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To Keep You Warm

Preface: You’re a member of the company and the nights out in the open tend to get cold, so cuddles are a must. Luckily for you there’s an affectionate young dwarf readily available.
Words: 1213
Pairing: Kili X Reader
Warnings: Fluff.

The night air nipped at your skin, making every hair stand on end as a wave of goosebumps flushed over you. The twitch in your foot was only confirming the fact that you weren’t simply being petty for missing a warm bed but that it was cold indeed, and that perhaps you would be a fool for not imagining you were elsewhere with goose down blankets and a mountain of pillows. But there were other matters at hand, and another mountain far more worthy of your attention. Summer was waning and Durin’s Day approached, and complaining about the temperature was not worth the squabble you would receive for it. Perhaps you’d get a smile and a comforting pat on the shoulder from Balin, most likely a nod of agreement from Bilbo, but that wasn’t worth the angry reminder from Thorin that the quest was far more important than a good night’s sleep. But from what you could tell, just about everyone else could catch a few hours or so while you were left shivering in the dark.

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Interviewer: If you are able to be a street sign, what would you be written as?

Rap Monster: Street signs often consists of orders such as, ‘Restricted, Go Away’ , 'Go Back;’, 'Be Careful’. It all mostly stimulates or provokes ones attention and I personally don’t think it has to be such. Instead, substitute it with beautiful words such as, 'Be Loving’, 'Peace’, 'Hope’ along with picturesque drawings that people could understand in a glance. By altering the provocative signs, I think we could make the world a better, more beautiful place. 

Interviewer: Realistically, you can’t be a street sign so how would you imply such positivity in your career or daily life? 

Rap Monster: Maybe expressing it through my outfit, or if I were to draw, then through my drawings. My visions or thoughts, through beautiful emotions that can be delivered. There a variety more to choose from.  

Interviewer: If you were to be accepted into the company, would you play along the characteristics of what you have said? 

Rap Monster: I think anybody can be an artist. So if I’m accepted, with a heart of an artist, I think I am able to make this world a more beautiful place to be.