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Could you possibly do a scenario where the teachers (aizawa ,present , and all might /separate/ ) see someone flirting with thier s/o please And thank!!

I can do some headcanons for the Holy Trinity! - Mod Honey

Aizawa Shouta

  • Stares from a distance, blinking slowly as he witness it. Is low-key pissed if they’re flirting with the intention of trying to get with his s/o—high-key pissed if they’re making his s/o uncomfortable
  • No matter what, he’s level headed and approaches the two with a casual demeanor; as many people probably don’t even know that his s/o is dating him
  • Straight up just waltz in between them and talks to his s/o as if the person isn’t even there, grabs s/o’s hand and walks away without a word; when the person asks ‘W-Who are you!? I was talking to them!’ turn his head with a deadpan face “Well, I’m dating them. Who are you?” then walks away
  • Throws his arm around s/o’s shoulder, making sure they’re okay and asking how they feel; Then he’ll treat them to a meal or take them home—whichever s/o prefers. He doesn’t really linger on things like this

Yamada Hizashi

  • Basically the epitome of ‘Ex-fucking-cuse me?’ He’s sees that happening and he’s definitely not gonna tolerate it—if it’s harmless flirting he’ll let it slide with a displeased look as long as s/o not bothered by it, but if it has the intent of ‘wooing’ his s/o he’s gonna swoop right in
  •  Just saunters into the conversation with his goofy smile, throwing his arm around his s/o smiling at them. Places a kiss on their forehead and sends a chilling smile to the person—he’s smiling, but he’s peering behind his shades with annoyance
  • Not above shoving the other person away if they won’t leave, clicking his tongue at their persistence; s/o will need to hold his hand as a signal not to lose his cool
  • “They’re not bugging you are they babe? Everyone knows how much I hate bugs.” From Energetic Radio-Man to Passive Aggressive Radio-Man—Attentive to s/o when the other person leaves, expect a bear hug

Toshinori Yagi 

  • Definitely upset, but won’t do anything unless s/o is uncomfortable or the person isn’t flirting innocently—probably a bit sadden if s/o seems to be enjoying the other person’s company more
  • Toshinori gets kinda riled up despite how patient and kind this man is, as he’s quite protective of his s/o and doesn’t want anyone bothering them unnecessarily
  • Finds an excuse to call them away from the situation, but he’s definitely petty enough to go into his Hero form—if he still able to—to tell them to kindly fuck-off if his first plan doesn’t work. He’s smiling, but definitely not one of his kinder smiles “No good person would flirt with another’s significant other! How villainous!”
  • Definitely worried about s/o, kinda sad he wasn’t able to react sooner, hugs them and kisses their nose

I think that, besides being the epitome of a conservative religious organization, many of the Jedi Order’s dynamics can also apply to current intelligence community. Especially the centralization of power (yeah, Yoda and the Council, I’m referring to you), the total inefficacy of achieving change in the system through “official channels”, and secrecy. Secrecy used as a way to conceal truly nasty things that would spoil Jedi’s peace-and-justice-protector reputation, secrecy justified with something like “that stuff was necessary for the stability of the galaxy and all the lies were necessary not to bring disorder that would have eventually led to unrest and opened ways to the Dark Side to slip in”. And also, using the Sith as Perpetual Enemies Of Peace™ really reminds me of the trick to pick up an external threat and make people forget about internal problems, just like “terrorists” and “War on Terror” used to push whatever bad bill fits one government’s agenda. Not to mention the total disregard for people’s rights, not just slaves but like, everyone, every time they mind-control normal citizens for non-emergencies as if it’s nothing.


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Thank you SO MUCH @mmsummerzine @karenaikara and mehgumi for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this amazing zine!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! You have been amazing to work with and honestly you’ve done such a fantastic job with it. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PAGE. You should be very proud of yourselves ^-^ I will treasure this for life~ <3

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I have a headcanon that Leliana holds her Warden's hand when they're traipsing through caves/dungeons. Partly because she loves to be close to them but mostly in an attempt to stop the reckless little idiot from touching all the mysterious, ancient artefacts and accidentally unleashing slumbering demons.

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God I need help b/c you know Levi probably didn't hear many nice words after his Mom died and he has trouble sleeping until Eren starts saying sweet things to him and soothes him to sleep and alskabkdk I HAVE SLAIN MYSELF WITH FEELS.

oOFOGOOFOG DDUDUDUUDE, u shouldnt have sent me this bc now i am crying as well ;______; i swear i didnt mean for this to happen but it did so yeah, have a drabble

It’s just past midnight, and as usual, Levi cannot sleep.

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is james okay?? he's seemed distant and just different?? idk im probably being dramatic but i hope that boy is okay

James is perfectly fine. I think him constantly seeing these sorts of comments in the form of Tweets/YouTube/Reddit etc. is just making him more irritable. He’s a grown ass man, he can take care of himself.


and here you have one w/o text:

So, people were using an old gif of mine (similar to this one) and every time I saw it under the cs tag, it ashamed me because lol, it’s horrible.
So I made this. It’s not perfect but I’m pretty sure it’s better than the other one.
Feel free to use it. (◡‿◡✿)