omg rivaille

I never realized this but…

The first letter of Marco’s name is M
There are 26 letters in the alphabet
½ of 26 is 13
What’s the 13th letter of the Alphabet?


Well i didn’t do that many but here^^ :

Lucy (Elfen Lied) was my first cosplay ever and i did this last year:

Then my second cosplay was Levi (Attack on Titan):

Rin Matsuoka (Iwatobi Swim Club):

Then Fem!Levi cosplay: 

(didn’t have a normal pic for this one,sorry :c)

Ren (Dramatical Murder):

Gou (Iwatobi Swim Club) this was more of a makeup test:

Koujaku (Dramatical Murder):

Im planning on cosplaying Kofuku from Noragami and Tamaki from Ouran next. ANd maybe Virus from Dmmd.