. ;)

Yaya: BYE! 

A chuckle left my lips as I looked at her last message. She loved being dramatic for no reason. I locked my iPhone and looked up to see Trey walking over to me with his bag, giving me a knowing look. "You must be talkin’ to Munchkin. That’s the only time yo ass be cheesin’ this hard.“ 

"We just got done talkin.” I said simply. “Ya got ya shit, Ms.Neverson?” Trey was my nigga, but he shopped like a fuckin’ female. Had my ass waiting in Footlocker for a damn hour while he decided on some shoes.

“I ain’t even finna go there with you today, man.” He said as we walked out of Footlocker. “She dump her girl for you yet?” He asked, referring to Mariya.

“Nah. Not yet.”

“You think she will?”

Why wouldn’t she?“ I retorted. "Ol’ girl ain’t even treatin’ ha right. Shit, she barely round enough fa them ta be in a relationship.”

“Why she ain’t break up with her yet then?” He asked before flashing a smile at a group of passing girls. This nigga. “I’m just sayin’ bra, if Munchkin like yo lanky ass as much as you think she does, don’t you think she woulda left her girl by now?”

“Whatcha mean "as much as I think she does”?“ 

"Exactly what I said, nigga. Yo’ ass is obviously sprung.”

“She sprung off ya boy too.”

“You think she is.” He commented. I frowned and ignored Trey’s comment.

I’d never admit that shit to Trey, but he was right. Yaya did have a yungin’ sprung. She was just..different. And I know that shit sounded cliche, but it was the truth. All tha otha females I fucked with were all the same. Fuck em’ on the first night and pass em’ on to tha next dude. Yaya ain’t even wanna give my ass the time of day the first time we met. I ain’t even gon’ lie, baby girl bruised my ego pretty bad. 

Another frown appeared on my face when we got to the lobby of Lenox Mall. All the the lil teens and wannabee thugs was out and prowling. I caught at least 3 lil bits sizing us up already. I didn’t even look they way. If they knew what was good for them, they would keep they distance. I ain’t as nice as Trey. 


"Nigga, ya right next ta me. Why tha fuck ya yellin’?”

“Cause ya ass was to busy thinking about Munchkin to notice I was calling you.” He chuckled. This nigga.

“Ya, ya.” I replied, avoiding his comment. “What?”

“There ya girl go.” I watched Trey nod his head to the center of the lobby. True to his words, Yaya was standing next to the map, eyes glued on her phone, oblivious to her surroundings. That including all the niggas walkin’ past checkin’ her out. “Imma be back, dawg.” I said before walking off. 

Mariya was still glued to her phone when I came up behind her. She really needed an intervention. Smirking, I wrapped my arms around her waist. I chuckled when I felt her body jerk, but quickly relax when she recognized my grip. “Omg.” She mumbled while turning around in my arms. “August, don’t do that shit. You almost got clocked and kicked below the belt!" 

"It’s not my fault ya ass not aware of ya surroundings.” I grumbled, tightening my grip around her waist. “All these niggas starin’ ya down and ya ain’t even payin’ attention.” My eyes immediately went to her make up covered neck. “And why my marks covered up?”

I watched her frown and attempt to get out of my hold. Ion know why ha ass thought she was stronga than me. “You know why and let me go before Adri comes back.” She frowned, still trying to unlock my arms from her waist. “And?” I simply asked. “What that gotta do with me?”

“August.” She mumbled. “Are you serious right now?”

“Mariya.” I mocked. “Are ya serious right na?” My question only made her more frustrated. I laughed at the fire she had in her eyes. She was sexy as fuck when she was mad. “Aight. Gimme a kiss first tho." 


“Aight, aight.” I mumbled, releasing her from my grip. “Rude ass.”

“Shut up, ugly.” She huffed, while fixing her shirt.

“I wasn’t ugly last night when I was deep in the-”


Mariya and I both turned our heads to the voice that called her name. Adriana. Her oblivious ass was too busy starin’ at Yaya to notice me at first. She ain’t even notice me until she standing right next to Yaya. Our eyes met and to my surprise, she gave me a wide smile. “If it isn’t Mr. New Orleans himself.” She greeted.

“Wassup? I ain’t know I had a nickname. Makin’ a nigga feel special and shit.” I chuckled. I gave a glance to Mariya who had on her poker face. I knew she wanted chew my head off and ask a million questions. I neva did tell ha, bout me and Light Bright meeting.

“Don’t. And I don’t appreciate you tryin’ to spit game at my woman.” She joked, wrapping her arms around Yaya. “She’s all mine.” She proclaimed proudly. Ha. If she only knew.

“Baby.” Mariya interrupted. “How do you know him?” She asked. 

Adriana let out a giggle and gave Yaya a peck on the lips. “Don’t be jealous, babe. He’s the reason we’re together now.” She admitted. 

Yaya raised a brow at me. “Oh, really?” She asked, this time at me. I shrugged and stuck my hands in my pockets. “It was nothin’.”

