omg she made a third one


God help me Lol While it’s never right to ship real life people… until I get an explanation for that random arm caress and the looks between them that followed… my sinful mind came to it’s own conclusion regarding that 18 second clip, broken down into 4 sets of pictures…

First set

1) Mercedes: “Damn Alycia’s legs look amazing thru this glass table”

2) Mercedes: “I bet her arms feel as soft as her legs look” / Alycia: “….. uh”

3) Mercedes: “Yep they are”/ Alycia: “Omg she’s touching me”

4) Mercedes: “……..” / Alycia: “……..”

Second set

1) Mercedes: “Heyyy ;) “ / Alycia: “You know there are other people here right”

2) Mercedes: “No one’s paying attention to us” / Alycia: “Lets just pretend it didn’t happen”

3) Alycia: “But it did happen”

4) Alycia: “You caressed my arm” / Mercedes: “I just had the urge to touch you“

Third set

1) Mercedes: “I’m sorry if that made you uncomfortable”

2) Mercedes: “Did it?” / Alycia: “No, no… not at all”

3) Mercedes: “Just one last peek at those legs” / Alycia: “Omg now she’s staring at my legs through the table”

4) Mercedes: “Shit I think she caught that” / Alycia: “She is sooo busted”

Fourth set

1) Alycia: “Wait… does this mean she’s into me?”

2) Mercedes: “I wonder if she knows I’m into her”

3) Mercedes: “Cute little thing doesn’t have a clue” / Alycia: “Yeahhh she’s into me, play it cool Alycia”

  • Coulson: (to Cal) OMG you poor baby, your wife made you do all the terrible things didn't she? All the murder and the Hyde formula and giving yourself up to SHIELD, that was all her idea wasn't it?
  • Coulson: (to Grant) ...Wow you let Garrett manipulate you? You are a murderer, a psychopath, no redemption for you!
  • Jeff Bell: LMAO I love my life. Now let's continue to kill off one WoC for stupidity and another WoC to villainize a third WoC. Nobody can say this show isn't female empowering LMAO.
  • Jeff Bell: After all, white men only get redemption if all the blame can be pushed onto the evil WoC. Never mind the fact that Cal was a grown ass man when Jiaying began manipulating him, while Grant was a 15-year-old boy when Garrett began brainwashing him.
  • Jeff Bell: Because lulz why not. I am a genius.

I realize I’m no ones first choice
There’s always someone better than me
Someone smarter
Someone prettier
Someone funnier
Someone sweeter
Someone more caring
Someone more understanding
Someone more selfless
Someone more important

But recently I’ve realized
I’m okay with that
I’m okay with not being the first choice
I’m okay with not being number one

Because even if I’m second
Or third
Or fourth
Even if I’m number five
Or number six
Or number seven
I’m still a choice
I’m still an option
I still made the list of those you love

And that, for me
Is enough.

—  my new favorite poem, written by Chloe

This was the first Christmas in two years that Tatum was actually out of that hell-hole of a basement and was able to celebrate it. Christmas was a day to be surrounded by people you love and care about, but now for the third year, she was surrounded by no one. When she had heard that they were giving away supplies, she came just for that–not to spread the Christmas cheer she didn’t have. As she walked around the hotel, consumed by the bittersweet memories that were made this day, she felt herself collide with something–someone? Her head quickly whipped up, her face as if she was a deer caught in headlights, “I-I’m sorry,” she said, her voice no more than a low whisper.