omg she is just such a cutie

Dating Yongguk would be like...

Have you ever done a dating Yongguk post? Like the bullet point list one?? I am curious as to what it would be like. Sorry if you have! I just couldn’t find it on your masterlist. Also, sorry if requests are closed. Thank you, lovelies!!

Yas my BAP bias here we goooo

  • okay so this cutie aish he would be so nice to just chill with
  • like he’s the type to go get takeout and then watch a movie with you on the couch
  • I feel like it would take a little while for him to open up to you?
  • He just doesn’t want to get hurt and his anxiety kicks in with these kinds of things
  • ooh ooh imagine your sibling/friend calling you and asking you to babysit their daughter
  • and having to bring him along
  • He’s at first like “what if they dont like me omg what iF SHE HATES ME”
  • and ur just like
  • he’s not reassured
  • but then he meets her and she adores him as much as her own parents
  • and askjsfjdfkjsd you’re so happy and he’s happy
  • and he just gives you this look
  • “no Yongguk im not having kids yet”
  • “>> *sigh* okay”
  • Comforting him when his anxiety gets really bad
  • making pillow forts in the living room and sleeping in them
  • Him randomly being really derpy and making you laugh
  • like one minute you’re both just enjoying a cup of coffee at a quaint, tiny shop
  • and he’s smiling at you a little shyly but also really sweetly
  • and the next you’re choking on your latte bc he’s making possibly T H E derpiest face ever
  • Sitting in his lap
  • like not sexy or anything
  • literally just sitting
  • and he’s got his arms around your waist and you’re just snuggling in the recording room
  • Imagine going to meet his parents
  • and his mom is so happy to meet you
  • she practically hugs and feeds you to death
  • and also shows you Yongguk’s baby pictures
  • meanwhile the poor man is dying from embarrassment
  • Him showing up at your apartment with flowers or some other small, sweet treat
  • I feel like he’s pretty romantic but not overly showy about it?
  • He wants you to feel like a Queen™ 
  • on the streets and in the sheets tbh
  • which reminds me
  • sex with Yongguk would be so nice???
  • like he’d be so into pleasuring you and making sure you’re in complete bliss
  • But overall dating Yongguk would be amazing
  • he would only have eyes for you, that’s for sure



anonymous asked:

Hello 😊 may I request the reactions of the RFA+V+Saeran when they see MC making them breakfast with nothing but their T-shirt on?? Thank you ❤❤❤



  • This lil cutie always wakes up super late!!!
    • He totally doesn’t run out of bed
    • And he doesn’t trip over the covers either
  • When he sees nothing on the table, he’s slightly disappointed
    • Decides to sneak up on you in the kitchen and steal some of the food even you’re still cooking
  • Okay woah wait
    • are tHOSE YOUR LEGS
  • This boy’s face is on fire
    • “MC..I…um…what’s for breakfast?”
    • lookinhereyeslookinhereyes
  • “Me~”
    • “Oh just some pancakes and I made an omelet for us!”
  • he can’t keep his eyes off you the entire meal omg  
  • cmon guys, we both know you’re gonna be the one initiating if you want something to happen
    • You totally bend over in front of him to tease him, you little minx
    • Everything is swiped off that table and your back is on it so quickly
  • Who knew Yoosung had it in him
  • You find out Yoosung loves to lick syrup off you


  • this boy gets up at 6 am for mile runs what is wrong with him
  • And you always make him breakfast so he has something to look forward to when he gets home <3
  • But when he enters the kitchen and he sees you, oh my god lord help you
    • You really thought you could enjoy an innocent breakfast when you’re dressed like that???
    • Oh you knew what was gonna happen, didn’t you?
  • You’re bent over that counter top so fast that you’re pretty sure you went back in time
  • You can’t walk for two days after that


  • You’re such a sweetie pie and you realize with how busy Jaehee is, you’re gonna need to make her meals for her if you want her to eat properly
  • When she sees you, omg this girl is flustered, but she’s insanely happy???
    • You just look so cute
    • She must have died and gone to heaven, why else would be blessed by such an amazing sight?
  • She wraps her arms behind and just watches you cook
    • Sometimes she’ll places kisses on shoulder because she’s a cutie <3
  • But her hands start slowly making their way down your sides
    • You know where this is going
  • Her fingers graze your inner thigh and she teases you for so long
    • She’d stop but your whimpers are like music to her ears
  • I think it’s safe to say you didn’t finish making breakfast


  • You usually never make breakfast for him bc hello, he has a cook
  • But sometimes you like to make your own food so you kick out the cook (ofc the cook still gets paid)
  • And you like making food for Jumin, he always says your food tastes better than the cook’s <3
    • He’s lying but he loves it when you cook for him! It makes him feel so loved
  • When he talks in on you wearing nothing but his shirt, he doesn’t really have a reaction???
    • He can control himself better than he thinks and he knows better than to start anything before work
  • But you notice his gaze lingering on your legs when you walk around
  • Oh but when he gets home from work, he roughly pushes you up against a wall and whispers in your ear “Did you think you could get away with what you did this morning?”
  • Oh boy oh pal you’re in for a night girl


  • If u want saeyoung to eat, you’re definitely gonna need to make food for him otherwise it’s not happening
  • when he walks in for breakfast, iNSTANT NOSEBLEED
  • “You’re so hot, MC”
  • way to be subtle, saeyoung
  • he lifts you and sets you on the counter <3
  • He asks if he can eat honey Buddha chips off you
    • You say yes


  • The second he saw you, you had no chance
  • He pushes you up against a wall, his hand gripping your thighs and you’re loving it
  • ·He trails hungry kisses down your throat and he makes sure to nibble to leave marks on your neck
  • You are his, do not forget that


  • no reaction cause he can’t see
  • just kidding
  • The second he sees you, he wraps his arms around you and he’s kissing so roughly
    • He’s usually so gentle and this side of him is so hot
  • But he abruptly pulls away from you because he realizes he’s losing control
  • Like you’re gonna let that happen
  • You slip off your shirt and push yourself against him
  • “Where are you going, V? We’re not done yet~”
  • MC is the dom in this relationship
  • y'all: *smoothly pointing out isak and sana parallels, pretending you're sad about sana being in pain*
  • sana: *doesn't smile at isak for once*
  • sana: *tells isak an obvious double entendre that clearly insinuates that she feels alone, something your ray of sunshine isak understood but y'all are too condescending to notice*
  • y'all: omg don't you DARE speak to my dandelion boy isak like that sana >:(((( how dare you? WHY WOULD YOU BE SO RUDE TO THIS CINNAMON ROLL? *more incoherent babble* THIS ISN'T FAIR HE'S JUST A CUTIE TRYING TO ASK FOR HELP >:(

Today, Thai users in twitter have a little trend by using an app to change an actor into a woman. I couldn’t resist the trend because Eddie’s already so damn cute being a man. I don’t disappoint! OMG LOOK AT THIS CUTIE!!!!


