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Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54


N. Negovanlis: I also have this memory of summer after first year of Universty of just walking through gay village in Montreal and like being so frustrated that it was tailored more towards men and like the club scene because I was like that’s not me I didn’t know what to do and I was like I want to meet some like older queer women. and I just wanna hear their stories or like understand like how they come out.

okay but what if all of the hp characters were queer??

• every night, pre-t trans boys fred and george sit criss-cross applesauce across from each other on the floor and take turns trying to talk in deeper voices, praising each other when they sound the way they want to
‌• all of the time closeted gay neville spent practicing his dance moves pays off when equally-as-closeted gay colin asks him to the ball and they spend the entire night spinning around the beautifully decorated dancefloor, falling in love with the way they each seem to find a home in the arms of another gryffindor outcast
‌• queer ginny brings agender pansexual luna home for christmas eve dinner to meet her family for the first time, planning to introduce them as her friend instead of her datemate, but she’s happily convinced to be honest when molly’s first reaction is to bombard luna with hugs and exclaim “oh, ginny, you did well!! they’re so cute!!”
‌• ace aro squishies ron and hermione usually get an entire floor of the burrow to themselves over the summer, but after hearing that draco got kicked out for telling his family that he’s dating harry, they decide to give up some of their free space to let him bunk there too
‌• polyamorous crabbe, goyle, and blaise all try to squeeze into one of the beds in the slytherin dormitory to sleep, but when they realize it only fits two comfortably, they lay some comforters on the floor and cozy up there instead so they can all be together
‌• bisexual cedric wants to be the triwizard champion so bad but, my god, who can focus on anything when fleur practically oozes this dreamy lavender scent that puts a lump in his throat and victor krum’s biceps have an actual magnetic connection with his eyes??
‌• sex-repulsed ace wood was born for quidditch, not intercourse, so keep your “haha you play with BALLS” jokes away from him, please
‌• lesbian “best friends” cho and lavender have practically hung off of each other since they met in the second year of school, so in year five when they announce that they’ve just started dating, their announcement is met with an array of “wait… JUST STARTED?"s
‌• padme’s love for fashion has prompted her to read many muggle style magazines over the years, and, luckily, the knowledge she’s obtained from them comes in handy when she gets to take her trans twin sister, parvati, dress shopping for the first time

i’m fucking furious guys, up until last week I was the biggest Captain swan shipper, but ever since 6x14 i realized how wrong that was, I mean yeah I was having doubts about the regina/emma relationship since season two, BUT WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING  ? Drama and more Captain swan drama, yeah hook was a villain and now he wants to redeem himself BUT THATS NOT HOW TO DO IT, you either turn him good or let him be a villain, the guy keeps making major mistakes AND EMMA STILL FORGIVES HIM FOR EVERYTHING! I’m not anti-hook, i like the character, BUT when the hell are they gonna realize that its effin too much -_- , when are they gonna stop for a moment and give SWAN QUEEN a chance -_- these two have a better relationship that Supercat even, regina is the one who puts emma in the right path, and emma does the same for regina, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE ! when are they gonna stop the queer baiting ? !!!!

Shout Out 2 All Bisexual+ People

Shout out to the bisexuals out here slutting it up. Shout out to the bisexuals who enjoy threesomes (or foursomes+) and take advantage of those opportunities. Much love to the polyamorous bisexuals and the bisexuals who say they’re bi-curious and those who don’t like sex at all.

Glory be to the trans, gender non-conforming and nonbinary bisexuals. Y'all foine AF.

Hugs to the bisexual+ women/femmes who leave their lesbian partners and eventually end up with male partners and vice versa. Relationships of all orientations end and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for getting out or for moving forward with whomever you please. It’s your life. Fuck their judgment.

Bowing deep to all my black and brown bisexuals who have been shining in every way since humanity was a thing. Sending prayers of protection to all my immigrant and refugee bisexuals, restorative justice to my indigenous bisexuals and two-spirit folks, profound respect and recognition to all the elder bisexuals who got us here, and access to every single differently-abled bisexual on this planet.

Protection and healing to all the closeted bisexuals who feel like they have to use gay, lesbian or straight labels to survive. We’re here for you when and if ever you decide to take the glorious and terrifying leap.

Love to the bisexual+/pansexual/polysexual/omnisexual/asexual/biromantic/aro/fluid/no label/queer/questioning/OMG-I-don’t-know-sexuals just trying to find their way. Shout out to all the bisexuals under the vast bi+ umbrella who feel like a more specific label suits them a little better.

Love and light to the bisexuals who will hold onto their bi+ label and you’ll have to pry it from their cold dead hands. Bi+ is not binary (or transphobic) and pan is not sanctimonious (or transphobic). We are a community and we had better act like one because we can’t win without each other.

Eternal love, familial bonds and transformative wisdom to all the bisexuals out here trying to live our best lives, whether we fit their dusty and falsely monolithic stereotypes at times, or nah. We are more of the queer community than anyone else and our expressions of bisexuality are not always going to look or be the same. That’s ok. Just know that when the bi+ bat signal goes up and the bat phones ring, whatever your label, or lack thereof, we had better show up and show out. For all of us.

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This is basically how my coming out went

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Ok, I’ve never seen a single episode of Supergirl, but what happened at Comic Con is a perfect example of how TV shows use queer baiting to attract a queer following, and then laugh at the simple thought of delivering what they’re teasing their queer following with. SuperCorp was a ship that attracted a large queer audience to the show, (especially among the WLW audience, an extremely underrepresented group in the media) and the executives of the show laughed at the idea of making it a posibility. Many TV shows and movies do this to attract a queer following by exploiting the hopes and wishes of the queer people who just wanted representation in the shows they liked, but the TV and movie industry mostly never delivers. (A huge example of this is DeStiel from Supernatural.) My only real point here is that the TV and movie industry is using queer baiting to attract a larger following, but never plan on delivering something that they tease the community with so deliberately. The Supergirl incident at Comic Con is a great example of how TV shows and movies manipulate the minority population into watching them, and mock the community for simply wanting them to deliver on something they waved in the faces of the queer people they attracted. That’s all.