omg pls go back to this hair

Wonwoo: Hidden

anonymous asked: omg pls write a scenario based on that one scene from mansae where wonwoo secretly places milk and snacks and stuff on the table of the girl he likes :’)

Summary: I love wonwoo just saying

You could see him pacing back and forth from the corner of your eye. He would run a hand through his black hair every few seconds and you were starting to wonder what he was so nervous about. You heard his friends talking from across the room, saying things like ‘I wonder if he’s really going to do it’ and ‘he looks like such a dork it’s unbelievable’. You struggle to keep your focus on the conversation that you’re having, but the tall, pacing boy is much more entertaining than whoever your friend’s flavour of the week is.

“What do you think, Y/N?” Your friend says. You snap back to reality, shooting your head up to catch her eye.

“What do I think about what?” You ask. She sighs but she brushes it off and you go back to fiddling with your fingers and picking the cheap varnish off of your nails.

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