Now I want Graves x Fem!Newt fic with burning passion of the sun omg ; w ;;;  or just Fem!Newt with any male character…. *sobs*

Easter HC’s

Happy Easter my loves!

(If you don’t celebrate Easter then… Happy Sunday!)

((And if you prefer the religious aspect of the holiday then…. um… Amen? IDK IM NOT RELIGIOUS IM SORRY))

I felt that, since we currently aren’t accepting requests, I would write a little HC with some Easter themes for you guys!

Okay enough talking, here you go my dudes <3 ~Admin 404


               -He wanted to do something a little different for Easter

               -Instead of the standard basket full of goodies, he wanted to have some fun! Play around! Go outside for once!

               -“It’s so nice outside… it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy it…. if we just sat in here…. doing nothing….” “Yoosung are you okay? Are you sick?”

               -He grabbed two spoons, a bucket with some unfilled water balloons, and your hand, dragging them all outside

               -You helped him fill up a bunch of water balloons, laughing when you realized they had little patterns on them like Easter eggs or little bunny faces

               -He announced the two of you were going to have a spoon and egg race, but with water balloons!  

               -But he gets really competitive? But it’s always really playful, never hurtful!

               -He’s knocked the spoon so the water balloon drops, or he bumps into you on “accident”

               -After his 7th win, he’s laughing at you and gloating that “Shooting Star” is the best Water balloon racer there ever was. He stopped laughing when you hit him in the face with a water balloon

               -The rest of the race turned into a water balloon fight. The both of you ended up completely soaked, running, and giggling like children. Once you were out of water balloons though, you two used the spoons as if they were swords and continued to run around like complete dorks


               -“BABE WAKE UP I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU” “Zen it’s 6 in the morning this better be important or I’m killing you”

               -He has you get dressed, hands you a piece of paper, and shoves you out of the house?? This early in the morning?? He won’t unlock the door?? YOU’RE GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM

               -The piece of paper had a location on it and a memory he had written down on it- it was the coffee shop the two of you and Jaehee frequent. When you got there, the manager handed you a basket with a single plastic egg in it, and another piece of paper with- surprise- another location and memory associated with it

               -After a while, the scavenger hunt got harder and harder. He’d write down a memory and you’d have to start to figure out where to go next

               -At each place, you found a single plastic egg. Curiosity got the better of you and you opened a few of them

               -Inside were different puzzle pieces? He put together a scavenger hunt for puzzle pieces? What kind of moNSTER

               -The last clue sent you home where he sat at the living room table, waiting for you

               -He helped you put the puzzle pieces together, the pieces revealed the picture you were putting together was your favourite photo of the two of you, with “I love you” scribbled in his handwriting in the corner

               -You absolutely loved it and couldn’t stop smiling at how dramatic and over the top he was with it, but it was still super cute! But there was a puzzle piece missing? You turned to ask him about it and you found him holding up a plastic egg covered in glitter. You opened it to find not only the last piece, which was a picture of a heart, but also a ring.

               -He turned a nice shade of pink but had the brightest smile when he saw your eyes light up. The whole day was amazing, fun, and just absolutely beautiful. You loved all of it, and especially him, there was no way you could say no


               -She woke up that Sunday to find your shared living room covered in hand-made paper decorations, coloured construction paper scattered across the floor, a basket full of goodies she couldn’t quite make out, and you standing in the center of the chaos with a large smile on your face

               -“MC, do you care to explain what all of….this… is?” She asked, side-eyeing the large paper rabbit you’ve hung against the bookshelf

               -“It’s all part of a game! It’s the Bunny Hop game! We pick these coloured cards, and move to that colour, sort of like Candyland!”

               -You gestured over to the basket sitting at the end of the “board”, and gave her the brightest grin you could

               -“Winner gets the basket of goodies!!! Okay okay, come over here!! Hurry, hurry!”

               -She laughed at your enthusiasm and joined you at the start, taking turns moving across the “board” from colour to colour


               -At the end of it all, she finally realized that you had rigged it so she would win. The basket was full of some of her favourite coffee beans, a bunch of caramel chocolates, some rare Zen merchandise, and a gift card for her favourite book store

               -She had no words?? You literally set this game up just for her to win? This is the sweetest thing anyone’s done for her in a long time

               -The two of you shared her chocolates throughout the rest of the day as she’s cuddled against you. As a thank you for the day, she cooks one of your favourite meals for dinner. she also makes you play the bunny hop game a few more times because?? Its cute and fun and she just wants to enjoy it let her have this


               -On Easter, you wake up to a basket full of goodies, correct?

               -When you live with Jumin, you wake up to like 5 different baskets

               -There’s even a basket for Elizabeth omg what a cutie

               -EACH BASKET HAS THEMES!!!

               -A few are full of items pertaining to your favourite interests/hobbies, another is dedicated to candies and chocolate, and the largest was by far the one he was most excited about

               -It held a beautiful outfit, dazzling accessories, and even some shoes??

               -He was grinning from ear to ear when you turned to ask him about it and he held out some tickets towards you

               -A play?? This dude’s seriously taking you to a play?? What a NERD but you couldn’t help but get just as excited who’s the nerd now, mc????