“Mhm. It was "nothin” to you, but a lot to me.“ Adriana smiled. "I didn’t think I’d get the chance to thank you, but here you are. So, thanks.” Damn. She ain’t know what she was really thankin’ me fa. 

“No problem, ma.” I mumbled. “So, y'all down fa a threesome or nah?”

Yaya cut her eyes at me and Adriana only left out a laugh. “Nigga, you thought.” She giggled and pulled Yaya closer to her. “This is all mine. She don’t want you no way!”

If she only fucking knew.

“Aight, aight."I put my arms up in defeat. "Can’t blame a brotha fa tryin’.”

“I can, but won’t." 

"Well, I’ll let y'all beautiful ladies get back to shoppin’.” I held my arm out to Yaya. “It was nice meetin’ ya, gorgeous.” Yaya looked at my hand then up to me. I gave her a smirk as she reached out and shook my hand. The look in her eyes told me she was gonna give me hell later. 

“Bye, Mr. New Orleans.” Adriana gave another wave and a smile before dragging Mariya off. I chuckled to myself as I thought about what just happened. I hope God forgave me fa this shit lata’.

“My nigga.” Trey called from behind me. “You know yo ass ain’t shit for that.” He laughed. “Got shawty thankin’ you, knowing damn well you fucked her girl.”

“I neva been shit. Why start na?” I shrugged. “Wassup with ya and Vanilla Ice?”

“We kickin’ it." 

"She makin’ ya ass work fa it, huh?”

“Bra, you hungry?” He asked, ignoring my question. “Cause I could eat." 

Yeah. She was makin’ his ass work fa it.

Mariya’s POV

"And that’s how me and Light Bright met.”

“And you didn’t tell me this why?” I asked, a hint of annoyance in my voice. “And stop calling her that.”  August gives me so many chest pains, it’s ridiculous. Here I am freaking out about Adriana meeting August and come to find out, that’s already happened. As if I didn’t feel bad enough as it is..

“Slipped ma mind.” He grumbled into the receiver. 

“I bet.” I mumbled while plopping on my bed. “You not shit.”

“I know, but ya love it.” He chuckled. “And besides why ya ain’t tell ol’ girl I was ya mentor? Hm? That slip ya mind, baby?”

Damn. He had me there. I only told Adriana I was working with a guy. I conveniently forgot to mention his name and all the “extra” stuff that occurred. I was wrong, but being wrong never felt so right. “Whatever, Aug.” I mumbled. “You still ain’t shit.”

“Neither are ya. Got me ova’ hea’, layin’ in bed all by my lonesome.”

“Bye, Auggie.” I giggled. “It’s not that serious.”

“Ya ass put me on punishment. I’m a grown ass man on punishment."He repeated. "How that sound?" 

"Sound like you been bad.” I chuckled. “You been sleepin’ by yourself just fine before.”

“But I had plans ta fuck ya walls up and sleep between them titties tonight.”

“Bye!” I yelled into the the phone. I frowned when I felt the heat rising to my cheeks. He had no chill. At all. 

“Ya keep sayin’ bye, but ya ass don’t hang up.” He grumbled. “Imma hang up. Coo? Coo.”

“Don’t!” I said a bit too quickly. “I want you to stay on the phone with me till I fall asleep." 

"Nah. Ya on punishment. No gushy, romantic stuff.”

“Auggie.” I whined. “Please?”

I heard him move around a bit before he talked again. “Aight. What ya wanna talk about, baby?”

I smiled and brought the phone closer to my ear. “Anything.”

“Like wha?” He asked again. 

“Umm… I don’t know.” I sighed in defeat. 

He chuckled. “I eva’ tell ya ma full name?”

“No.” I pouted. “Tell me.”

“August Anthony Alsina Jr.”

“Awww. You’re a junior. That’s cute.” I giggled. “Imma call you Ant now. Kay? Kay.”



“Man, whateva. What’s ya full name?”

“Mariya Elise Owens." 

"Imma call ya Eli? Aight? Aight.”



This was going to be a long night. 

Omg a server at Garden Grill just walked by and did a double take at my shirt and was like IS THAT A HOOK SHIRT?? and I was like YES! And she turns around and comes up and goes OMG ARE YOU CURRENT!? And I was like YES IM GOING BACK TO THE ROOM TONIGHT TO WATCH THE FINALE! and she was like OMG THIS IS THE BEST SEASON I LOVE HOOK! And I was like AHHHH ME TOO! And she’s like omg WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN? WHEN HE LOST IT ON EMMA omg MY HEART!! And I was like ME TOOO ITS GONNA BE OK!! And Mickey Mouse walked up and she was like we are talking about Once upon a time! And Mickey nodded and gave thumbs up and she goes SHES WEARING A HOOK SHIRT! And Mickey got excited and gave two thumbs up lmao! ITS OFFICIAL. MICKEY MOUSE LOVES HOOK!! Nothing else matters.

Also, I said I had a captain swan case and she grabbed her heart and looked at Mickey and said OK you grab her, I’ll grab the phone case!! It was the cutest thing.