omg pls this performance

fetus-jungkook  asked:

There's YG in which CL and Dara publicly congratulate Minzy for her new album and Mino hugging her when they won and then there's SM, not letting JYJ and Jessica appear on music shows and acting like they never existed... *🙄*

Lol omg the contrast hurts 😱😱😱 #justice For Jessica pls #let the girl perform her songs on music bank ppl #I wish sm wasn’t that petty sometimes :“(

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Does everyone know about #HamforHam? Are there unlucky souls who haven't seen the glorious performances? Are they missing out on the mighty oak singing Defying Gravity as Mickey Mouse? Or Daveed playing Hamilton in Cabinet Battle #1 so he wins a rap battle for a chance? What about the three kings as the Schuyler Sisters, Daveed hoisting Ian (the little boy that loves theater) onto his shoulders while Ian raps the Cabinet Battle, or the Les Mis Confrontation scene including Lin and the understudy for Jean Valjean (the late Kyle Jean-Baptiste)?????