               -IT WAS ACTUALLY THE CUTEST LITTLE PLAY ABOUT AN EASTER BUNNY BRINGING GIFTS AND JOY TO CHILDREN AND YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DORK TOOK YOU TO THIS (it wasnt even a play pertaining to the religious aspect of the holiday?? it was a grown man in a bunny suit?? and he loved every minute of it??)

               -When the two of you got home, you gave him his own Easter basket, full of cat-themed accessories, bottles of his favourite wines, and a hand-made coupon book full of tasks and actions he can cash in on (which he laughed at because?? you both knew you’d do any of these if he just asked)


               -It was too early in the morning and Saeran was pissed at the both of you

               -He had to hide dozens and dozens of plastic eggs around the house for the both of you to find

               -But Saeyoung was COMPETETIVE AS FUCK

               -He loves you, MC, but he’s gonna find the most eggs. He’s gonna get the most candy. He will reign supreme


               -There was one up like in the door of the attic? You found Saeyoung dangling from the opening

               -“Uuuuh MC, since you’re soo nice and sooo amazing…” “I’m not bringing you the ladder” “MC PLEASE”

               -He actually threw a pity party in the corner of the living room when he lost the Easter egg hunt? “YOU’RE BEING A CHILD, MAN UP, CHOI” “LEAVE ME ALONE MC”

               -At the end of the day though, the two of you sat watching cliché Easter movies and eating the pounds of chocolate the two of you collected

               -It’s not surprising that the two of you ended up in a sugar induced coma, spread out of the couch. Saeran looked at the two of you in disgust as he stole a handful of his brothers candy, so you’d have more than him when the two of you woke up


               -Why is there a large canvas sitting in your living room whERE IS THE FURNITURE

               -V was standing there in an old t-shirt and shorts, smiling at you proudly, which makes you question just what he has planned

               -The entire room is covered in layers of old sheets, painters paper, and cartons upon cartons of eggs scattered about the floor

               -“MC! Look! We can make art with paint instead of photos this time!” “But V, you have your camera set up right here, it’s set for rapid fire” “No it’s not, ignore that” “IT’S RIGHT HERE” “No it’s not”

               -Once you’ve changed into the appropriate painting attire, you look around for some brushes, and more importantly, some paint

               -You watched as he picked up an egg, smiled at you, and threw it at the canvas. The egg shattered, leaving a large paint splatter across it. That’s when it clicked that the eggs are hollowed out and full of different coloured paint

               -The two of you take turns just throwing different colours, laughing, and shoving each other playfully

               -After a while, throwing the eggs at the canvas turned into throwing them at each other. He even smashed a few full of light blue paint over your head

               -“Look, MC, now you’ve got hair like mine”

               -The fight didn’t end until the both of you were covered head to toe in paint, and he had enough pictures of the two of you playing to make a full scrapbook of its own. You even laid on the ground and made a paint angel, and he drew a little halo above you and everything


               -He watched in confusion as you filled a ton of different bowls full of vinegar and food dye

               -You had almost every colour you could think of and he wasn’t sure what you were even going to do with it?

               - After an explanation that, you take hard boiled eggs and set them in the liquid so you can colour and decorate them, he was just left with more questions

               -“Why would you do that? Couldn’t you just eat it? What’s the point?” “Stop asking questions and just dye some eggs”

               -He watched you use a clear crayon to draw some designs on the eggs, dip them in multiple colours, and tried to do the same

               - his first few eggs were literally just black

               -He actually enjoyed drawing little bunny faces on some of them. There were even little egg versions of the two of you!

               -A while later, he realized that the dye sort of…dyes your skin, so he wanted to mess with you

               -He got a paint brush and started to paint little pictures on your arm while you tried to finish dyeing the eggs

               -But it was really relaxing and you couldn’t help but let him do it. By the end of the night, the two of you were not only naked, but you guys were covered in adorable little paintings! He loved them a lot and didn’t want to wash them off in all honesty. Though the two of you reeked of vinegar and Saeyoung had to exaggerate and wear a clothespin on his nose the whole next day

okay i know it’s not Christmas anymore but-




This lovely detailed WoY Christmas card was made by my sweetie friend @trustnooneyoucant as a gift for me <333 (It came with other things, but I want to keep them private) And I just HAD to show this beautiful handmade card njebnfkr (she allowed me to post it ;3; )
@trustnooneyoucant is a cutie pie and she is very very sweet and she deserves big hugs
Now this card stands proudly on my desk (with the tiny owl plush <3 )
She spent so much time on this omg 
<33333 again thank you so much my dear!

Teen Wolf 6x09 spoilers

So instead of doing small posts throughout, i’m gonna do one giant post concerning this episode, so lets get to it.

• #MaliaTheOptimist

• Omg we’re doing the cold remembery thingy we did with Isaac bb

• Sheriff, you don’t have a station full of armed deputies to back u up. srys.

• poor bbs so sed Sheriff nooo

• dont. shoot. theo. (pls)

• “I’m an Atheist, fire at will.” I just got chills idk why someone help me now i’m turned on.


•in this moment, i remember what theo trash i am :)


•"theres a lot of keys here!“ "I’m beginning to feel like you’re not even trying here!” Omg

•theo just ran over a ghost rider what a cutiepie

• yay shirtless scott

• #momLydia


•werewolf freezee pop

• Scott Mccall is such a beautiful being


• Lydia, i can hear you.



•i love this song

• awe Baby Beta Scott

• i love Theo omg yall i am trash


• “cause you trust everyone” this moment broke my heart

• Scott sweetie pls

• Liam you darling baby too sweet

• Theo you ass why do i love you


• Ha shittttttttt yall in trouble

• Lost Lydia hurts my heart she is my queen

• ok now shes not lost she is a smart gg babygirl


• Scott you got this pupper

• open the locker do it do it do it

• this is only half the episode yall must hate me omfg

• “lets play dead like good pups” basically what Liam just said


•oh shit Liam steppin up..unexpected

•Omg he is remembering the phone call


• Lydia support yo Alpha

• i wonder which memory is gonna trigger it






• I cant see thru my tears

• this episode is an emotional rollercoaster

• lydia is so pretty



• Omg so long ago so eichen so far back

• my heart my heart malia pls THE HALE VAULT my sweet sweet children babycakes




• yas #teamwork from my fave and my least fave (no offense i just don’t like Liam)

•Scalia sweet moment yes

•they have so much hope

• omg im sorry malia shes so sad BUT STYDIA YES YES YES


•ok liam is an honorable werepuppy and i’m liking him more every second



•"you smoked when you were ten?“ "No just bit my fingernails”

• Malia reading is so cute

• Scott reading is so relaxing THIS IS HYPNOSIS WHY AM I TURNED ON

• Omg is she gonna watch their memories YES SHE IS girl now u see how we felt


• if Stiles doesnt come back in the end of all this imma sue Jeff Davis for emotional trauma



• as you can tell… i, a theo girl, am very conflicted in this episode.

