omg she is so fantastic

(1/?) times Elle has been fantastic

the-last-alicorn  asked:

My favorite part of the entire Trilogy is the part where Vin is super salty about the fact that there's no more to the logbook translation. It's like she's a total nerd or something. Plus, Sanderson is absolutely using Vin as a mouthpiece for his own readers and I love it. "But it can't end like that! We don't know what happened!" "It's a very unsatisfying end to a story Sazed!"

omg that part was fantastic!! so relatable. she tries to be so casual about it too like ‘hey Saze when’s the next translation going to be ready’ and Sazed says ‘nope that’s it. why, were you invested’ and Vin has to pretend she’s not a nerd. Brandon = Sazed there tbh! it’s hilarious