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❝ his motivation... it's the same as mine. ❞ 

Can we all talk about Levi’s little speech for a moment? It’s so important and I wish Hanji hadn’t interrupted him. This is one of the very few times that Levi actually opens up about his personal motives for fighting the titans (something which fascinates me because his ideology has completely reversed in a decently short amount of time as seen in ACWNR). 

Levi is fighting for exactly the same reasons Eren is, and I think that this scene in Chapter 53 is one of the first times that Eren fully realizes the extent of what that means. He’s long known Levi fights to kill all the titans, as they have to do for their lives, but this is probably the first time that Levi has confessed his love for the outside world to Eren. 

It’s not often that you can come across someone who holds a very similar (if not the same) ideologies that you yourself hold, and when it happens it can have a very strong impact, which is why I firmly believe that these two inspire each other. Each one is a living reminder to the other of their reasons and inspiration to fight, and to keep fighting no matter what

Eren in that moment is quite upset with himself - the shred of hope that he held that he could be useful and seal the hole is gone. Levi knows this, and he takes this moment to remind Eren of why he is fighting and why it’s so important to keep trying even if he cannot seal the wall. Hanji is too preoccupied with her tests and results to quite catch onto this, she isn’t quite the people reader that Levi most definitely is, but the moment still serves to give Eren a bit of his spirit back. 

This moment I found so deeply important for this ship, and I felt it needed to be given a little more recognition than it was getting.

little titan café is the au that warms up my heart between all the heartbreaking fics I’m reading ;; <3 I mean, come on, it’s an ereri café!au, so it could only be the sweetest little thing!
aaahh I wanted to make a decent drawing but for now I only managed these sketches ._.

I never realized this but…

The first letter of Marco’s name is M
There are 26 letters in the alphabet
½ of 26 is 13
What’s the 13th letter of the Alphabet?


I don’t know if I’m not ready to love yet or if I never have been, or if I’m just incapable of feeling it, or if I keep waiting for something to tell me “this is real, there’s no more waiting on a sign, this is the feeling, this is that feeling you’ve been waiting for, it doesn’t get more obvious.” I really wish I could hear that, even if I know I probably won’t believe it when I hear it. The part about being incapable of feeling it, that scares me the most. What if this isn’t it? I don’t want to be a liar. So I’m scared to say I love you out loud, even if I’m thinking it. I’m scared to think it, because by putting I love you on it, that’s a beginning, right? And beginnings always end. You’d think I’d be so happy at 25 to feel love for the first time, but maybe I’m still not sure if that’s what this is. I’ll joke about it, but when it comes down to it I hate risks. I hate chances. Love is an expectation and what if I’m not good enough for what’s expected?
—  Levi from 1994