• *goes to fist bump like cuties* *yeah no*



•real tears yall I had to pause it i’m crying so hard

•they played the song


• shes crying babygirl please dont cry just remember him and be happy and love him and take care of him


•if this aint stiles imma fight Jeff

•Plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls Please be stiles



ok and with that, my emotionally unstable ass is gonna go cry. Thank you and goodnight folks!

Mafia III: Fancasting Edition

So I’ve been doing some thinking, if they ever did decide to make Mafia III live action film, who would be the perfect actors to play them beside their voice actors. So these are a few actors/actresses that I think would fit the roles perfectly. Most of these are based on purely looks but I tried to pick actors and actresses that would play the role to the T. (These are in no particular order)

1.Lincoln Clay/Trai Byers

We’ve all seen Trai Byer work his black boy magic as Andre Lyon on Empire. Based on physique alone, Trai has the height and build of Lincoln. && The man looks damn good in a suit. 

2. Father James Ballard/Danny Glover

I was tempted to use Morgan Freeman in this role but I figured he might be over used, so I tried Danny. Danny would be great for an older James, the one whose doing the interview during the cutscenes. A younger one, I’m not sure yet. 

3. John Donovan/Chris Pines

I saw Wonder Woman last weekend and all I could was,” Damn, he could play a live action John Donovan” lol. Chris is very talented and has great chemistry with his Co-Actors/Actress, such as G*l G*dot. Those dreamy blue eyes could play an excellent CIA Agent. 

4. Cassandra/Rutina Wesley

Rutina is amazing in Queen Sugar! But beside the point, she was a complete bad ass in True Blood, she was make an excellent Cassandra. I remember she was cursing out white people in True Blood and our lovely Cassandra does the same. She won’t fuck with dem white folks, she’ll make Screaming Zemis so fast. 

5. Roxy Laveau/Aja Naomi King

Another amazing black actress, she really shines in her role as Michaela on HTGAWM. She’s fierce and a force to be reckoned with just like Roxy. && She’s a cutie to boot. 

6. Sammy Robinson/Giancarlo Esposito

This image alone gives me enough evidence xD 

7.Ellis Robinson/Larenz Tate

Larenz Tate would fit the role of Ellis, possibly purely based on looks. 

8.Thomas Burke/Jeff Bridges 

9.Giorgi Marcano/Wilson Bethel

10. Sal Marcano/Robert De Niro 

11. Vito Scaletta/John Stamos

This one was the hardest, like omg and even then I don’t think John Stamos would be a good Vito. Idk idk idk lol

I tried to keep their nationalities as close as possible. I had a really difficult time picking for Vito, Giorgi, Sal and Thomas. I would like to see your fan casting as well, so feel free to add. :)

@jakkus-storyteller @rougeberry @pipedreams7

fruityscribbles  asked:

an au where Marco is a nurse and Tom gets injured and Tom just falls in love with him when they first meet, so he tries to act cool but ends up getting all embarrassed and flustered and Marco just finds it cute anyways (then Tom tries to find a way to see the nurse again so he goes in for a paper cut or any other fake or small injury XD)

OMG! THIS WAS SUCH A CUTE IDEA! I literally had so much fun writing it! You all know how much I love flustered Tom! I love my cuties being cute together! I hope you like the story! Enjoy!


“What have you got for me Star?” Marco asked. Star was carrying an unconscious demon bridal style. She put him down in the wheelchair.

“Just a demon, he got baged up pretty bad, all I can tell is he’s got a nasty bump on his head. There was a fight over in the underworld, a lot of people got hurt. This one’s all for you, he’s probably got a concussion.” Star explained. Marco smiled.

“Oh perfect, I love head injuries.” He smiled. Star gave her friend a really weird look. “Treating them that is.” He continued. Star laughed and ran back to the ambulance she worked on as a paramedic.

“Call me when you need a lift home!” She said. Marco waved goodbye to his friend and brought the demon inside. He checked him in and brought him to a room, making sure he was all set up he continued examining him to make sure his injuries weren’t life threatening. He took a CAT scan of his head and then decided to let the demon be, he seemed okay for now.

A few hours later Marco was checking up on the demon, when he stirred and woke up. “Oh, hello, Tom.” Marco smiled. Tom’s eyes fluttered open and he looked up at the human looking down sweetly at him. Tom felt his heart beat faster and he cleared his throat.

“Where am I?” He asked.

“You’re in an earth hospital. You got into a fight earlier in your home dimension.” Marco explained. “I’m Marco, your nurse. How are you feeling?” Marco asked. Tom sat up a little straighter and tilted his head back and forth.

“Fine I guess.. My head is throbbing.” Tom complained. Marco laughed lightly and put his hand on his forehead. Tom began blushing like an idiot at the contact and Marco looked at him strangely.

“Are you okay? You look really red.” Marco told him. Tom gulped and nodded.

“I-I’m f-fine.” He choked out. Marco smiled warmly and handed him a cup.

“Take these. They’ll help with the pain, but they may make you a little loopy.” Marco warned. “So you’ll probably fall asleep.” He warned. Tom pushed them away.

“Oh, then I think I’ll just tolerate the pain.” He assured. Marco tilted his head.

“Are you sure?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“Yeah, a new dimension and planet… I’d rather be aware of what’s going on… at least for now.” Tom explained. Marco smiled.

