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Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54

okay but what if all of the hp characters were queer??

• every night, pre-t trans boys fred and george sit criss-cross applesauce across from each other on the floor and take turns trying to talk in deeper voices, praising each other when they sound the way they want to
‌• all of the time closeted gay neville spent practicing his dance moves pays off when equally-as-closeted gay colin asks him to the ball and they spend the entire night spinning around the beautifully decorated dancefloor, falling in love with the way they each seem to find a home in the arms of another gryffindor outcast
‌• queer ginny brings agender pansexual luna home for christmas eve dinner to meet her family for the first time, planning to introduce them as her friend instead of her datemate, but she’s happily convinced to be honest when molly’s first reaction is to bombard luna with hugs and exclaim “oh, ginny, you did well!! they’re so cute!!”
‌• ace aro squishies ron and hermione usually get an entire floor of the burrow to themselves over the summer, but after hearing that draco got kicked out for telling his family that he’s dating harry, they decide to give up some of their free space to let him bunk there too
‌• polyamorous crabbe, goyle, and blaise all try to squeeze into one of the beds in the slytherin dormitory to sleep, but when they realize it only fits two comfortably, they lay some comforters on the floor and cozy up there instead so they can all be together
‌• bisexual cedric wants to be the triwizard champion so bad but, my god, who can focus on anything when fleur practically oozes this dreamy lavender scent that puts a lump in his throat and victor krum’s biceps have an actual magnetic connection with his eyes??
‌• sex-repulsed ace wood was born for quidditch, not intercourse, so keep your “haha you play with BALLS” jokes away from him, please
‌• lesbian “best friends” cho and lavender have practically hung off of each other since they met in the second year of school, so in year five when they announce that they’ve just started dating, their announcement is met with an array of “wait… JUST STARTED?"s
‌• padme’s love for fashion has prompted her to read many muggle style magazines over the years, and, luckily, the knowledge she’s obtained from them comes in handy when she gets to take her trans twin sister, parvati, dress shopping for the first time

Omg! So there was this kid (probably 6-8 years old) that came into McDonalds and he had a beaded bracelet and I noticed it was very colourful and I saw the word “LOV∃” on it. I thought it was very cute so I said to the kid
“oh, I love your bracelet, where did you get it?”
He got super excited and said “Thank you! I made it myself”
He spun it around a bit and I realized it said more than just “love” so I asked him what it said
“All love is good love!”
I wasn’t sure if he meant platonic vs romantic etc or straight vs gay etc. since he’s just a kid. So I asked “Oh yeah? What kinds of love are there?”
“Um…When a girl loves a boy…that’s good love. When a boy loves a girl….that’s good love. When a boy loves a boy…that’s still good love. And when a girl loves a girl….that’s good love too.”
“So when I love someone is that good love?”
“Yes it is! Who do you love?”
“A girl named Hannah, she’s my girlfriend”
“Are you gonna get married?”
“I hope so”
“I hope so too! Are you both going to wear dresses?”
“I’m not sure, why?”
“I think girls look extra beautiful in dresses”
“Me too”
There was a moment of silence when he was just super happy and smiley and he didn’t say anything so I asked.
“What made you wanna make that bracelet?”
“My parents said boys kissing boys is bad but I think it’s good so I made the bracelet to say it’s good. And my friend said that rainbows are gay so I did all the rainbow colours.”
“Your parents and your friend are silly, huh?”
“Yeah they are…it’s ok I’ll teach them!”
“Be careful when you do, ok? I hope it goes well!”
“Thank you! I hope you and your girlfriend have good love forever!”
“Thank you!”
And he went off to the playplace to go have fun.

Anyway, last night I made a bit of an angry post about queer representation in anime, and people seemed to enjoy and I thought I might talk about it some more points when I am a bit less fired up. I’ll tag some of you, but some of you I won’t because I’m not into internet drama.

@kittymeetsfandom said that there needs to be more w/w animes out there and I totally agree. In my last post, I mostly named animes with male queer representation (I.E Yoi, No.6) and there are little to none accurate representations of queer gals out there.  Kyoto Animation does seem to have a lot of lesbian characters but none of them are coupled with their girls at the end. There seem to be a lot of lesbians in anime but a lot of it is just no delved into or purely subtext which needs to change. 

(I didn’t add these last post, but I’m adding them now. Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Flip Flappers (@unraviolipeludo thanks) are some good ones with representation that I didn’t mention but am now mentioning)

@sunnyrae20 said that Samurai Flamenco is a good one. And I didn’t add that one in to my last post because it’s a bit too subtexty. I mean yes, the main male character did propose to the other main male character (naked btw) but then I heard a bunch of stuff about the director saying somethings like, “it was just a stressful time” and “he just went into this child like state” and the ending seemed almost like they were ignoring the fact all together. But thats really for you personally to decide whether or not it is representation for you. 

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said things along the lines of, “Lets team up and do it ourselves.” And I’m like?? Yes??? Message me at anytime and we can talk about ideas. I have so many. Oh my lord. 