“I understand that. I’ll turn off the lights so it’s easier on your eyes, and let you sleep for now. If you change your mind about the meds or need anything else, just press the buzzer.” Marco told him. Tom saw the buzzer on the table and gave Marco a thumbs up.

“Thanks, Nurse.” He smiled and Marco left. Tom sighed and tried to get his heartbeat and breathing under control. He fell back on the pillow and whispered to himself. “Marco…”


“And how are we feeling today Tom?” Marco asked, coming into his room in the morning. Tom was lying face down in his pillow.

“I think I’m gonna take my chances with the painkillers.” Tom mumbled. Marco giggled a little bit and handed him the cup.

“I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” Marco said, it was mostly a joke, but hearing Marco say it actually made Tom feel safer. He took the pills and just kept looking at Marco. Finally the nurse laughed. “What are you looking at?” He asked. Tom realized he was staring and looked away, blushing furiously.

“N-nothing, Marco… sorry.” He mumbled. Marco giggled a little bit and Tom felt himself get even more flustered at hearing the human’s cute laugh and seeing his inviting smile. “It’s just uh… do you um…” Tom cleared his throat, it was becoming increasingly difficult to speak and open up. And Marco sat down on the bed next to Him, causing Tom to clam up.

“Lean forward, so I can see your head.” Marco requested. Tom gulped and nodded, leaning forward. Marco ran his fingers through Tom’s hair and looked at the dark bruise that covered his temple and head. Tom blushed deeply and felt his heartbeat pick up as Marco felt his head gently. “Is the pain very bad?” Marco asked.

“I-I’m okay…” Tom muttered. Marco smiled and looked at the demon’s blushing face. He giggled a bit as well, it was cute how flustered he was getting. Marco couldn’t help but blushing a bit himself, it was flattering to see that somebody liked him this much. And he couldn’t help but think the demon was absolutely adorable. As much as he tried to act cool, Tom was always blushing and making a fool of himself. He was a flustered mess whenever Marco would enter the room. It was cute, and it made Marco gush. Marco smiled at him and made a move to leave. Tom jumped a bit. “Wait!” He called. Marco turned around.

“Is there something wrong?” Marco asked. Tom blushed and tried to think of something.

“I uh… I think that uh… I might be hurt.” Tom tried. Marco raised an eyebrow.

“Other than your head?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and Marco sat back down next to him. “What’s the problem, Tom?” Marco asked. Tom gulped, but remained silent. “Tom? Is there a problem?” Marco giggle a bit, catching onto his little trick.

“Um… not as of now… but there could be!” Tom claimed. “You should stay here just in case.” Tom suggested, blushing and smiling awkwardly. Marco smiled at him and patted his head like a puppy-dog.

“I have other patients, and those painkillers are going to start making you delirious soon if you try to stay awake. I’ll be back soon.” Marco assured. Tom’s eyes began to flutter closed from the drugs and he laid back.

“Promise?” He asked. Marco smiled.

“I promise.” Tom smiled and the last thing he felt before drifting off was Marco giving him a light kiss in the head.


“I thought you were discharged last week.” Marco asked the demon, who walked into the hospital again. Tom smiled a little bit.

“Yeah but uh… I think I actually might me dying.” Tom claimed. Marco put his hands on his hips.

“You said you were dying two days ago too.” Marco narrowed his eyes and Tom smiled sheepishly. Marco giggled a bit and Tom felt his heart flutter at the sound of his sweet laugh. “You know… if somebody wanted to see somebody else… they could just ask them to dinner instead of pretending they’re dying.” Marco told him. “If you know anybody who may be doing something so crazy.” Marco teased. Tom blushed deeper.

“A-and th-they would go to dinner with me- I mean them?” Tom asked. Marco laughed a bit more.

“Just ask Tom, this is getting to be too much trouble.” Marco joked. Tom smiled a bit and rubbed the back of his head nervously.

“Oh right… do you um… Marco? Can I buy you dinner?” Tom asked. Marco grinned and nodded.

“I’d be stupid to turn down such a generous offer.” Marco said with a humorous formality. Tom grinned again, showing off his sharp teeth.

“Great! Then it’s a date! I’ll pick you up at seven!” Tom exclaimed. Marco rocked on his heels.

“Sounds great.” He agreed. Tom jumped excitedly and backed away, only to trip over a wheelchair and fall down onto the floor. Marco clapped a hand over his mouth, but laughed in relief when the demon shot back up, fine.

“Seven tonight!” Tom said again, turning around and running into the door. He rubbed his nose in pain and smiled back at Marco. “Seven!”

Truth or Dare (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anon: Reader has a crush on him (obviously) and they kissed in a game likw Truth or dare, the reader controls herself to not create expectations about it, but Seb kind of liked it and start to see her differently but she’s like way younger than him.

Warnings: Adorable Sebby Stan, kissing, reader is about ten years younger than Seb.

A/N: If you haven’t gone through my blog than you don’t know that I am in love with Sebastian Stan! I love him so much he’s such a cutie omg! 😍💕 I hope you guys like this one! Btw the gif below is just adorable 😍

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Originally posted by heartfularry

You sat on the couch, sipping your beer. You were leaning against Sebastian with his arm wrapped around you, legs propped up on the coffee table. All your fellow cast members spread out through the living room, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Scarlett, Robert, Tom, the other Chris. You get the point.

“Okay okay, Chris. Truth Or Dare?” You asked, sipping the last of your beer.

“Hmm, Dare” Evans answered, a little scared of what you have in mind.

You sat up all the way, setting the bottle on the coffee table. “I dare you, to eat a big spoon full of mayonnaise” You grinned. After Chris ate the spoon full of mayo, he turned to you and Sebastian. Everyone knew about your massive crush on Seb, except him of course.

“Truth or dare?” Chris asked, a grin tugging at one side of his mouth.

“Dare” You replied, sitting up all the way. You pulled your legs off the coffee table.

“I dare you, to kiss Seb.” He stared with the most evilest look on his face. The whole room woo’d as you sighed. Your heart began to sink as you looked at Sebastian, who was smirking like a smartass. You rolled your eyes, looking back at Chris. “Do I have to?” You asked, whining under your breath. “Of course, it’s a dare” Chris answered before drinking the last of his beer. A sigh escaped your chest. You looked at Seb. Your heart was pounding against your chest, you bit down on your lip softly. Seb sat up, shifting in his seat to face you. He smiled like the dork he was. You groaned slightly as you leaned in and kissed him.

He began to kiss back and you could feel your cheeks burn as they turned red. His hands reached up and cupped your face. He pulled away from your lips and started to smile. Everyone continued to woo you guys. You quickly scooted away to cover the fact that it was the best kiss ever. Sebastian sat back into the position he was in before, the came went on and on. Little did you realize that Seb was staring at you the whole time.

It was about 12:00 now, everyone went back to their hotel rooms or back to their houses. Sebastian was pretty drunk, he was so drunk that he laughed at your pet fish for a good twenty minutes. He fell asleep on your couch, he looked so peaceful. And goddamn did he look sexy? You grabbed the blanket on the couch and covered him up. You turned the living room light off and went to bed.

You woke up to your alarm going off. You groaned, reaching over and turning it off. You opened your eyes, looking around as you sat up. You slipped your home shoes on and stood on your feet. You walked out, down the hallway and to the kitchen. From the kitchen you could see over to the living room. You made some coffee and sat down at the bar in the kitchen. You heard groaning coming from the living room, you look over to see Sebastian waking up. He sat up, rubbing his head. He stood up on his feet and walked over to you.

“I didn’t realize I feel asleep” He said while laughing at himself. He sat down on the stool next to you.

“Well, how’d you sleep?” You asked him, sliding your coffee over to him.

“Pretty good, I guess?” He seemed unsure, he couldn’t remember much from last night. “Did we.. Kiss last night?” He asked with the most confused face as he drank the rest of your coffee.

You laughed and nodded. “Yeah, we did” You replied, looking up from your computer screen. You looked at him.

“Oh” Seb huffed, setting the mug down softly.

“More coffee?” You asked, already getting up and making more coffee.

After awhile of just sitting and talking. Seb finally turned to you, locking eyes with yours. “Be honest, please. Do you like me? In that way” He asked, a grin pulling on the corners of his lips.

A soft smile grew across your face, you shook your head, looking over at your mug. You rubbed circles on the rim with your thumb, turning your head to him. “I don’t think I need to answer that.” You chant, pulling the mug to your mouth. You title the mug and drink the last bit of coffee you have. Your face already flushed, red and warm.

“Well, you’re in luck today then,” Seb muttered, reaching over and wrapping his arm around your torso. He leaned his head towards yours. “I like you too, a lot, and I would love to take you out sometime. We don’t have to call it a date if you don’t want it to be one” He whispered, smirking like a crazy person. Your face turned more red at his words.

“I would love to go out on a date with you too, Seb” You looked up at his eyes, gazing down at his lips. He seemed to realize this and pulled you into a kiss. Your lips melted into his, you hummed as you shut your eyes slowly.

Seb reached up and cupped your cheek with his hands. He pulled away, keeping his face by yours. A smile spread across both your faces.

A/N: Yay, finally done with this. I’m one follower away from 100 so. I’m gonna start up two new series for you guys! Once I’m done with the requests I’m working on and the one in my inbox, I’ll be closing the requests and just be working on the series for awhile!💕

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BestFriend!Jaemin AU

okay so i was in class daydreaming what it would be like if jaemin was in school with me cause i lowkey hate just about everyone in my class and i want a best friend that bright like jaemins cute self so yeah i came up with this. This is dedicated to all the cuties who are waiting for our boy’s healthy return.(also this is lowkey not a plotonic friendship, those AUs will be up later) i hope you guys enjoy it!! - A 

  •  “Jaemin, its fucking 3am what are you on about ?”
  • “im going to sleep, goodbye little shit.”
  • “y/n COME BACK TO ME”
  • you: *mutes your phone*
  • The next day comes and this boy is a mess
  • ‘‘hey can i copy your math homework’’
  • “lol no”
  • “please!!!!”
  • “you shouldn’t have stayed up so late loser.”
  • and you end up giving it to him because he flashes you that million dollar smile
  • “ugh fine but sprinkle in some random numbers to make it seem like you actually did your work”
  • and he hugs you and messes up your hair and you lowkey blush
  • this kid is constantly sending you notes during history
  • because he thinks a class dedicated on the past is so absurd for some reason ???
  • “id rather learn about the future” 
  • “ i dont think you understand how this works”
  • you guys like to ride the subway home for some reason you both just really like the subway 
  • and one day you guys were walking home from the subway station on a really nice warm day and Jaemin was like “lets go through the park” and you were like “yeah sure fam”
  • and as you’re walking through the park you see your favorite flower and you’re like “OMG ITS A [Insert flower name]” and your dork ass runs to it and picks it
  • and jaemin just smiles
  • ‘what a fucking cutie asjkfkhb’
  • he just keeps smiling while walking towards you with his hands in his pocket
  • you hold up the flower to him “isnt it so pretty!!!”
  • “yes :)”
  • while you’re just admiring the beauty of the flower he smiles like an idiot ‘wow shes so cute’
  • “its for you”
  • “me?” he asks
  • “yeah, this was your day so you should have it.”
  • and mark poor mark hasn’t a clue what to say
  • “um you should try and be nicer, nicer than usual”
  • so jaemin being the fucking loser person that he is, he trust mark because he must know what hes saying oFc
  • so hes super nice to you
  • like suspiciously nice to you
  • “do you need help in algebra?”
  • “yeah actually”
  • “I’LL HELP YOU!” 
  • “..thanks”
  • “NO PROB”
  • “Hey, Y/N I bought your lunch! its your fave”
  • “oh um thanks Nana”
  • so he invites you to his house to help you study 
  • and his room is surprisingly neat 
  • you were like :o ??
  • good job nana, good job.
  • and you see he has the flower you gave him in a cute mason jar with some water by the window (aww)
  • so you arrange your things on the floor and he goes and gets yall some snick snacks
  • and while hes helping you find the slope of something he just kinda says
  • “you’re really pretty”
  • ‘what bitch- did i just?’
  • ‘did he just??’
  • you start blushing a little hehehe
  • “oh um, tha-thank you”
  • and so yall get a bit quiet and your all nervous and pull a “its getting late” cause you dont know what to do like your crush/friend really just said that??
  • and hes like “yeah it is, ill walk you out okay?”
  • and you’re like “yeah”
  • and so you’re out the door and you both hug each other goodbye like you always do but this hug is different
  • you both linger on a bit more 
  • and so a few years later when the hug is finally over  you both let go and smile awkwardly at each other 
  • “bye nana” you wave
  • “bye y/n see you at school”
  • and you walk home chipper as can be smiling like an idiot because you cant stop thinking about how much you like jaemin
Heart attack;Jisung