Then there two other comments along the lines of, “Japan has cultural differences” and “Watch more anime”

And sure. Okay. I get it. Yes, Japan is a bit more tight knit in their media I guess. But times are changing and do you know what helps it change? Media. Media and people. If we can normalize gay relationships in media people may start normalizing them in their day to day lives. And remember that queer couple in Sailor Moon? Remember how when it came to america they turned them into cousins? We like to put ourselves above these other countries, but we do the exact same shit. There’s this movie and I have no idea the name of it. But these two girls were apparently too gay and you know how we subbed it? We changed one of their pronouns to that of a boys. Maybe media won’t help the straights get their heads out of their asses, but it will sure as hell help some damn queer kid be brave, and strong. And if I have to go to Japan and break down barriers so that my queer folks will be happy, then hot damn, I’m doing it. 


BREAKING NEWS: Local trans boy watches baseball, gets hype ⚾️⚾️⚾️

(tbh I don’t usually give a fuck about sports buuuutttttt it’s the Cubs so I’m kind of frEAKING OUT ACTUALLY???)

“Draco?” Harry called, slipping his dark Auror robes from his shoulders and throwing it on the arm of the sofa beside him. He picked up the Prophet from the coffee table in front of him, taking a quick glance through the pages before flinging it disinterestedly back down on the surface. He looked behind him, towards the hallway. “Draco?” he called again. There was no answer. Harry frowned. Usually Draco would be waiting for him when he came home from work no matter how late it was. And it wasn’t late, only just past evening, Harry thought as he checked the hour, though the sky outside the windows had been dark for a while.

Draco wasn’t in the kitchen either when Harry went to inspect, nor was he in the library where Harry would normally find him catching up on his medicinal studies, or hunched over a new potions book Harry had found for him on his countless trips across the country.

Perhaps he’d gone to bed early? Harry pondered, deciding he should check on him before he found himself some dinner.

When he got to the bedroom he paused, his breath catching slightly at the sight of Draco on their bed. Draco lay sleeping, spread out on the mattress, his head tilted to the side and an arm curled over his head. His dark onyx bed shirt had bunched up over his waist, exposing the pale, sculpted skin of his abdomen, and his bottoms settled sinfully low on his hips. Harry swallowed hard, his hand clenched hard on the handle of the door. He should probably let Draco sleep—he’d been so busy studying for his medi-wizard exams that he’d hardly any time to rest in between his training and his internship at the hospital. But the more Harry stood there, hesitating at the doorway and watching the slow, gentle rise and fall of Draco’s chest, he knew he wouldn’t be able to just walk away. He couldn’t.

Instead, Harry drew closer, quietly so as to not startle Draco awake, slipping off his shoes as he went. His heart beat sped up unwantedly, skipping when Draco turned his head slightly forward in his sleep, a soft unintelligible array of words slipping from between his lips. Harry maneuvered himself onto the bed, coming closer between Draco’s marginally spread legs, hands on either side of the blonde’s waist, not touching, just watching—Draco’s platinum blond hair lying in disarray across his forehead, the manicured eyebrows, the lashes, long lashes that lay perfectly against Draco’s skin, and lower, where his lips were parted, lips that Harry would never get enough of—

He looked down, unable to stop himself from leaning down closer until his head was level with Draco’s navel, letting his breath run across the skin, loving the way the small blond hairs stood on end, his ears perking up when Draco let out the loveliest sigh in his sleep; and Harry bent lower, so that his lips could touch the skin, slowly and gently leaving a trail of kisses around his stomach—hearing Draco’s breathing pick up and then an indulgent moan, the sound going through Harry’s ears and straight to his groin. He chanced a glance up and was met with a sliver of steel-gray eyes, glazed with need.

“Hi,” Harry said quietly, a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“Harry…hi,” Draco said, his voice barely above a whisper, sleep still clouding words.

Harry let his eyes fall back on the taught skin below him, letting his tongue trace the kisses he made just moments before, knowing that Draco had dropped his head back as another small moan escaped him. He saw more than felt the twitch beneath Draco’s loose pajama bottoms and Harry’s mouth moved lower, to the waistband, nipping and biting gently, taking his cues from the sounds now issuing freely from above him. Harry’s own trousers were uncomfortably tight—his face growing warm at the small thrusts of Draco’s hips that the blonde couldn’t seem to control, and legs spreading further open, inviting, wanting—Harry’s hand reaching down to palm his own erection, and when Harry moved his lips over the dented fabric, grazing his teeth at the straining tip, Draco’s sharp intake of breath and a desperate murmur Harry recognized as his own name and Harry very nearly growled, grabbing Draco’s hips forcefully, pulling him up, Draco using his hands on the bed as leverage to sit up, reaching over now with his arms clinging on Harrys neck and his legs wrapped firmly around so that he was straddling Harry, who brought him closer, closer, very nearly crushing his sleep-warmed body to him; and there was nothing. Nothing but the space between their lips, and even then there was only a fraction of a second before their mouths connected in a most delicious, frantic, needy embrace. Harry moved his hands over Draco’s back, under the fabric of his shirt, needing to touch skin, reveling in the feeling of Draco’s very hard, very warm arousal against his stomach and Harry smiled….