Genre: fluff, tiny angst

Request: ayooo ~~ i wanna request fluffy jisung based on AOA’s Heart Attack??? - anon that talks too much

A/N: this didn’t go as well as i thought it would be but i hope you enjoy reading it!! tbh it’s actually quite bad?? omg im so sorry,, it’s been long since i actually wrote scenarios ahh


I’ve completely fallen for you

Your soft voice

I’ve fallen for it

I’m trembling

You held up your shaking and trembling hand hesitantly in front of you, your head shyly looking down as your eyes couldn’t finds its way to meet his. Cheeks flushed red, you bit your lips nervously as your heart stopped beating for second once you felt his warm palm holding yours.

“I’m Jisung if you didn’t know! It’s great being able to talk to you… finally haha”

His soft and soothing voice called out to you as he shook your hand, a slight tone of excitement ringing loudly in your ears. You bit your lower lip and lifted your head slightly to meet his eyes, a big smile on his face, a slight expression of anticipation as he waited for you to reply.

“Haha, of course i know you…”

You mentally slapped yourself after you realised what you said-you could’ve done better Y/N, why did you say that.

“Oh, it’s great to be your dance buddy, let’s have lots of fun together!”

You took his hand into yours hesitantly, trying your best not to give yourself away. You gave him a small smile, which he in return, let out a small giggle.

Your heart melted.

His voice itself could make you go weak, as tbe butterflies in your stomach churned and turned, and your whole body was shaking from the nervousness- all because of him. Only he had that power.

I totally understand how people fall in love at first sight

Now I know, the first time I saw you

You first saw him three years back, when you started taking up dance lessons as a hobby and something you do during your free time, despite you not being too interested in dancing. You were fascinated and entranced in his dancing, the way he’d always be so confident in every move he did, but change into a complete shy and awkward person after every performance. He attracted you.

You remember yourself going to dance lessons and dragging your lazy body out of the house just for the sake of seeing him every week, and as soon as you knew, you were more passionate in dancing, and started putting in more effort.

All for the sake of Park Jisung.

You’d notice how he’d always laugh and joke around with his friends in the dance room, and as time went by you noticed how you’d unknowingly smile too, as though he’s the only main source of your happiness. The sweet and sincere smile he’d always give you when he caught eye contact with you always made you flustered and nervous, and soon enough, you were madly in love with him.

Oh my, I keep getting a heart attack

The more I see you

My heart keeps pounding, I don’t know

It’s like a heart attack, what do I do?

I keep wanting to be in your arms, baby

“I’ll be coming in 10 minutes, wait for me alrights!” the boy on the other line of the phone called out to you, his flustered voice making you smile. You hummed in response and placed your phone in the small pouch slinged across your back, as you adjusted the side of the dress you bought and wore specially for today. Your heart was pumping against your chest so loudly, it felt as though it was going to pop up anytime.

Time passed quickly and as soon as you saw the familiar figure approaching you, your heart was at the top of your throat, as you tried your best to stay calm.

“I’m sorry i’m late! School ended late today,” Jisung said out to you, his hands rubbing the back of his neck, as he gave you an apologetic look.

Your hands reached up to tuck the strand of hair behind your ear, “Oh.. No, it’s okay!”

Jisung smiled again, then placed a hand on your shoulder, “You look really good by the way” as he moved his hand up to pat your head, then giving you a cheeky smile.

Your heartbeats resembled the sound of the hitting of the drums, and you tried your best not to fall right onto the ground from the happiness and content you were feeling. Keeping your cool, you playfully hit his hand, then giggled, “Thank you, you look good too hehe”

Jisung raised his eyebrows, and you saw his cheeks turn bright pink too, as he bent his head down slightly, hiding his face from you. He muttered a small ‘Thank you’ shyly, before he held your wrist gently, pulling you to the cafe he wanted to bring you to, the one he had been telling you about for the past two weeks.

Your first date with him, and he had already done so much.

Your heart couldn’t take it, it felt surreal.

“What about him do you like so much?”

My friends ask and I answer, “Don’t talk if you don’t know”

Your best friend gave you a big smirk, then snatched your phone away from your hands, which caused you to sprawl over her lap, in attempts to take your phone back.

“see you tomorrow cutie- are you going on a date with him, AGAIN?” she read out the text message on your phone, then cooed, “my girl’s all grown up now, she has a boyfriend, i’m proud of you, he just called you cutie omg??”

You couldn’t help but blush, as you smacked her hand lightly, “Shut up omg- GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE”

“you saved him with three heart emojis, i don’t think i even have one? wow Y/N, i thought i was more important than your boyfriend” she ignored your whines, then teased again.

“He’s not my boyfriend for goodness sake, we’re just really good friends.”

She raised her eyebrows then smirked, “Yeah sure, good friends go on dates all the time almost every week and call each other cute nicknames, how cute”

You ignored her words, then reached forward to grab your phone from her hand. You stucked out your tongue as you managed to take it away, and you smiled immediately after you saw the message he sent after- it was a text full of heart emojis.

“You do know you look crazy right now, right?”

“Stop it, i swear i’ll kill you if you say anything else-”

“Jisung probably wouldn’t like to see that”

Oh my prince, where are you looking?

I’m right here

You’re so handsome, I just need you

I can’t live without you

Your heart sank the moment he entered the dance studio, totally ignoring you and your presence. You had looked forward to celebrating your one month together, but for some reason Jisung had been ignoring every single one of your messages and calls, and thinking that he was busy, you didn’t let it bother you too much.

It was not until he talked and laughed happily with his friends, leaving you completely alone in the corner of the room, that made you feel worst- this was so unlike Jisung.

He’d normally greet you with a big hug or small peck on the forehead, and even offering to head down together for dance sessions. But today was different, on the date of your monthsary.

Jisung, what are you doing? Why are you acting like this?

This ruined your whole emotional state for the rest of the lesson, and you didn’t have the mood or motivation to do your steps properly. Jisung didn’t even look at you once, in contrast to you, where your eyes never left him at all.

“One, two- Y/N can you please do your steps properly, what is wrong with you today?” your instructor called out to you sternly, causing the others to turn to you.

So did Jisung.

Your eyes left his for a brief second, “I’m sorry- I’m just not in the right mind today” Your teacher shook her head and walked away to the other students without saying any other words, leaving you feeling sad and deeply affected.

Jisung wasn’t looking anymore.

You couldn’t take it anymore. Like a breeze, you sped out of the room as your tears fell down your cheeks. You heard someone call out your name from behind, and as soon as you know, Jisung was hugging you, his hand on the back of your head.

“I-I’m sorry my princess, did i go too far? I was actually planning for a surprise, i didn’t mean to actually hurt you, i’m so sorry i love you” Jisung blurted out to you, a shocked expression on his face, his eyes on the verge of tearing up too.

You stared at him in shock, then slightly hitting his chest as you let out another cry of relief.

“Yuta hyung said this would be a good idea- I didn’t mean this at all, i’m so sorry” he said out to you again, his hands now cupping your cheeks.

Your arms wrapped around his waist, your head resting on his shoulder, “Please don’t do this ever again, it’s the scariest thing ever.”

Jisung gave a small smile, then nodded, “I promise i won’t. Happy 1st month together by the way, i wanted to make it special so i tried coming up with a surprise which failed but know that i love you and i can never live without you.”

You giggled, “I thought you had forgotten” you paused, giving Jisung a look, “But i love you too, happy first month”

Jisung took your hand in his, then pulled you back to the room, “There’s a food party inside there right now, that was what i wanted to surprise you with, wanna go in?”

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Makoto and Goro finding their s/o's photos of them with hearts and cute lil crowns drawn on them and cheesy writing thats like "queen of my world! <3" and "my prince charming!!"

omg this is so fucking cute i love it!!!


  • Her and S/O were just studying together one day when Makoto took their notes from them and S/O kind of
  • Flips and is like “M-M-MAKOTO PLEASE DON’T LOOK THROUGH THEM” cause Makoto doesn’t know S/O likes them
  • She cocks an eyebrow but still proceeds to examine the notes but lmao it’s actually a scrapbook and she just
  • So happens to turn to a page dedicated to Makoto and selfies they have took together and S/O just dies
  • “queen of my world!” “cutie patootie” “love of my life” and there’s hearts around Makoto’s face and both of them are blushing at this point
  • Makoto is speechless and she’s trying to process the current situation and looks over at S/O. 
  • S/O just covers their face and was like “S-Senpai, I actually like you a lot… but idk how to tell you so… I-I…”
  • Makoto thinks S/O is suddenly super adorable and forgets about studying and ask them if they want to go get crepes. 
  • S/O feels happy all the sudden and these cute motherfuckers go get their crepes and enjoy the rest of the evening.


  • Akechi and S/O have been good friends for awhile, especially when Akechi realizes that S/O isn’t a huge fangirl/fanboy
  • Sometimes he’ll go over to their house when he doesn’t feel like dealing with Shido and so
  • S/O went on to go check the mail and Akechi notices a notebook on the coffee table of their living room
  • It’s decorated all cutesy and shit and Akechi, being a detective that he is, is curious to find out what the notebook has in it.
  • So being the nosy shit he is, he opens and it has pictures, doodles, and cheesy shit like “my prince charming” “my pancake boy”
  • He realizes it’s all pictures of him and the doodles, while terribly drawn out, are also him and S/O and
  • He can’t help but find it somewhat endearing that S/O’s lowkey a fanboy/fangirl
  • S/O finally comes back with the mail and like… sees Akechi looking through the notebook and they’re a blushing mess
  • “I-I’m sorry Akechi… I-I-I didn’t want you to think I was some crazy fan… b-but I do like you and all…”
  • S/O is cute and Akechi can’t help but to find them cute so he takes them out to go get pancakes or some other sweet

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pls supply tim/brian headcanons or proxy poly headcanons cause those fuel me

<333333333 omg pls i love them

so like Kate has super bad social anxiety to the point where she starts shaking if shes even remotely near people so often times she’ll go in groups with Tim Brian and Toby because their the only people she can trust,

Sometimes if Tim is watching something on the couch everyone manages to slowly make their way into a cuddle pile with him and hes just sitting their thinking where did I go wrong

one time Kate brought back this like salamander thing and now its their child, they named it erika<3 she’s a cutie, and like Brian takes care of it the most but Toby likes to refer to himself as the 1# Dad. Tim doesn’t really like the idea of having a lizard in the house but he lowkey loves her on the inside,,,

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Your ammy looks just like my girl but like, with red hairdye lmfao

Omg cute!! I just went looking for your cutie and you’re right!! She’s so precious. I got the punk version lol

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do u have any nice blogs to recommend?? xx

helloo hi xx thank u for asking yes lets see

@farinacaro she’s a nerd whatever follow her i guess idk (i’m kidding i love her,, she is a nerd tho. and emo. sorry. love u bby)
@hometownn their blog is so pretty, and yay twenty one pilots, i just really like it
@hufflepuffperks puff pride
@ofrainbows such. pretty. blog.
@niallsthecraicdaddy i’ve been following them for ages,, 10/10 would recommend
@cryingfrompayne cutie+content what more could you ask for
@the-last-airbadger they’re into so many cool things omg
@dont-make-me-look-bad two words: fictional lesbians. a blessing.

everyone keeps changing their damn urls all the time and i can’t keep up so i probably forgot someone important, sorry for that.
now please everyone recommen me some blogs you like.